Sassybear’s Sunday 7

Something I thought about:

The job I applied for is on my mind a lot. The posting closed Friday, so interviews should be scheduled soon. (I am guaranteed an interview due to my ranking on the list.) The more I think about it, the more I want it. This could be a very positive change for me.

Something I saw:

Family,  my Nephew and Niece, and I really enjoyed it, more than I would ever have expected. Maybe I’m becoming a sentimental softy Uncle in my old age, but these visits really meant a lot to me. I also see lots of growth and blooms and buds on our trees and plants and it excites me to no end. We’re actually keeping things alive.

Something I heard:

Chirping birds (including Woodpeckers), rabbits rustling about in the bush and brush, squirrels and chipmunks chittering and running along the roof edge and through the tree branches and, unfortunately, carpenter bees, too, buzzing about our pavillion looking for a new burrowing spot or to reclaim their old ones. But they’re all part of the landscape and take up occupancy in our yard almost overnight, exploring the new growths and hideouts in  our yard and keeping an eye out for the mighty puppy and his two bear servants.

Something I tasted:

Lobster and crab and shrimp and oysters, from the seafood tower I shared with my Nephew when we took him out to dinner. YUM!

Something I learned:

My husband is bothered that I push everything against the walls (furniture, items on the counter, garbage cans, etc.) but has never mentioned it because he assumed it was part of my (admittedly self-diagnosed) OCD-ish tendencies. He grew up being taught to never push anything against the walls to avoid damaging the walls or paint. Makes sense. I just always have pushed things against the wall, one to brace everything, and two to make as much space as possible. It’s not an OCD thing, it’s just a habit I never gave much though about. Now that I am aware it bothers him, I went around the house and pulled things away from the wall. I wish he had said something sooner.

I learned my little Radio/CD player we use on the patio has Blu-tooth capability, so I can stream iTunes through my iPhone instead of moving a home pod outside every time we want to stream music. SO cool!

I also learned about a new Cocktail, called a South Side, that I will be trying today:

* 5 mint leaves
* 1 oz lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
* 2 oz gin
* 1 oz simple syrup
* Garnish: mint sprig

1. Add mint leaves and lemon juice in shaker and gently muddle.
2. Add gin and simple syrup, and ice, and shake until well-chilled.

Something I accomplished: We assembled our Grill and got the porch and patio set up and cleaned and ready for use. We will be doing our inaugural cook-out with our friends for dinner: Filet Mignon, corn on the cob, and potatoes.

Also, I  finished my 3rd week of NOOM. So far so good.

Something I bought:

4 new action figures, all characters from my favorite cartoon, The Super Friends cartoon that I only discovered existed (the figures, not the characters) a few days go:

Black Vulcan:


El Dorado:


and Apache Chief

In 1978, Hanna-Barbera attempted to include more ethnic diversity in their Super Friends line-up. While the intention was good, the actual execution was a poorly imagined group of characters based on stereotypes.  However, I absolutely LOVED these new additions and their powers, and have been a fan of them ever since so, when i discovered these existed and  had the chance to add them to my collection, I just couldn’t resist. (I tried, though. I found them in the morning on eBay, decided I didn’t need them but, by the evening , my resolve was weakened and I ordered them…sigh.)

Hope you all has a good weekend!

11 thoughts on “Sassybear’s Sunday 7

  1. I am glad the family visit went well.

    If you want the job I hope you get the job, and that it turns out to be a good move for you.


  2. That food sounds yummy, but it’s only breakfast time here where I’m at.

    I watched Super Friends, and I’m pretty sure the only one of that group I remember was Super Chief.


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