I’m trying to break the habit of watching so much damn TV on work nights and doing something more interesting, but the hubby and dog remain steadfast on the couch so I struggle with being elsewhere and missing their company. To that end, I purchased a portable desk that I can set up in the same room, (or anywhere) but allows me to more easily bop about on my laptop or do other entertaining things.

Tonight, I started catching up on blogs, and hope to do an hour of reading and commenting a night until I’m all caught up, then stay caught up.

I also found out all the little extra steps I take at home as I move from one room to the next or walk in place while prepping dinner or what have you ,to get more steps in, has a name: “House Walking.” Who knew?

13 thoughts on “Desk-iny!

  1. I don’t know why you would want to cut back on TV. Have you watched all the cartoons already?

    Better house walking than streetwalking, says I. (But you do you.)

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  2. Ohh I like the idea of a portable desk.
    The thing is that for me, blogging is with music so I don’t really miss the TV. But I get the wanting to be with the hubby and the doggie. This seems perf.
    And who knew walking around the house could be productive???



  3. I 1000% approve of the desk idea. It led me to buy one of those nesting table sets for the living room not long ago for the same reason. House walking is definitely a thing. I used to pace the hallway at my old apartment to get in my step count if it was raining outside.


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