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Hide and Goat Seek

Rita and Harvey have become friends with the Goat herd in Jeffrey’s Office and spend the day cuddled with them while Jeffrey works. While Rita is easy to spot in the first 3, Harvey’s a bit of a challenge to … Continue reading

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Bark-o Lounger

This arrived today. Do you think it will entice my dogs downstairs to hang out with me while I’m working?

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Oh, Fence-ive.

The final big project of the summer (after the Septic repair, Basement refinish, and multiple Tree removal) was the fence replacement. Lowe’s did a fantastic job. They were able to install a month and a half earlier than originally scheduled. … Continue reading

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My Life is Comical

My blogging has dropped off considerably of late (still reading, rarely writing.) Honestly, I just haven’t felt like sharing much of life in our bubble…perhaps its my inner introversion coming out. But I would remiss if I did not acknowledge … Continue reading

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone

…way to kick a country when their down, Universe. Fuck!

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Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Today, my husband is 53. He has been and continues to be my love, my family, my partner, my protector, my supporter, my cheerleader, my therapist, my hero, and my co-parent of two amazing pups. I would not be who … Continue reading

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Oh Crap!

Apparently our new fence is “some assembly required.” (Smirk)

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Picture (Puppy) Perfect

Rita Mae and Harvey Milk – my pride and joy!

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For AM

We’ve been very busy putting the final touches on the basement and working on a few other house projects. Today, we are doing yard work to prepare for a new fence instillation in 2 weeks. BUT… …I couldn’t let the … Continue reading

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I may have ordered the wrong size bed… …but Harvey doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

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