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Masking My Fear

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When you let your dogs make dinner

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  I’ve mentioned before on this here blog that we love going to see Jon Richardson when we’re in Provincetown. Jon plays piano at a couple different popular night spots in P-town (and in Ogunquit at the Porch Bar but … Continue reading

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What is this, you’re wondering? This little green Tupperware bowl. I noticed it on the kitchen counter the other day, and asked Jeffrey about it. He just said when I thought I needed a pick me up I should open … Continue reading

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Canine Candids and Relaxed Routines

Our mornings are spent drinking coffee and catching up on the Carona Catastrophe. Our days are spent working remotely from home. Our nights are spent making delicious dinners (thanks, Green Chef!) and chillaxin’, with the pups, watching favorite shows on … Continue reading

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Social Distancing, Doggy Style

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Adventures in Social Seclusion

I am at the kitchen table typing a blog post waiting for my cloud bread to finish baking, which we will enjoy with our pasketti tonight. This Sunny Saturday morning started with a bang. Our fence is slowly falling apart. … Continue reading

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I’m not hating this social distancing and isolation one bit, yet. I’m sure it’ll start to bother me at some point…a year or two down the road, maybe.

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Like (insert number) of other Americans, I am working from home for at least the next two weeks, under the order of the New York Governor. As I have always dreamed of working from home (and loved it when I … Continue reading

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