Too Tired to Type

Yes, we survived Thanksgiving in CT. In fact, we had a great time. The meals were exquisite, the cocktails were flowing, and the company was fantastic. We Ubered to and from the hotel so no one was driving under the influence. We got home early Friday, completely wiped from the eating, drinking, and socializing and, aside from one or two small chores and tasks, its been a mostly lazy weekend of naps, Christmas movies, and light meals.

I did get pictures of our decorations which I will post this week, now that it’s officially the Christmas season (for us.) It’s always hard to capture the splendor and magic in pics, but I did my best.

Tonight we will get to bed early. It’s the start of another 5 day work week (sigh) so time to get back to reasonable bed times, early mornings, and soul-killing day jobs.

Hope you all had a good (or at least peaceful and safe) holiday and weekend.

Prep ‘n Schlep

I worked from home today, then did laundry, made gluten free stuffing, and baked a gluten free blueberry pie. (Pre-made from the store. Just needed baking.) I will work until 12 tomorrow from home, then we’ll scoop up my Mom and Cousin and head to CT to spend Thanksgiving with the BFJ and his hubby and others.

Here’s hoping we survive the experience.

A better day

Thanks for all the nice comments. It was a better day today. We enjoyed a night by the fire last night (first fire of the season,) watched some favorite shows, and had cocktails. I got a good nights sleep and this morning I was able to look at the Rita globe without tearing up. I guess I just had a little more sad to expel.

It was a productive day. I filled out Christmas cards, wrapped gifts, decorated a door, made a grilled cheese sandwich, and started packing for CT. Now we’re eating burgers and watching a little TV before getting to bed. It’s going to be a busy week.

I’ll have a Blue Christmas without her

We are still tweaking our decorations and have a few things left to do before I’m ready for the “big reveal” in pics. Today, Jeffrey got all the outside lights hooked up and automated to come on at dusk and go off at dawn. It’s been so fun transforming the house with old and new holiday decor.

There was a sad part to this whole process, however. As you will all remember, we said good-bye to my precious Rita Mae this past May. I had been doing pretty well the last couple of months, remembering her and sharing stories without getting too broken up, but looking through last year’s Christmas photos for our card this year had me scrolling through pics of her about the tree that had me tearing up. Then came the time to decorate our “personal” tree, with favorite and gifted ornaments, and out came the ornaments with Rita’s name on it and the ornament my Mom gave us with the picture of the 4 of us (Jeffrey, Me, Harvey, and Rita Mae.) It is an odd feeling decorating a Christmas tree through tears. But I managed to get through both experiences OK, with a few tears shed and some mild heartache.

That all changed today. We ran out to get a few items and I noticed a snow globe in which you could insert a personal photo. I had the idea to get it and place a photo of Rita Mae in it to set on the table by the main tree so she’d be a part of the holiday this year. It seemed harmless and sweet enough. After we got home, I headed downstairs to my office to find a picture of her on my laptop to print…

….and that’s when the feels hit, and they hit hard.

I began sobbing. Uncontrollable, inconsolable, body shaking sobs. They caught me off guard and I just had to let it out. After a short while, the tears abated enough I could get back to the task at hand. I focused on selecting and cropping the picture, printing it, then trimming it down to fit the globe. I slid her picture in, reattached the bottom of the globe, and headed back upstairs to show Jeffrey what I had done.

I am still emotional and haven’t quite regained my composure yet. I really thought I had moved past the worst of it, but I guess the pain of the loss is just still too fresh. Maybe I’m crazy for keeping this globe in the living room where I will constantly see her and tear up each time. But better that than I forget her.

And that is something I can and would never do.

I miss you so much, Princess.

Sundry Sunday

It is wonderful to have Jeffrey home. The house felt empty without him here.

This weekend was mostly relaxing and catching up on Jeffrey’s adventures in Mississippi. BUT, we did manage to be a little productive:

*Jeffrey synced all the inside holiday lights on Siri so they come on with “Deck The Halls” and turn off with “Bah Humbug.”

*I organized all the Christmas gifts I bought and boxed them up so they are ready for wrapping.

*We ordered pizza for dinner last night, but I grilled pork chops for dinner tonight.

*I am back on the weight loss/exercise wagon, so I set up a workout/exercise/eating plan this morning and started exercising and counting calories again today.

*We finalized plans for the remainder of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a few other events. (We have no plans for New Year’s Eve, so were available for parties, cocktails, what have you. *Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*)

All in all, a good weekend.

(FYI: I am waiting to take pictures of the decorations, until a few more items I ordered arrive.)

He’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Jeffrey arrived home from Mississippi today at 11:00am. We (Harvey and I) could not be happier!

After a lot of whimpering and jumping in his lap and face licks and nuzzling, I gave Harvey a chance to welcome him home, too!

As you can see, Harvey is very pleased to have his other Dad back home with us.

Almost as pleased as I am.

Pooped and Puppy Trapped

After the long weekend of activity and a day in the office today I’m exhausted and glad to be home. I have a few chores to do, but don’t want to do them. Fortunately, I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to, because Harvey has decided he needs to be cradled all night.

Best procrastination reason ever!

Operation Decoration: The Finale!

We were up at 6am…and were done by 7:30am. The final two trees went up and VOILA!

So, we got a day to relax, do puzzles, listen to music, make future plans, take a nap, yadda yadda yadda.

And, of course, we played Skip-Bo:

Tomorrow it’s back to the rat race, but tonight, we’re relaxing, enjoying classic Cosmos, Santa Fe Chicken, and watching “Year Without a Santa Claus.”

Jeffrey made it to Mississippi, visited with our friend, William, then headed to his parents for a quick hello and visit, and now he’s on his way to his (our) cousin Vicki’s. I’m glad he made it safely and is enjoying himself, but we miss him here greatly!

Stay safe, all!

Operation: Decoration Day 2

Another day…more blood, sweat and tears.

We got up at 6 and worked 7-12, then we showered and went shopping for a few decoration items, then returned home, had lunch, and worked from 2-530.

So, 15.5 hours total decorating so far. The only thing we have left is the giraffe tree, but we were too pooped and sore to push ourselves even a little bit more to finish up tonight. Instead we stopped to relax, listen to music, have cocktails, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Tonight’s dinner – Lasagna stuffed peppers.

Tonight’s cocktail – French Pear Martinis:

1 Part St Germaine

2 Parts Pear Vodka

1 Part Prosecco

I can no longer feel my legs, my feet are throbbing, and my back is killing me.

But I am so thrilled with how the place looks.

Operation: Decoration Day 1

We decorated from 7 am – 5pm only stopping for a quick lunch. Once we were done for the day, I whipped together a Shepherd’s Pie casserole, Jim made cosmos, and we’re relaxing, enjoying a partially decorated house, and watching “Moonstruck” (which we watch almost every time we’re together.)

I also did a quick chat with Jeffrey (who’s on his way to Mississippi, by car, to visit his family.) He had a good day driving and is nestled safe and sound in his hotel room.

Tomorrow, we get up early and start day two.

My poor body hates me so much right now! Everything hurts!