What’s Cookin’!

As my energy slowly returns and I feel more and more like my old self, I’ve started handling more of the household chores that Jeffrey has been handling on his own while I’ve been feeling under the weather.

I’m happiest about getting back into the kitchen and cooking again. It is very hard to stick to any kind of healthy eating when you’re relying on processed and prepackaged foods.

In the last few days, I’ve made Shrimp Alfredo, Turkey Meatloaf with roasted veggies, and Chicken Avocado wraps – all gluten free and low carb.

Chicken avocado wraps….mmm mmm good!

I purchased a new Keto cookbook, to increase my low carb meal repertoire.

I am excited to try new and different recipes as we continue to work on eating healthier and feeling better. But we do love food, so the challenge is to find ways to make all the stuff we love eating, but in a healthier way.

(If anyone knows a recipe for low carb peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, let me know.)


I got a friendly (and much appreciated) reminder that it’s been a few days since I’ve posted, so I’m just popping in to say all is well. Work has been extremely busy and by the time I get through the day, I am too tuckered out to do much of anything, including blogging. I’m still building up my energy and stamina, and the current heat and humidity wave is making it harder to get about comfortably, so we have mostly been sheltering indoors, keeping cool and staying hydrating.

This is my last week working from home full time. I will be in the office next Tuesday and Wednesday, then three days a week – Monday through Wednesday – every week thereafter. I will miss working from home full time, and being home with Harvey every day, but I was fortunate to be able to do so for two and a half years (especially with all of my health issues) so I can’t really complain. And as long as my health holds up, it won’t be a (physical) challenge to go into the office a few days a week.

Just 3 years, 9 months, and 8 days to go.


Moments of Bliss

It’s been a really tough week at work, and I’m really wiped out, but this really cheered me up. I got this in the mail this week, a special, unexpected gift from a friend made especially for me:

Very few things make me feel as special and loved as an out-of-the-blue message or unexpected gift from a friend.

Seeing Double

After spending the day in the office on Monday, I realized how much I missed working with two monitors so, with Jeffrey’s help, I purchased a new monitor and a few other connectors to give me the same dual monitor set up in my home office, and I absolutely love it!

Now I can do twice as much work *groan*

In fact, I love the new monitor so much (the larger one on the right) I’m going to get a second one to replace the older monitor on the left.

If I have to work, at least I can use all the tools available to make it easier to do so.


I got up this morning with the best of intentions. I showered, shaved, dressed….

….and petered out. I didn’t have an ounce of energy to do more than kiss my husband good morning, take my morning pills, sip my coffee, and pet Harvey. I struggled to move about the house and do something productive, but failed miserably. I was able to eke out a Facetime call to the BF, then I retired to the living room couch where I proceeded to nap on and off all day, catching small glimpses of whatever Jeffrey was watching on TV. I have no idea why I was so tired, but now it’s 8:30pm and my entire has Sunday slipped away. Kind of a bummer.

Ah wel…it is what it is.


I totally forgot to post something yesterday. It has been a very hell week because I’m covering for my entire staff who are all out for one reason or another, so I am barely gotten a breather at work as I try to handle everything on my own. I will go into the office on Monday because I am interviewing candidates for a position and a unit that I desperately need to fill. I didn’t wanna wait until I was officially back in the office on August 16th, so I’m going in to get ‘er done.

This morning after breakfast, despite my lack of energy, we headed out to the premium outlets in Lee Massachusetts about an hour away for some light shopping in preparation for my return to the office in a couple weeks. We were disappointed to find our favorite stores closed, and several other stores empty. I did find a great sale at Sketchers, and was able to get a pair of sneakers and dress shoes for about 50 bucks. (It was BOGO at 50% and I got an additional 10% off for creating a members rewards account. I also had $50.00 visa gift card.) That was a sweet deal.

I tired quickly and, after an hour of walking around in the sun looking for any other stores with non-slim fit button down short sleeve dress shirts for men (seriously, retailers, we are not all slim!) we threw in the towel and headed home.

Once home, we headed out back and Jeffrey planted a new hydrangea plant to replace the one we planted last year that did not survive, then he watered everything everywhere. Harvey stood back, watching him from afar, afraid of the hose and the water spouting from it.

Although we have been really good about avoiding carbs for last month, I have been craving a Reuben sandwich so I decided tonight was a good night to be bad. I placed a grocery order for all the ingredients and enjoyed a fantastic Reuben while watching more of Neil Patrick Harris running around in his briefs and kissing handsome men.

All and all, not a bad Saturday.

Ring around the collar

Harvey got a new collar in the mail today. This makes him an official member of the Green Lantern Corp:

In brightest day

In blackest night

No evil shall escape his sight

Let those who worship evil’s might

Beware his power – Harvey’s Bite!

Idle Eyes and “Oh, Bore Me!”

One of these eyes is not like the other.

I seem to have finally moved pass the worst of the Iritis. Although it won’t be completely gone for another week or two, the drops are working and I’m basically pain free. But I’m as tired writing about it as you are reading about it, So let’s move on, shall we?

You’re welcome!

To celebrate my road to recovery, now that the weather is more agreeable, we grilled hotdogs (to make chili dogs) on the patio, and had cocktails. Tonight, I had a gin martini, made with Sevilla Orange Tanqueray, Extra Dry Vermouth, and Orange Bitters.

In other news, Harvey FINALLY spent the day with my today, in my basement office while I worked

I got the final figure (from eBay) in the mail to complete my set of the “next generation” heroes of the Earth-2 Justice Society of America (predecessors of The Justice League of America)

I also received a great surprise in the mail from a friend, a crocheted giraffe with an inter-tube, to match Sebastien the life size Merman in our dining room.

So, overall, it was a pretty good day and a nice departure from the drama of the last few days.

Harvey and Jeffrey wanted to say hello to everyone before I go.

Like father, like son.

Stay safe, all.


It’s been a long day of stressful work crap and getting the run around from two different pharmacies trying to get the second part of my prescription filled for my eye – the drops that help with the pain until it heals. (I got them…eventually.) I’m worn out, body and soul, and my eye is throbbing, so I’m throwing in the towel and going to bed.

To end on a positive note, my big brother photoshopped a picture of me into a cast shot of the Cheers gang. I love it and I’m now using it as my Facebook banner:

The eyes have it

My eye this morning!

After a restless night of intense eye pain, (which thankfully abated later in the morning) I was able to get in to see my ophthalmologist at 2:00 today. As I suspected, it’s a flare up of Iritis, an inflammation of the Iris (which, thankfully, is not contagious). I’ve had this a few times before. My eye doc prescribed two eye drops, one of which I was able to get on my way home, the other of which will not be ready until tomorrow. I have to apply them several times a day for a couple of weeks, but I should start to notice improvement in a day or two.

I’m sore and exhausted, but relieved I finally have an official diagnosis and am treating with the proper meds.