Just Stuff

It’s another cold rainy day here, so we won’t be going for long walks or people watching today. We plan to relax and maybe make it out to the piano bar one more time, tonight, before packing up tomorrow and heading home on Sunday.

Things on my mind:

I am grateful Roger has behaved most of the time here, but it is still a lot of maintenance and effort and supervision whenever I am out and about, and it gets exhausting. People think, because they can’t see your disability, or that you appear top be operating normally, that it is effortless and not really debilitating at all. They are wrong. Showering and prepping to go out takes a lot more effort, and there is always a low level of anxiety with Roger, even when I am having a good time and nothing bad is happening. I look forward to being Roger-free in less than a month.

These vacations are a small tastes of what retirement will be like and it make it harder to go back to work, but I am grateful we get the vacation time we do.

I usually grow more attached to people than they grow to me, and often think I have closer and stronger friendships with people than I do. It’s always disappointing to realize I am wrong.

Even when I am staying in a rented space, I treat it like my own home, so I clean it up and keep it orderly. I do dishes, make beds, empty garbage, put things away, and store my clothes and accessories neatly. It’s just how I prefer to live.

I will miss this place horribly when we leave. It really feels like home to me, after all of these decades coming here. I never tire of it.

I miss my dogs horribly and wish we could have brought them with us. Unfortunately, with Rita’s bathroom issues, we could not risk her marring this rental space with her indoor doo-doos and such.

I have random attacks of extreme irritability. They hit from out of the blue, without rhyme or reason. During these attacks, everyone and everything annoys me to no end. I have to sequester myself until it passes, lest I say or do something I’ll regret during an episode. I have had a few of these attacks here this past week. I hate them.

I am excited to find a place to display our new merman.

Well hung?

Why would they have 4 chandelier chains hanging from the reinforced wood beams over the bed in the upstairs guest room?

Also, I think beneath the bed is a weird place to store their leather hammock.

And don’t get me started on the slick, clear hand cream on the side of the bed…

Would I “LI“ to you, honey?

Today is a very special day. It marks exactly 4 years (1,461 days) until retirement

Oh, and it’s also my 51st birthday.

Despite the fact that I’m already in my favorite place on Earth, and having a great time, these guys have managed to make it even more special:

The Three Stooges!

We started the day with a short, lovely walk to breakfast at a favorite cafe (Liz’s) in the fresh morning sunshine. After breakfast, the guys surprised (and spoiled) me with birthday gifts back at the condo. (The trip to Ptown was supposed to be my gift.)

Now we’re relaxing in the condo, enjoying the beautiful weather through the open French doors and listening to a playlist of my favorite songs that Jeffrey put together. We will head out in a little bit to do a stroll through town and pick up lunch to bring back to the condo where we’ll play games and maybe have a midday cocktail. Even Roger is behaving, (I bribed him with a new frock first thing this morning.)

So far, it’s been a perfect day!

P.S. Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes and messages. My heart overflows!

My last day as a 50 year old

As a birthday-eve present, Roger was on his best behavior all day.

Although the morning started off rainy and overcast, it was sunny and dry by noon, so we headed out for a stroll through town and light shopping, had lunch, and returned home for some rest and relaxation.

We played a game called “5 seconds” (it’s an app I downloaded) where you have 5 seconds to name 3 things related to a certain category. It’s harder than it sounds, and the hubby and the BFJ had me in hysterics for the bulk of the game. Then we headed to dinner at “The Club” where I was overwhelmed by all the gluten free options and the beautiful wait staff.

Our server was as yummy as our meal!

Tonight, we had homemade ice cream back at the BFJ’s condo, then a nightcap at ours, before finally turning in.

It was a great day, and I hope the remainder of our time here will be great as well.

I came, I saw, I napped

Upon arrival at the Condo, we discovered Jim had decorated for my birthday week:

Super decorations!

We unloaded the car, then headed to lunch at the Crown & Anchor on the patio. After lunch, we went grocery shopping, unpacked, and then took a nap.

After waking up and freshening up, we (The Hubby, the BFJ, and The BFJ’s hubby) met friends (a fabulous couple, one of whom works with the BFJ) for dinner at Ross’s Grill. The six of us had a great time, and conversation and laughter never stopped.

After dinner, we stopped back at the C&A Porch to hear Jon Richardson tickle the ivory at a piano sing along:

Our favorite piano man!

Roger behaved up until the end, but we had to cut our evening short when he decided he needed a new frock. (Hey, at least he was good for most of the day, which I’m grateful for.)

The BFJ and Hubby kicking my buttocks!

Today started out rainy, so the BFJ’s hubby made breakfast at their place (downstairs from our condo,) then we stayed in playing games, watching movies, and napping. Also, we ordered a delicious GF lunch from Mac’s Fish House down the street, which Jeffrey graciously picked up.

The weather has cleared up, so we’re enjoying drinks on the deck before meeting the BFJs hubby after T-Dance for dinner at Jimmy’s Hideaway.

Cheers, Queers!
Selfie Stick Shenanigans!

Roger has been good so far today, so hopefully he’ll stay on his best behavior until after dinner.

Fingers crossed!

On our way

We were up at 5:00 am and on the road by 6:30 am. Saying good-bye to the pups was even more difficult than I expected.

Roger has been perfectly behaved so far.

We are about 1.5 hours away from Provincetown and just saw the first landmark that makes our hearts beat a little faster:


Let the good times roll!

As of 3:00pm today, I’m on vacation!

Bags are packed and Mogo (my car) is loaded. The house is cleaned for my mom and cousin to stay with Harvey and Rita Mae for the week. Tonight, we will have an early sushi dinner (via delivery) and then get to bed early so we can get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and head out to the Cape and hopefully be in Provincetown Massachusetts by late morning.

The anxiety I’ve had about the trip all week is slowly being replaced by excitement. Honestly I don’t know what I’m more excited about, being in Provincetown for the week, or just being away from work for the week.

I imagine I’ll still post something every day, probably pictures or quick recaps of our daily itineraries, but if I don’t, it hopefully means I’m off having fun.

Stay safe, everyone!

For your consideration (A Rant!)

How much better would the world be if everyone was more considerate, or considerate at all. If people acknowledged they lived in a community of diverse people with diverse wants and needs, and gave some thought, any thought, to how their words, actions, and behaviors might negatively impact others, especially in public or shared spaces.

This idea gets mocked as being “woke” or “politically correct” but it’s really just common decency.

It seems more and more people are developing the attitude that the world revolves around them, that they deserve “respect” without giving any, that they “deserve” things in life that they’ve never earned, or that asking them to show the slightest consideration towards another human being is an infringement on their civil rights, freedom of speech, or just way too huge an imposition on their personal freedom. And if the Universe decides to remind them that they are not, in fact, special in any way, and are subject to the whims and happenstance of life, they want everyone’s sympathy and empathy, even if they’ve never shown an ounce of it towards anyone else.

I understand where bitter, cantankerous, anti-social people come from. I am becoming one of them. I am growing very tired of the constant selfishness, rudeness, self-centeredness, sense of entitlement, and utter unwillingness to show any consideration to anyone for any reason.

COVID aside, I dread the thought of ever stepping on a plane or public transport again, paying money to go into a theater or show, or even patronize local businesses and entertainment venues, for fear their will inevitable at least one “Karen” or Coo-coo who decides they own the space and experience and everyone is obligated to cater to them and tolerate them as they selfishly disrupt everyone else with their callous and obnoxious behavior. I’m over it, and now the slightest act of insensitivity can almost push me over the edge.

Some day, when I disappear into a cabin in the woods and I’m never heard from again, it won’t be because of some giant cataclysmic fuck-you society experience from some world class ass-hat, it will either be one too many carts left askew in a parking lot, or one too many people playing candy crush in the doctor’s waiting room with the volume on and all the way up.

People suck.