My Patio brings all the boys to the yard (I wish)

We had a wonderful dinner last night with my nephew Fre (“Fray”,) who was here visiting my Mom (his Gram) whom he’s extremely close with. It was a chance for Jeffrey and I to reconnect with him and catch up on his life and I’ll tell you, he is an inspiring young man. But that’s a blog post for another day.

This morning, we headed out early, picked up Fre at Mom’s, stopped by our niece (his cousin) Destiny’s house for a quick visit (she’s pretty damn awesome, too!) then dropped Fre off at the airport to return to Spokane, WA.

As soon as we were home, we headed out back to take advantage of the gorgeous whether to assemble our grill and set up our porch and patio for summer enjoyment.

Jeffrey did the bulk of the assembling, I mostly handed him parts and confirmed each piece and step along the way.

So many boxes!

Two and a half hours later – VOILA – shiny new grill!

And we didn’t stop there. Next, we set up and cleaned off the screened in porch:

Then we set up the center, uncovered patio:

We will eventually be setting up an inflatable pool for wading in front if these chairs.

And finally, we set up the pavilion:

Rest assured, Harvey was supervising us every step of the way:

After all this work, of course we had to enjoy an evening cocktail on our restored patio tonight:

Ah, living the good life!

8 thoughts on “My Patio brings all the boys to the yard (I wish)

  1. I don’t know how COVID-anxious/cautious you are these days, but your patio might bring more boys to the yard if you invited them over. (You could probably host Bloggerpalooza in your covered patio. It looks huge!)

    Glad to see that Harvey is taking his supervisory responsibilities seriously. He really does take after you, doesn’t he?


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