Belated Birthday Adventure Post

Since I’m sitting at my remicade infusion for 2.5 hours, I figured this would be a good time to recap my birthday adventure. I won’t post all 400 pictures,  just the highlights (you’re welcome!)

We drove to Binghamton to stay over and be close to the Animal Park the next day, and started the celebration on the eve of my birthday, at a cute little restaurant and pub across the street from the hotel called the lost dog cafe:


While we waited for dinner, we had cocktails in the lounge half …


…including having an aptly named drink:


I loved this sign I found in the bathroom:


The next day, we got to the Park early to be first in line, and of course I was wearing my sweet Spo Giraffe shirt that got several comments from other Park guests:


Of course, our first stop was to see April, Oliver and their new baby Tijari.

April was in the barn with Tijari and seemed almost as happy to eat carrots from my hand as I was to feed them to her.


Tajiri, unfamiliar with eating carrots and interacting with a human strangers, stayed a safe distance away, reposed quietly in the back of the barn, watching with curious eyes.


Outside, Oliver was working the crowd and happily gobbled his share of carrots from me. I was so ecstatic and awed to be so close to these majestic creatures and get to interact with them the way we did.


We spent about two hours in the park, visiting all the other great animals there, and made one more loop back to the Giraffe family before heading home. On the way home, we stopped and picked up a gluten free birthday cake Jim had ordered from a local bakery that was DELICIOUS!


As if all of this was not enough to spoil me, I came home to a pile of birthday gifts from Jeffrey and Jim, covering all my favorites: Superheroes, Giraffes, Peanuts and Mermen!


I also got this awesome carved, wooden giraffe chair from Jeffrey:


After gifts and cake, we played several rounds of “That’s What She Said” (A game similar to Cards Against Humanity.” ) This is a sampling of the card combinations that kept us in stitches:


Finally, per our birthday tradition, it was time for our official birthday pictures. We have a tradition of getting matching shirts every year for our birthdays and taking pics. This year, we were the Captain America Corps:



We also tried to get some selfies with a “Superhero Selfie Kit” but we didn’t quite get the hang of it:


It was a FANTASTIC birthday, and I am so grateful to Jeffrey and Jim for once again making me feel like a Queen for the day!


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Comic Crossover 

Thanks to Rob over at  Meanwhile, over in Cali… for this little treat that arrived in the mail yesterday:

Rob is a big Harley Quinn fan, and I’m a big Green Lantern fan, so he sent me this issue of HQ’s series featuring GL!

Our Worlds collide 🙂

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Today is my 46th Birthday. I will be going to meet April, Oliver and their new baby, Tajiri at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY with the husband and the bf.
We drove into Binghamton (about 30 minutes from the park) last night and kicked off the celebration with dinner and cocktails at a cute place across the street (The Lost Dog Cafe and Lounge.) 

It’s going to be an exciting day!

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Guess how I’m spending my birthday tomorrow?

And I’m going with my two favorite guys:

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Two of my favorite animals

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Volumes of Comics

I was recently asked “Do you have Issue #1 of Green Lantern?”

Such a simple question, but not a simple answer.

You see, Comic Books, especially those featuring popular characters, have been around a very long time, and many characters have had multiple series, that have ended and then restarted, or been “rebooted” with a new  Issue #1, more than once. Let’s take a look at the published history of my favorite character, Green Lantern, for example.

The original (“Golden Age”) Green Lantern, a railroad engineer named Alan Scott, debuted in All-American Comics #16 (published in 1940) as a man who finds a magic lantern that grants him mystical powers through a power ring he carved from the lamp:


He was then given his own self titled series, starting with Green Lantern (Volume 1) #1 (published in 1941):

GL Vol 1 #1 1941.jpg

Green Lantern Volume 1 ran for 38 issues.  I have none of these original issues, but I have the complete set of stories reprinted in a Hardcover set – “The Golden Age Green Lantern Archives” Volumes 1 & 2:


Green Lantern was re-imagined as a test pilot turned ring slinging space cop, Hal Jordan, and this new (“Silver Age”) version appeared in Showcase #22 (published in 1959):

Showcase_22 1959.jpg

This version of Green Lantern was one of thousands of Green Lanterns, assigned to various space sectors, answering to the Guardians of the Universe, blue-skinned Immortals who internally generate the emerald energy that fuels the great Power Battery on Oa, from which all Green Lanterns draw their supply of Green Energy, focused through their power rings, the use of which is limited only by their willpower and imagination. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) was then given his own self titled series, starting with Green Lantern (Volume 2) #1 (published in 1960):

GL Vol 2 #1 1960.jpg

Green Lantern Volume 2 ran for 224 issues.  I currently have issues 89 – 224, and am slowly picking up earlier issues as I find (and can afford) them. However, I do have many of the Silver Age stories as reprints, in collected Trade Paperback books.

The series was restarted with Green Lantern (Volume 3) #1 (published in 1990):

GL Vol 3 #1 1990.jpg

Green Lantern Volume 3 ran for 181 issues.  I have this entire run.

The series was relaunched, again, with Green Lantern (Volume 4) #1 (published in 2005):

GL Vol 4 #1 2005.jpg

Green Lantern Volume 4 ran for 67 issues. I have this entire run.

The series was relaunched, again, when DC tried to “reboot and re-imagine” its entire universe, known as the “New 52 DCU” with Green Lantern (Volume 5) #1 (published in 2011):

GL Vol 5 #1 2011.jpg

Green Lantern Volume 5 ran for 52 issues. I have this entire run.

Although their is, technically, currently, no “Green Lantern (Volume 6)” being published, their are currently 2 relaunched Green Lantern series being published, as part of DC Comics “Rebirth,” an attempt to (mostly) return to the pre-New 52 DCU status quo (which did not go over well with most DC fans):

“Green Lanterns” (Published in 2016) featuring 2 new Green Lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, on Earth:


and “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp” (published in 2016) featuring Hal Jordan and the entire Green Lantern Corps in space:

HJATGLC #1 2016.jpg

And, yes, I am collecting both of these series. There are many other Green lantern Series I did not mention, as they had different titles, so don’t qualify as a different volume of the Green Lantern titles, per se.

So, to answer the original question “Do you have Issue #1 of Green Lantern?” – yes AND no!

Green Lantern Volume 1 – No (but yes, in reprints)

Green Lantern Volume 2 – No (but yes in reprints)

Green Lantern Volume 3, Volume 4, and Volume 5 – Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Any other comic questions out there?

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A Comical Birthday Gift!

When I got home today, I found a package waiting for me, which I promptly opened to discover this inside:


This is issue #89 of Green Lantern, Volume 2. I have issues 90 forward, of Volume 2, and a few random issues earlier than that, (and complete runs of every volume, 3-5, thereafter, as well as the current GL series, of which there are two) but am still trying to put together as much of the earlier run of Volume 2 as I can find and afford. However, the earlier issues are not cheap, and not easy to find.

So, where did this come from?  Turns out it’s a birthday gift from my former-blogger-current-friend Dave in Pittsburgh. Apparently, he had a little text chat with my hubby and arranged to have this delivered to my door. (And, yes, I was given permission to open it early, instead of waiting for my actual birthday.) The fact that he not only found an issue I didn’t have, but one I actually wanted and needed to complete my run, is amazing , considering I have over 10,000 books and the bulk of all of the Green Lantern Issues.

I was, once again, beside myself with glee at another fantastic birthday gift from another thoughtful friend. It’s not even officially my birthday yet, and I’m already feeling spoiled.

Thanks, Dave. You have made me one elated comic book / Green Lantern Geek!

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King K-9 of the Castle

Earlier this morning, I made the mistake of “moving my feet” to get more coffee and I lost my seat to Harvey. When I returned, he just sat there, defiantly, not shifting an inch, looking away as if he didn’t see me standing there, coffee in hand, waiting for him to move.

Instead of getting angry, I grabbed my phone to take a picture because he is just




Even when he’s being a little territorial brat.

After that, we spent the day cleaning house, corner to corner. After 6 hours of cleaning (and doing laundry) we settled in to start season two of “Sense8.” (A fantastic Netflix series that I cannot recommend enough.) Harvey and I made up, decided to share the chair, and he spent the afternoon curled up in my lap…next to my girl, Rita Mae.

We’re ending the evening with dinner, wine, and Cougar Town (a guilty pleasure!) 

This is a day in the life at Breen Acres. 

And I’m very ok with that!

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Free Comic Book Day 2017

Today is Free Comic Book Day. I don’t always make it every year, but I try to, and this year, we made it. It’s very important to dress appropriately, so either go full out and wear a costume, or at least wear something comic related. I have a special shirt I almost always wear to any comic book event, another amazing original by Spo Reflections, with a Marvel Comics theme:


(And, yes, the carpet matched the drapes:)


We headed out to my comic shop, Earthworld Comics, where we grabbed some sweet swag: Free Comic Books, Free Comic Tote Bags and, thanks to the good-will guilt from Meanwhile, Over in Cali… , I also purchased a hardcover collection of “Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes” (Collecting the 6 issue mini series from 2012) and 3 matching Birthday T-Shirts. (Jeffrey, Jim and I have developed a tradition of wearing matching T-Shirts, at some point, during our birthday celebrations every year.) Since Jeffrey was with me, I got double the free swag: TWO free bags, and 12 free comics. (Marriage has its privileges.)

I took no actual pictures while I was there. The store was crowded and there was no convenient time or place to stop and take photos, but here’s a pic I swiped from their Facebook page from today’s event:


It was a fun visit and I’m glad we went.

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My wonderful new shoes

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