Night Games, Naps, and New Friends

More Fridge art by the BFJ

Here’s a 3-Day Recap


After putting together my cool Friends Lego set, we had vegetarian chili for dinner, made cocktails, and played the Superfight Card Game . It was hysterical. You get random players and powers or weapons, and have to “fight” each other by arguing who would win in a fight. At one point the BFJ was arguing that his player Michael Jackson with scissor hands and acid blood would beat Jeffrey’s player Barack Obama who could control anyone’s left arm and shoot lightning (both arguing while under the influence of alcohol, of course.) They’re arguments, “logic”, and reasoning for winning the fight were insane. My abdomen hurt from laughing so hard. A great game for people with creative imaginations, a good sense of humor, and the ability to throw sane logic out the window.


The BFJ left early, and I was tired from all the previous days’ activities, cocktails, and laughing, so we put a fire on, settled into sofas and blankets with the pups, and started watching the Sci-Fi series “Foundations” on Apple+. I really enjoyed it, but I may have napped for a few minutes here and there along the way. We will continue watching it, for sure. Note: it’s amazing how LGBTQI+ people never seem to survive/exist in most dystopian or utopian futures. Maybe we took the “put us all on an island” suggestion to heart and found our own planet to live on in the future? How fabulous would that be?


Less than wonderful day work-wise, and a minor issue with Roger (aka my stoma)but I managed to get through it all. On the plus side, I received, in the mail, what will apparently be a long-term border, named Jeremy.

He is from Sweden (by way of Hamilton, ON, Canada). He wants to live in the U.S. and eventually make his way to NYC where he hopes to star in a Broadway play some day. He is related to Frank (who lives with Ron of Retired in Delaware ) and Jimmy (who lives with Ron’s friend, Pat, in Ontario.) I think he’ll feel right at home with all my other plush bears, giraffes, turtles, camels, and elephants. And, of course, living with this life-sized Sassybear!

Stay safe, everyone!

Perks of Friends

It was -4 degrees outside today, so we decided to stay in and stay warm. Jim and I spent 6 hours assembling this “Friends” Central Perk Lego kit he got me for X-Mas.

This is my first Lego set construction and I am hooked! I absolutely loved putting it together. There will definitely be more in my future.

Jeffrey’s gonna kill me!


I’ve been fighting an ongoing case of the Doldrums. It’s a perfect storm of events that are causing these, I’m sure:

My new health status quo, which is 90% great, but does come with daily maintenance that gets me down some days.

The frigid temps, which make drawing the curtains and lifting the shades impractical (as we need every barrier from the cold we can muster)let alone venturing outdoors for much of anything. This results in a lack of sunshine and fresh air, and makes our home seem more like a dungeon than a castle. I do try to step outside a few times a day, despite the cold, to take deep breaths and soak in some daylight, but it gets uncomfortable quickly.

The daily rigmarole of work and the seemingly increasing staff issues which stress me out and make me unhappier every day, despite my efforts to just keep plugging away and not let it get to me. I really worry about how I’m going to make it the next 1, 579 days until retirement. I want out so badly. I really wish retirement was feasible at this point, but it’s not. It’s no fun feeling “stuck” in a situation that makes me so unhappy, even knowing the pay off will be wonderful.

The lack of visits to my favorite places and with my favorite people, for over 2 years running. The once in a blue moon exceptions just aren’t cutting it. I miss Provincetown, Ogunquit, and NYC. I miss dinner and knitting with Dave, in-person G&G nights, dinner out with friends, shopping at my favorite local shops, hosting cocktail parties, and planning potential visits and meet-ups with other Bloggers.

The ongoing Pandemic, which just seems endless and unbeatable, especially with the droves of people who have refused to make any efforts to help control/stop the spread and continue to refuse to do so. It feels like a losing battle and, despite all of our efforts, I know we will inevitable contract this damn thing.

The non-stop negativity in the news, which makes the world seem bleak and society seem on the brink of destruction. So much lack of empathy, integrity, honesty, and community. I know all that stuff is still out there, but it’s sad we have to go digging through all the muck to find it.

My weight, which is increasing rapidly. I know what I need to do to stop it and reverse it, but I’m lacking the impetus to do so. Comfort eating and drinking is my vice, and I feel bogged down with the weight of laziness and lack of control.

I try hard to be a positive person, look at the bright side, find the silver lining, see the glass as half full, be grateful for what I have and not resentful for what I don’t. I try to be proactive in, and take responsibility for, making my life and experiences positive, meaningful, and fulfilling. I explore so many things that interest me, on and off line, like music, reading, crafting, collecting, etc.

There are bright spots and happy moments in my days and life, so it’s not like the doldrums never let up, but right now, it feels like those days that are overcast with dark clouds – even though the sun breaks through now and then and shines down for brief moment, the clouds come rolling back in and the light fades way too quickly.

Maybe I just need a cookie. (NOT!)

Come on and Zoom a Zoom a Zoom!

The G&G Gang

Tonight we had a 2 hour Zoom Chat with friends we’ve known for over 20 years. We affectionately refer to ourselves as the “G & G” gang, which stands for Girls and Gays (Jeffrey and I being the token Gays – ha ha!)

We caught up on our lives, laughed, and shared stories. It was uplifting, fun, and enriched my heart and soul.

I need more moments like this with good friends in my life.