Today was a not great day. I’ve been uncomfortable all day, and I feel generally yucchy. This caused my mood to darken, and now I’m depressed about having to wait 7 more days before getting the catheter removed. I’ve been on the verge of tears since earlier in the day. I know it’s just a mood swing, and it’ll pass, but right now, I feel really defeated and dejected.

Oh well. It is what it is. 

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Pop-over Cafe

I overdid it a bit yesterday and went to bed very sore, so today I’m taking it easy. But I can’t spend the whole day sitting around, so I needed to find a light activity that required standing without to much movement.

So, I decided to bake my first batch of Gluten Free Popovers.

They came out pretty well. I just made the plain batch this first time, but now that I know they’ll come out ok, I’m going to experiment with flavors.

I think I’m going to start baking more. I really enjoy it, and homemade gluten free food is often much better than the store bought stuff.

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This morning, I was feeling a bit better, so I whipped it out…

….my Waffle Iron, that is. Two, in fact. And we whipped up some gluten free waffles.

The one on the left is ours and makes the standard round Waffle. The one on the right is the bf Jim’s, which I gave him for his birthday (or Christmas?) but he leaves it here so we can make Tigger waffles when he visits. (He’s a Tigger Collector and lover.) This is how they come out:


Although I’ve been house bound since getting home from my surgery on Monday the 13th, yesterday we did a short jaunt to my comic shop, about 30 minutes away, as a trial run. The car ride was a bit uncomfortable, but we made it there and back without incident. 

This morning, after waffles, while Jeffrey was out getting a massage (which he more than deserves after all the care taking he’s been doing of me for 2 weeks…and the last 19 years, to be honest) I felt energetic and did some light chores: laundry, made some beds, dishes, cleaned the kitchen. I may have overdone it a bit, though, because I’m rather sore and exhausted.  So I slipped into my recliner, gathered a couple puppies on my lap, and we spent the rest of the day watching “Humans.”
Not the worst way to spend a day. 

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Happy Adoption Day, Harvey Milk!

5 years ago we came home with this little guy., 4.5 pounds of adorable! 

He was just 12 weeks old and had just been driven in from Winchester, KY, where he was a rescue puppy.

5 years later (and only 1.5 lbs heavier,) he is still so frggin’ cute he makes my heart melt with a single glance. He has been by my side everyday while I’ve been home recovering, and lays on a pillow at my side while I’m working at the table. I call him my little buddy, and that’s just what he is. 

Happy Adoption Day little buddy Harvey Milk. 

Your daddies love you lots!

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Awake and Awkward

Things are going ok, all things considered. My mouth (from where they took the tissue graft) is hurting a little less each day. The catheter, while being annoying and a bit awkward, is giving me little discomfort (except for those pesky night erections). The biggest consistent soreness comes from sitting and working at my makeshift desk all day – trying to avoid putting direct pressure on the incision site (use your imagination.) 

I’ve been working from home since Monday and that’s going fairly well, despite a few limitations, such as only having adobe reader installed on the work laptop instead of the much needed adobe acrobat. Still, I’m putting in more hours than I’m getting paid for, because it’s harder to stop at home, for some reason. I’m working on stopping that. 

My biggest consternation, of late, is my inability to get a full night’s sleep. I fall asleep easily enough, but wake up around 1 or 2am and lay there for hours trying to go back to sleep, rarely doing so. For instance, I’ve been awake since 2:30am and at 3:45am, I finally gave up and got up. It’s now 4:21am and I’m watching the embarrassingly awful Batman vs Superman on cable while the puppies sleep soundly on my lap (you know, to rub it in.) 

I get my Catheter out April 4th, so I have 13 more glorious days of a tube in my penis and peeing in a bag on my leg. It is not an experience I recommend, but if it corrects the problem it is meant to, it will have all been worth it. 

Regardless, I will be celebrating like mad, come April 4th. I’d better start mixing the cosmos now! 

Appreciate your health. Not everyone has it so lucky.

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Operation: Office

I start back to work tomorrow…sort of. I’ll be working from home (my first time, ever, doing so) for the next two weeks, so I set up my work space today:

The biggest challenge will be sitting up to work on my work-issued laptop, hence the donut on the chair. It’ll be good to do something other than read and watch TV.

I think.

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Happy Feet?

These were a pre-surgery get well gift from one of my co-workers, given to me (as part of a bag of get well goodies) on my last day of work before going out for surgery. I put them on today to help lift my spirits. 

After a pretty good first day and a half home, things backslid a bit. My mouth started hurting non stop, I got really tired, felt generally crappy, and had an almost-accident that scared me a bit and had me on edge for several hours. 
I donned my new Spider-socks this morning, after a long, hot shower, in the hopes of starting the day off on the right foot, in the right sock.

So far, so good.

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Where it all went wrong

My husband, Jeffrey, is a fantastic driver, and we have an all-wheel drive Subaru Forrester, which handles really well in the snow so, despite treacherous driving conditions (heavy storm, low visibility, slick roads, snow drifts, iced-up windshield wipers, thick snowfall,) we made it to the pharmacy and home safely, yesterday. It helped that there were very few people on the road.But, DAMN, was it scary. What should have been a 30-40 minute drive took us 2 hours. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to arrive home.

Poor Jeffrey had to do all the shoveling and snow blowing yesterday (driveway, front porch, back yard paths for the dogs), as I cannot lift anything over 5 pounds or bend for the next few weeks. He went out twice yesterday and is out again this morning. The snow is heavy, and it is very cold, so it is no small or easy task for him. All i can do is offer encouragement and apologies that I can’t help. Of course, he can write his name in the snow and I can’t, right now, so it all evens out.  *smirk*

I am doing better today. I got a good night sleep, and everything is less sore and less swollen. I am pretty mobile,  and am getting up and around relatively easily, all things considered.  At the risk of oversharing, (hey, we’re bloggers, that’s what we do, right?) here’s the explanation of my current surgery:

For those new to my blog, I am one of those people who pulled the short straw from the genetic pool, and have had a bevy of health issues, mostly involving my digestive and intestinal tract, i.e. Irritable Bowel Disease (“IBD”)

I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis in 1998 (I was 27 at the time, and never head a serious health problem prior) and had a total Colectomy in 1999, which involved a total of 3 surgeries. Since then, I’ve had several other surgeries: 2 surgeries to have large kidney stones removed, one from each kidney; 2 hernia repairs; and 2 more surgeries to clear up intestinal scar tissue and “kinks”.   Needless to say, between the scar lines and stretch marks, my abdomen looks like a road map. (Which is ironic, since I have no directional sense, and can’t find my way around the block without a GPS…and even then.)

Almost all of these surgeries required Catheterization. Somewhere early on, a catheter damaged my urethra, causing scar tissue. This scar tissue caused strictures to occur, restricting urine flow.  (If you’ve never experienced this – it can be very painful and, ultimately, life threatening.) I’ve had 3 or 4  Endoscopic Urethrotomies to cut the scar tissue, but it keeps coming back. Yesterday, I had Urethroplasty, to  remove all the scare tissue and transplant tissue from my mouth (inside lower lip area) to my urethra, in the hopes of staving off further scar tissue growth and recurring strictures. It has an 80% success rate, so odds are good this will be a permanent fix. There were some serious risks to this surgery, but their were serious risks to not doing it, so it was a no-brainer when deciding to have it done. All went well and there were no complications. Best case scenario, I will have the catheter removed in 3 weeks; worst case, 6 weeks. Fortunately, I got approval to work from home, starting Monday, March 20th, and State Offices were closed yesterday due to the weather, so I am only losing a total of 4 days accrued time for this whole event.

I came to terms with being a walking health issue a long time ago, and mostly don’t let it get me down but, occasionally, it still gets to me and I get a little depressed, weary, and downtrodden. I do try my best to keep a stiff upper lip, even if that lip is swollen, chapped, and sore.  Also, a supportive and doting husband, an understanding and supportive best friend, 2 adorable and loving dogs, a bevy of concerned and encouraging friends and bloggers, and a good sense of humor make it all a bit more bearable.

Cookies and cosmos help, as well.

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I will survive

At least, thats what the doctors tell me.

I am hoping to go home today. We are being hit with a serious snowstorm, so the longer it takes to get discharged, the worse the ride home will be. 

Here’s hoping I’m outta here soon!

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I haven’t had much to share, lately. Or felt like sharing. Or both. Living my life off social media has grown more and more appealing and I doubt most of my recent activities or thoughts would be interesting to anyone other than me. 

My health has been wonky, of late, and most days just getting through the work day is all the energy and interaction I can muster. I get home, retire to the sofa with the dogs and the hubby, and read or watch some TV for an hour or two before heading to bed to get up and start all over again the next morning. Most weekends are devoted to doing as many chores or errands as my energy reserves and wellness will allow.

Work has been unrelentingly stressful for over a year now but their are some changes coming (more staff and possible promotion) that may make it less so. 

We celebrated the BFF Jim’s 49th birthday in NYC this past week and saw three shows (Wicked, Hamilton, and Sunset Blvd with Glenn Close) which were all fabulous. My health issues made it a little stressful at times, but it was mostly a fun trip.

The temps have plummeted to single digit temps, and there is an impending snowstorm headed our way. We spent all day by a roaring fire, which is the only way to deal with such things.

I go for yet another surgery tomorrow. This makes my – what? – thirteenth or fourteenth time under the knife?  If all goes well, a recurring issue will be resolved permanently. If all goes badly, my life will be changed drastically. So I sit here and hope for the former, but contemplate the latter. I hope, when I turn 46 this year (in May), I will have much to celebrate, and little to lament.

I’ll be home recuperating for 3-6 weeks (and working from home for some of that time), so hopefully I’ll be inspired to write more often and more entertaining and upbeat entries. 

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