Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2019

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Puppy Pastime

Try as we might, we just can’t tear Harvey away from the TV if any of his favorite shows are on.

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I am 47 years old and have lived the better part of my life in upstate New York, so I have experienced countless snow flurries and storms. Despite this, and while I have seen the decorative and design versions of snowflakes, I have never actually seen a snow flake that resembled anything like scissored patterns or artistic representations, until this morning. When driving to work and, stopped at a traffic light, I noticed this on my windshield:

Gotta say, I geeked out a little. This is the first, actual, individual snowflake I have ever seen.

It’s kinda beautiful, don’t you think?

Nature rocks.

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Monday is the big day: out with carbs and sofa surfing, in with keto (like) cooking and cardio.

Our house is almost completely purged of the evil sugar and carb-loaded holiday treats, but I still had some gluten free bake mixes left in the cabinet that I never got a chance to bake over the holidays: irish soda bread, blueberry scones, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. I baked them all today, with the intention of sampling a little as a last hurrah, then bringing the rest to work Monday to dispose of. To quote a brilliant, charming, dashingly handsome fellow blogger: “if it isn’t around we can’t eat it.” Then, the only food coming into our house will be veggies, fish, eggs, meat, and cheese. No treats, breads or pastas of any kind. I have absolutely NO will power when it comes to snacking. I am a compulsive binge eater and if it’s in the house, I will consume it. (Seriously: sit me down next to a tray of cookies or a sheet cake – it’s frightening.) So, the first hurdle is eating better.

The second hurdle is regular cardio – whether it’s treadmill, stationery bike, or wii fit – I need to do it. While I do want to be a little lighter for my inaugural San Diego Comicon event in July (with yet another brilliant, charming, dashingly handsome fellow blogger) I don’t really need a special reason to want to be healthier. And, while evidence reflects that I may be losing the life-long battle of the bulge, I’m going down fighting…

…and I’m taking this tray of brownies with me!

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Picture Perfect

After being away from work for several days, I got to adjust my countdown to retirement by several days – WOOHOO!

It was a tough first day back, but I survived my one-day work week, and I’m so ready for my 3-day weekend to begin. *smirk* To celebrate, I made a ruby red Cosmo in one of my favorite martini glasses:

I also walked about my house admiring my handy-work from yesterday. On display are some favorite items:

New giraffe dishes from the BF Jim (TBFJ):

“Old” bear dishes that have been stored away until yesterday:

My new Peanuts-only Cabinet including some new pieces I got from TBFJ for x-mas:

And my 2019 Australian man + dog calendar from a co-worker/friend:

Not a bad end to an extremely long (8.5 hour) work week.

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Back to Basics

Today was my final day off before heading back to the daily grind tomorrow. I decided to make the most of my day and spent 12 hours de-decorating and getting out house back to normal:


While I love how our house looks decorated, I love how it looks when we return it to normal, too, probably because we still have lots of cool curiosities and collectibles around the house which we’ve collected over the years. Plus it always looks SO much bigger with all the trees and holiday clutter gone.

Also, I was moving non-stop and didn’t have time to snack (or eat at all) today,  so it was a good start to getting back to regular exercise and healthier eating. (Not a New Year’s Resolution, per se, just a common sense need to lose the treats and healthify the eats again.)

Not a bad day’s work, if I do say so myself.

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Welcome Wag-on

Nobody and nothing can make you feel more welcomed home than a puppy who will not let you leave his sight after being away from you for 6.5 days.

We came home from the cape today, after a 5 hour drive, to no power and dropping temperatures; so, we lit both fireplaces (one wood, one gas) and took down all of our outside decorations before the temperatures plummeted further. By the time we were (mostly) unpacked, the power was back on, so we started laundry and made sandwiches for a late lunch. No doubt we will crash early. Jeffrey has to return to work Tomorrow, but I have one more day off, so I’ll begin de-decorating the house.

So far, 2019 isn’t feeling all that different. *smirk*

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We’re in Provincetown, bringing the new year in, in our jammies, in front of the TV. (Hey, we’re old and the fact that we’re even staying up until midnight is an accomplishment.)

I hope you are all someplace safe, warm, and dry.

Happy New Year.

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Merry 2018

From our home to yours:

Wishing you happiness, health, friendship, safety, warmth, and love.

May you always have enough, and never turn a blind eye to those who don’t.


Here’s a new holiday favorite, discovered this year.

Play it, sing along, and have fun!

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Christmas Eve-l to Festivus Miracle

Today started out rough…lost my car and house keys and couldn’t find them before heading to work with hubby.

The diner we went to this year for our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast-and-surprise-huge-tip-the-waitperson was closed so we scrambled to find another one open.

There was much work waiting for me at work (I was off Friday) so my dreams of a peaceful easy work day were crushed.

After getting home, tearing the house apart (again) and finally, dejectedly, giving up on ever finding my keys, spiraling into a deep funk, threatening to ruin Christmas….

…I discovered them dangling in the most bizarre of places. (I’m a creature of habit so I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea that I would ever – even absentmindedly – place my keys anywhere but on their designated key hook by the door.)

This shifted the entire trajectory of the evening, thankfully, and we headed out and had a wonderful dinner, complete with celebratory cocktails (mine a blood orange martini, Jeffrey’s a gin martini).

On the way home, we drove through our neighborhood looking at all the holiday lights while listening to a new album of stringed holiday tunes we discovered at dinner (Thank you Shazam!)

Once home, we lit the fire, threw on the X-mas jammies, grabbed the pups and some holiday treats, and settled in to watch a pseudo-holiday themed gay content movie we’d read about but had never seen. The movie sucked, but the evening was wonderful. Before heading to bed, I touched my keys reassuringly, as they dangled from their proper hook by the door.

A Festivus miracle indeed.

Also, I brought a stuffed Snoopy home from work that I had received as a gift last year. It had batteries, but they were dead when I got him, so I never knew what he did. I replaced the batteries when we got home and…VOILA…snoopy spins to a seasonal tune!

What fun. Here’s to a wonderful turn of events on this holiday eve.

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