Weekend Warm Up

We started the weekend with a car ride to Saratoga. The weather was sunny and relatively warm (53 degrees). It was surreal, because it really seemed like it was going to be cold forever. But this was what greeted us on the road:

It was amazing to see and feel sunshine again.

This is what we picked up in Saratoga:

The last 3 giraffe shot glasses I needed for my set of 8:

The store I get them from only gets a few in at a time so it’s taken me several months and trips to complete my set.

We also want to a favorite gift shop and picked up these fun coffee table books:

No doubt I’ll be sharing tidbits from these books in future blog posts.

Once home, we started cleaning off our porch and patio, something we had hoped to have done before our guests arrived last weekend, but the cold just persisted until this weekend.

We started by taking down the plastic we put up each fall to keep the snow from blowing into our screened in porch:

This was the shambles our porch and patio space was in:

As always, Harvey was there to help:

We had to clean off the patio stone where some naughty puppies left their mark during the winter months, when it was too cold and wet to go into the snow filled yard. While I did that, Jeffery ran the lawn mower to mulch up some leaves that had been buried under the (finally disappeared) snow. Then we cleaned off the furniture but we couldn’t set it up yet because we had to let the patio dry overnight.

Today, after a lazy morning watching episodes of Teen Wolf while we waited for the temps to get into the 50s again, we put the patio and porch back together:

Much better, don’t you think? We’re hoping to grill our first meal of the year outside tonight and possibly enjoy a celebratory cocktail that winter is finally, really, gone.


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King of the world

It s not uncommon for Harvey to perch, cat or parrot like, on Jeffrey’s shoulder, while he purveys his kingdom (our house) and looks over his subjects (me and Rita Mae.) Sometimes, while up there, he’ll make little sounds as if to say: “Look at me. I stand here above you all, giving you protection and keeping you under my watchful care!”

Or maybe hes just saying “I’m awesome. Give me a treat.”

Either way, he’s frickin’ adorable!

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Giraffe Wisdom

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Sound entertainment

While browsing through a favorite local antique store with Java and Superman this past weekend, I came across a great find: a 22 Disc audio book of the following, for the whopping price of $1.00:

I purchased and read the book a few years ago, and couldn’t resist getting this to listen to in the car on the way to and from work.

I’m enjoying it just as much the second time around. It certainly makes the drive more pleasant.

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Cold comfort

It’s April 18th and not a warm day in sight. 50 degrees will actually be a high for us, at least until early next week. While I normally shame anyone in the Northeast for complaining about the cold and snow that is a normal part of our weather cycle, this year has been exceptionally cold for a longer period of time, and even I’m starting to fray around the edges and lose my cool for the cold. To add salt to the wound, there’s more snow a comin’. I’m starting to fear we’ve seen the last of a proper spring or fall in these parts and that summer will be way too short, if it arrives at all.

Sigh. Anybody in the warmer regions need a housebear? (Must love dogs and cosmos.)

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Guest Work

We’ve been enjoying a wonderful weekend reconnecting with Java and Superman. They arrived late afternoon Friday and we celebrated our reunion with dinner out at a local (and new favorite) Vietnamese Restaurant.  Then we came home and had cocktails and stayed up way too late talking.

Saturday, after breakfast, we headed to Vermont, hitting a few favorite antique shops along the way. Of course, I had to make it a “say something hat day” but, since my usual partner in crime, the BF Jim, was not along, I had to draw Jeffrey into my shenanigans:

By the time we got back into the area, it was dinner time, so we stopped at Slidin’ Dirty (a beer and burger pub) for dinner. The service was slow, but we were there at peak dinner time on a Saturday and it was very crowded, so it was to be expected.

We came home, built a fire, whipped up cocktails, and settled in for a double feature: “Bolt!” and “Practical Magic” once again staying up way too late.

This morning we all needed a more relaxing day, so we had breakfast, watched another movie (“Kinky Boots”) and then napped. Tonight we’ll be having fondue and cocktails for our final night together before they hit the road tomorrow.

I hope we’ve been as good hosts as they have been guests.

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Jave Jive

We went grocery shopping after work, then hit the liquor store before coming home to finish up some last minute cleaning.  All this prep work is in preparation for very special guests:

Java of My life, or something like it and her fabulous husband, Superman, are coming to visit this weekend. Java’s daughter is getting married in Pennsylvania, so they’re driving up to help her get ready for the wedding and, as luck would have it, our humble little abode just so happens to be (sort of) on the way there.

We met Java and Superman at the first Bloggerpalooza, organized by Ron over at Retired in Delaware in Lewes, DE, back in 2013. Java came to visit us once since then, so this will be her second visit, but the first with Superman in tow.

We are very much looking forward to seeing them both again.

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Nailed it

Today, continuing on the beautification process for the puppies, we took the kids to get their nails did.

This is Harvey, post nail clipping, with his proud papa:

And this is Rita Mae, harnessed and waiting for her manicure:

They’re both always (surprisingly) calm and well behaved for the groomers and the vet. (But they make up for it by being scamps at home.)

After we got home from the groomers, I vacuumed out and wiped down my car interior, doing my best attempt at a poor man’s detailing. It’s been too cold to do it before now.

It’s been a busy week of puppy prep and chores with still more to do.

Whatever could we be preparing for?

(Stay tuned.)

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Rough Ruff Day

It was a rough day. I had to demote someone for not doing being able to do his job and he did not take it well. While I know it was the right thing to do, it was still hard to do, and I feel bad for him that he was not able to be successful in the higher position.

It was also a ruff day, because the dogs got their baths last night.

Harvey was first and did a great job standing still. He hates baths, but is very cooperative.

Rita was great, too. She’s not so fond of the bath, either, but likes the attention she gets during it.

After their baths, they did the usual “run around the house and rub against everything they can” routine, but eventually settled down.

Puppy therapy is always a good way to wash away the ills of the day!

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Giraffe Swag

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