On the go (home)

We’re in the car and on the way home from Delaware. It was a nice trip, and my health held out for the duration, fortunately.
Yesterday, the weather was dreary – overcast with scattered drops of misty rain – so after an aborted walk about town, we hopped in the car and headed to nearby Ocean City, MD for some shopping and exploration. It was a fun, spontaneous excursion, which ended with a nice lunch at a waterside restaurant, Mickey Fin’s, before heading back to the house to rest and freshen up for Jeffrey’s birthday dinner at Dos Locos.  We were very excited that these guys could join us for dinner:

It was great catching up over dinner and cocktails. After dinner, Jeffrey was presented with a sombrero and free dessert, complete with a lit candle and a round of “Happy Birthday”:

Then we all headed back to the house for cocktails, birthday cake and ice cream.  I had ordered a gluten free German Chocolate cake (Jeffrey’s favorite) from a local baker, who had kindly delivered it to the house earlier in the day:

The cake was delicious, and it was great to catch up with the Delaware guys. We stayed up too late, not wanting the reunion to end, but eventually gave in and called it a night, promising to return for a longer visit soon.

All in a all, a great trip, but we’re eager to get home and to see our dogs and be in our own space again. 

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Happy Birthday, Husband!

Happy half-century to my best friend, partner, husband, soulmate and all around super great guy! Can’t wait to celebrate 50 more with you!

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Chill in’ in Rehoboth

Things are going well here, and it has been a relaxing, fun weekend in Deleware, so far.  We’ve shopped, ate, cocktailed, walked, explored, and enjoyed the fabulous house we are staying in, pool and all. (As seen, above.) 

Tonight we’re enjoying dinner and drinks here:

Tomorrow, we officially celebrate Jeffrey’s big 5-0 and get to meet up with this guy and his spouse for dinner. (Yay!) 

This may only be a short respite from my health woes, but I’ll take it, especially if it means giving Jeffrey the birthday he deserves! 

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Respite for Rehoboth

I am very happy and grateful to report that we made it to Rehoboth Beach yesterday without incident. Despite being close to calling it off Thursday night (as it was, we had to cancel our plans to head out Thursday night to visit this blogger buddy, who was incredibly understanding about it all, which meant a lot to me – not all my friends are so forgiving,) I had a very fortunate upswing in health, come Friday Morning, and felt well enough to finish packing the car and head out for the 6 our drive. We met the guys at the house yesterday afternoon, unpacked the cars, set up house (we love it!), and had some time to relax before doing a brief walk about into town. The humidity was almost unbearable, especially in my fatigued state, so it was a short excursion before I needed to head back to the house to rest and freshen up before dinner. Later, we had a perfect inaugural dinner at Eden. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so was able to enjoy about half of my delicious Halibut and Risotto meal before my body said enough. The ambience, service, and food was wonderful and a perfect way to start off Jeffrey’s birthday weekend. We did a short walk through town before heading to the house for a nightcap.  I was done in and more than ready to say good night.

We’ve enjoyed a first morning’s breakfast at the house, and I’m gathering my energy for another trek into town, followed by a day lounging by the pool.  I am so grateful my health is holding up.  I will be very careful to rest, hydrate, and moderate my food intake to insure the best chances of remaining issue-free for the remainder of the weekend.

Here’s hoping.

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I stayed home from work today.

Because I’m sick so often, I don’t have the luxury of staying home every time I don’t feel well or I’m in pain or discomfort so, when I can push myself to go in on “bad days”, I do. Today, I just didn’t have the energy, stamina or will power to force myself to leave the house.

Although there has been very little improvement, and I feel like death warmed over,  I do feel like I might be starting to turn the corner just a bit, digestion-wise; but being at work, which is a guaranteed 8 hours of stress, may push me in the other direction. If I weren’t worried about feeling better for the trip this week, I might have pushed myself harder to go in, given it’s a 3 day week and today’s a Monday, both of which “look bad.” However, being home allows me the comfort of being close to bathroom facilities, meds, plenty of liquids and, most importantly, will allow me to get more rest. Not eating, not sleeping well, and having a digestive system that is working overtime to digest even the meagerest of foods and liquids I can tolerate, for days on end, is exhausting, and I’m back to being winded when I cross the room. Doesn’t help that I’ve lost 10 more pounds in the last week.

So I’m putting my health before my professional obligations and staying home in bed today. I hope it helps and that I’m able to get to and through work the next two days without any major repercussions.

Fingers crossed.

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I hadn’t realized how much energy the Prednisone was giving me, but now that I’ve tapered down to 5 mg, I’m back to feeling completely energiless. Also, my guts started acting up on a regular basis last Sunday and haven’t stopped. I’ve had a stomach ache for a week. Sigh. That made for a very long and stressful week, and I was relieved when the weekend finally arrived and I was able to sleep in this morning. 

Despite not feeling well and having very little oomph, I had things to do so we headed out to run some errands and do some supply shopping for the upcoming trip to Rehoboth. Once we got home, I started to do some packing (or tried to) but fizzled out quickly and spent the rest of the day resting on the couch, reading comics and watching episodes of “Transparent.” (The dogs did not hate cuddling with me all afternoon, for sure.)

I hope tomorrow is more productive. And that I’m feeling better.

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Despite my recent health issues (that seem to want to linger like a drunk, clingy bar troll who won’t take “no” for an answer,) I’m pushing through and getting through my work days and home responsibilities as needed. Focusing on what I can control helps me deal with what I can’t.

In 8  days, we are packing our bags again and heading to Rehoboth Beach to celebrate my husband’s 50th Birthday. Jeffrey has been my rock and my caretaker for almost 20 years, and made every one of my birthdays and holidays special. Although he’s more low key than I am, I pushed him to do something more than just have dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate.  We’ve visited Delaware twice, once for a Blogger gathering, and once to visit friends we met through that get together, and we’ve always wanted to go back, so Jeffrey agreed Rehoboth Beach would be a great place to celebrate his special day. We will head out next Thursday and stay over in King of Prussia to reconnect with another Blogger Buddy, then head into RB the next day to meet up with the BF Jim and his hubby at the house were renting for the weekend. We’re excited to be going back, and that the previously mentioned friends will be joining us for Jeffrey’s birthday dinner.

So I will focus on getting ready for this trip and keeping my fingers crossed that I’m feeling better by then. Jeffrey deserves a great birthday and, by gum, he’s getting one!

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