After a successful first week back to work (thanks to all who inquired and expressed consternation,) I met up with the bf Jim this weekend in Lenox, MA (halfway between our respective homes in NY and CT) for a much needed shopping and cocktail reunion and reconnection.

Last night, I made an attempt at mixing a batch of cosmos, my signature drink. The first batch was so bad, I had to dump it and start again. I panicked, and searched the internet for cosmo recipes. Had I forgotten how to mix them? Did I have the proportions wrong? We’re the ingredients spoiled? Had my entire life been a lie and my reason for living ended?

In fear and frustration, I disposed of all the questionable ingredients and decided I would never mix another cosmo again. Better to have none, than to have bad ones.

Fortunately, a night’s sleep and the light of a new day cleared my head and conscience. We purchased new ingredients (our usual brand of vodka and fresh limes) on our shopping outing today, and tonight I have successfully mixed two rounds of perfect Sassybear cosmos.

Whew! Life has meaning to me once again.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Stop the world, I want to get on

I had my first “typical” weekend in a month:

Yesterday, we ran errands (Bank, Car Inspection, Comic Books) then came home, assembled an exercise bike we bought for my Mom as an early Mother’s Day present (don’t judge – she wanted one,) then delivered it and helped her set up her new laptop.  I got cranky and tired after such a long, active day (after a month of low mobility and not leaving the house) and tried to nap it off. Dinner was Grilled tuna steaks over baby spinach leaves with horseradish sauce. (Mmmmmm.)

This morning, I read comics in the recliner, under my Spidey blanket, while the dogs snoozed serenely in my lap:

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, hanging pictures I recently framed (gifts from the bf, Jim):

and bagging, boarding and filing new comics away in my comic drawers (with the help of hubby, Jeffrey, because I can’t lift more than 5 pounds yet):

(This is one of two comic closets – 63 boxes and growing) 

Then I did some FaceTime with Jim as we planned out first get together in over a month (we usually see each other every other weekend) and  then rested a bit before whipping up some shrimp scampi for us for dinner, which we ate, with wine, while watching “Cougar Town.”

It might sound boring to some, but it was a mostly perfect weekend for me and a great way to end the weekend, before heading back to the office tomorrow. 

Of course, any weekend I don’t have medical apparatus inserted in, or attached to, my body is a good weekend, for me!


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And now, the end is near….


Today was my last day working from home. On Monday, I will return to my office, pick up where I left off,  and go on with life as if the last month never happened. Hopefully, it will be the last time in my career I need to have surgery. (Knock on wood.)

A few observations about my time working from home:

  1. I was way more productive than I thought I’d be. I worked over time the majority of time (for which I don’t get paid) and only forced myself to take a lunch break at all the last week.
  2. I really worked all day, and only struggled with working one day – today – because it was  Friday, I was tired from my Remicade infusion (which I got this morning before returning home to work) and I mind was making plans for the weekend.
  3. While it was practical and convenient working from the dining room table, as my makeshift office, I hated having my house disrupted for 3 weeks.
  4. I loved having access to my own bathroom. (I have anxiety about using public bathrooms, especially at work; always have; always will.)
  5. I loved not losing 2 hours of my day to my commute. This also meant sleeping in a bit later, having more time with my dogs and hubby in the morning, and when my work day was over, it was mere steps to my sofa.
  6. I loved having my dogs around all day, and giving them a 3 weeks break from their crates.

Having said all that, although I would definitely love to continue telecommuting one or two days a week, I would not want to do my current job, from home, every day. I am too much a creature of habit. My desk at work is set up so that I have all of my necessities and files within reach. My work Desktop PC works better and faster than this laptop. I like having access to all my co-workers and Teammates for easy discussions and assistance. I hate talking on the phone, even to my co-workers about work.  Also, as I discovered this morning when I drove to my Remicade Infusion and back, I actually miss driving Hedwig. It felt good to be behind her wheel. As someone who generally dislikes (hates) driving, usually, this came as a huge surprise to me.

So while I appreciate my employer allowing me to work from home during this time away,  and I’ll definitely miss being home with the dogs, having my own private bathroom, and wearing comfy clothes all day, I’m actually looking forward to returning to the office next week. I find, after a surgery and extended recovery time, returning to routine, even work, is always a relief…

…at least for a little while.

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Extraction Satisfaction

It was a stressful morning.

The doctor was late, the nurses were in a frenzy, patients were piling up.

I was in an exam room, gowned and anxious,  wondering if the doctor would show at all and what would happen if she didn’t.

Jeffrey was in the waiting room, wondering what was taking so long.

I did my best to remain calm and patient and hopeful.

I walked into the office at 7:30am and, 2.5 hours later, at 10:00am, I walked out again…

…catheter free.

It was well worth the wait.

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My goal for tomorrow

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Cool it now

All is well. My fever appears to have broken overnight. As of 3:30 am this morning, my temperature has remained between 97 and 98.1 degrees, and is currently 97.7 degrees. That’s a big relief.

I (again) spent the day resting and checking my temperature.  Also, I read some comic books (Superman and Batman: Generations, Volumes 1 and 2), and we watched a couple of movies: Green Lantern (which wasn’t quite as bad as I remembered it being) and Connie and Carla (which is always fun to watch).

I am a little less miserable today because it’s only

“One more dawn.
One more day.
One day more!”

(see what I did there?)

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You give me fever 

I woke up this morning at 2:30 am and felt feverish. I took my Temp and it was 100.8. This is worrisome, as it may indicate I have an infection. I’ve been trying to keep my Temp down with NSAIDs, popsicles and drinking lots of cold water. I’ve been checking my Temp every couple of hours. This is how it’s fluctuated throughout the day.
02:30 am 100.8 

07:00 am 99.1

10:00 am 98.4

12:00 pm 98.2

1:30 pm 100.1

3:00 pm 101

3:30 pm 100.3

4:15 pm 98.3

6:00 pm 99.5

I’m on antibiotics so there’s not much else I can do. It’s the weekend so I can’t call my doctor, and I know she’ll be in surgery all day Monday (which is why my appointment to have the catheter removed isn’t until Tuesday morning.) I know if it stays at 101 or higher, I’d need to go somewhere (ER or On-Call Clinic) so I’m hoping if I just keep my temperature down through Tuesday morning, all will be well. 

2 more days. I’m already picking out my celebrating outfit!

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Three is a magic number 

I survived another day. Just have to make it 3 more days. Sigh.

I made another cake today using this:

And the recipe on the back:

And this is what it came out looking like:

It’s flatter than yesterday’s cake, but the directions yesterday said to put it in a loaf pan and today’s directions were for a larger cake pan, so that’s mostly why. 

Both cakes came out moist and surprisingly light (as opposed to dry and dense, which is more typical for gluten free products.) Yesterday’s cake tasted lemony (due to the lemon zest). Today’s cake tastes coconut-ty, due to the coconut flour in the recipe. I think they both taste delicious, but let’s let Rita Mae tell you what she thinks in her own words:

Nuff said.

(3 More days!)

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Cake walk 

I baked a cake tonight:

It came out pretty damn great! I found the recipe on the back of this:

I’ll be adding this to my baking repertoire, for sure. Seriously, can’t believe how good it tastes…and I baked it. 

On another note, I’m keeping my eye out for these:

Which contain these:

And placed together, the back of the boxes form this:

So if any of you bloggers or visitors secretly eat these sugar laden treats, and have the boxes or comics up for grabs, let me know. I’ll gladly take them off your hands for you. (Cereal need not be included.)

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