Down and out

Well, it had to happen: all this healthiness finally got to me and wore me out. After pushing myself to walk Harvey this morning, I got home and collapsed on the sofa and that’s where I stayed all day, drifting in and out of sleep. I probably slept a better part of the day. I feel so listless and exhausted. No other symptoms. No pain. No fever. Just complete exhaustion. I hope I feel back to normal tomorrow. If not, all put a call into my PCP.

If I happen to die of exhaustion in my sleep (oh, the irony that would be) it’s been fun getting to know you all. I hope I’ve made a small impression in a handful of your hearts, and that those of you with my xxx selfies will wait until at least after the cremation before releasing them. I want to be sure my spirit is good and gone from this place before the laughter begins. Rumor has it ghosts have great hearing.

Stay safe, all.

One Glassy Bi***

Our friends Rob and Mike stopped by today for a mid afternoon cocktail. Rob surprised me with the set of glasses above, as a belated “Welcome home from the hospital” gift.

These guys have been great friends to us, and Rob, particularly, has been a huge support through my surgeries and recovery, sending me daily texts of support, silliness, and salaciousness. Some of you may recall he coined the phrase “Fu**ing Roger” which he used any time he found out Roger was acting up or causing me grief (and it always made me laugh.)

What makes this even more remarkable is that Rob suffers from Chronic illness as well, and makes me look like an amateur when it comes to pain and suffering. Yet, no matter how he’s doing, he always expresses concern for my well-being and offers words of encouragement and support.

I am thrilled to have these glasses and look forward to enjoying various libations in them, especially with Rob.

But more importantly, I’m grateful to have a friend like Rob.

Stay safe, all.

Walk the walk

We just returned from Taking Harvey on his morning walk. It’s not a big walk, only about 10 minutes, and I’m guesstimating about a quarter mile, but it’s a good routine and start to the morning. Yesterday, after our morning walk, we all loaded into the car and went for a long drive exploring various back and side roads we’ve never been down. In our travels, we found a very small but pleasant waterfront park, not too terribly far from our home, that looked quite inviting, so we parked and took Harvey for a stroll along the waterfront park. It was quite the pleasant random excursion

I started walking Harvey in the morning four days ago for several reasons:

Harvey rarely gets out of the house and his primary stomping ground is our home and a large backyard, which is plenty large for him to run around in. But he is a dog and of course loves getting to walk around the neighborhood with so many more exciting smells and sites.

I need to up my exercise as I continue to recover and was eager to walk somewhere other than around my house and yard.

I want to develop the routine of getting exercise every day again, even if I’m starting out very small.

I have spent the better part of the last year and a half being somewhat immobile for a variety of reasons, and I promised myself once I could get up and around and out of the house freely again I would take full advantage of it.

We actually have a very beautiful neighborhood and it is a pleasant, peaceful walk.

With the recent atmosphere in the country, I thought it might be more prudent to be more visible rather than less visible in our neighborhood. I am optimistically hoping people seeing two guys walking their cute little dog around the neighborhood will make us look and seem harmless and safe to anyone in our neighborhood who might harbor some irrational fear that a couple of scary Homos are living next-door or across the street. (Because nothing is less threatening than a couple of old gray portly bears dressed in superhero T-shirts slowly walking an adorable tiny black dog.) While we have been fortunate enough to never have any known issues with any of our neighbors, if we can acclimate more neighbors to the sight of us, it my preemptively dilute any negative feelings developing toward or about us. And hey, if we just happen to interact with and or meet neighbors we’ve never met before, that’s a bonus.

It’s a good way to start the morning instead of plopping on the couch and watching TV which we have been doing for far too long. While I can use my poor health as an excuse for the greater part of that, I can no longer hide behind any inability to be and get more active. What was the point of going through all this and getting better if I wasn’t going to do better?

Summer is the season of shirtless fellas, so if they’re just happens to be burly men working on a roof or in the yard sans top, we wouldn’t be upset or offended at the sight of them in anyway. For the record, we have never seen such a sight in our neighborhood for the last 10 years we have lived here, save for one single day when we we’re driving through our neighborhood as we occasionally do, just for the heck of it, and drove by a yard with a backyard in ground pool, populated by at least four very attractive fit men in bathing suits. We have driven by the house a million times since then and have never seen such a thing again. I think it may have been a Mirage from the heat. Also, we had to stop driving by the house, as we think people might’ve thought we were casing it ha ha ha. On an unrelated note, I have asked Santa for a drone for Christmas. *smirk*

We are all now back at the house for the day. Jeffrey will be off to his monthly massage in a few minutes, and Harvey and I will remain home snuggled together in the cool embrace of central air while I read comics or peruse the various social medias for funny pet videos and various Memes. At least until my “have to do something productive” gene kicks in and I start rearranging the silverware, one of the few items in the weight range I’m currently allowed to lift.

The walk took a bigger toll on Harvey, apparently.

Stay safe all, and thanks for stopping by.

Why bother?

Many of us have talked about why we blog. What we don’t often talk about is why we read blogs.

I started reading blogs many many years ago. I was fascinated by the “slice of life” blogs – the ones about the daily lives of bloggers all over the world. Sone were funny, some were sad, sone were inspiring, but all were interesting. It inspired me to try my hand at it. (I thought I’d be a lot funnier at it, but I guess I only make myself laugh.)

My blog was all over the place. I’d get political, philosophical, personal, and playful. I used to reveal a lot more about my personal life, but that came back to bite me. Still, I’ve kept at it for whatever reason. I’ve always envied other bloggers, who seem to be smarter, funnier, and more interesting. Despite my insecurities about it, I try to keep things as interesting as I can.

But even if I stopped blogging, I’d still read other blogs. I think of other bloggers as my friends, even if we’ve never met. I like knowing about their thoughts and opinions, their daily lives and antics. All the other social platforms offer quick snapshots of moments in people’s day to day lives. But through reading blogs, I feel I get to know people better through blogging: their sense of humor, their dreams, their struggles, their success and failures…far more interesting to me than any celebrity gossip or fake on line persona. My blogs are my touchstones. When my life is not going so great, I escape into the lives of others, often finding some kernel of motivation to keep going. When I’m unable to read them, I miss them. I’m far more interested in substance than style. When I read blogs, I hear real voices of real people, making themselves vulnerable and opening up to me (us) about their thoughts. It’s a wonderful, special, personal, and intimate experience.

So, that’s why I read blogs, why do you? And why do you read my blog?

!@#$%&* WORDPRESS!

I just finished a nice long week wrap-up post for today but WordPress swallowed it up with no explanation and I cannot locate it anywhere. I’m livid, so I’m just doing a quick recap.

On Wednesday, the BFJ and I finished the 3-D Friends puzzle – it took 4 hours:

On Thursday, I took Harvey for a walk around the block (my longest walk yet since surgery) and took this cool pic of the sun shining through the trees in my backyard when we got back:

I also got these 2 shirts in the mail that Jeffrey ordered for my birthday in May, but just now arrived:

This morning, I took Harvey for another walk a bit farther around the neighborhood:

Jeffrey arrived home from work with several goodies in tow, including this gluten free hard cider:

That’s the nuts and bolts of it. My previous post was much better. If I could slap the shit out of WP I would. Grrrrrr!

Stay safe, all.

Sunset on Sunset

Another beautiful sunset last night that took my breath away. I love how the burnt umber sunlight floods my house through the panes of the window. I always have to stop whatever I’m doing and go outside to see it. I take a lot of pictures but they never do it justice.

The BFJ arrived late afternoon yesterday. Just a short visit to spend the day with me today. He’ll head home tomorrow. We made fondue for dinner and had a nice visit, then all headed to bed early because we were one pooped bunch o’ bears and a puppy!

I’m feeling really good and almost back to normal. I will really enjoy spending the day with the BFJ doing puzzles and making plans for future adventures. So glad he wandered into my life 10 years ago.

The summer of 2012 when we first met.

Stay safe, all!

Remember Stonewall

To many have suffered and sacrificed to get us where we are today.

We won’t go back.

We won’t give in.

We won’t surrender.

We are legion, and our voices will be heard.

If we are truly united, and stand as one, there is nothing we can’t do.

Free to be me

“Cathy” got removed today…which was quite Cath-artic, (With a nod to Lurker for suggesting the pun.)

…and so did my staples…

…so I am now completely foreign-object free and feeling good! I still have lots of healing to do, but I’m happy to be this far along.

The weather finally shifted today. There were storms last night, which broke the humidity, and by the time we got back from my second round of extractions, it was beautiful out – mid-70s, sunny, and breezy. BUH-U-TI-FOL!

We grabbed the Harvey monster and headed out back for some family time on the patio.

I overdosed on precious pills today.

We got a little cleaning done (Jeffrey did the vacuuming, I did the dusting) in preparation for the BFJs visit tomorrow. (Yay!) Then we grilled some hobberdoggers (hotdogs) for dinner. (I like my dinners like I like my men – quick, easy, and delicious.)

We are doing great on our low-carbing and I am excited and optimistic about getting rid of this extra poundage over the next few months. But I was made aware today that losing weight can actually be harmful:

Meh. I’ll take the risk. (Although cake does sound damned tempting!)

Stay safe, all!

Bye Bye Miss O-Stomy Supplies!

Today was the big day. With Jeffrey doing the lifting and me directing, we packed away all my ostomy supplies and medical equipment, moving it to the basement. Our house no longer looks like a hospice. It was quite cathartic and really lifted my spirits. When I return home from the Doc’s tomorrow morning, I will be catheter free. I have to make a second trip in the afternoon to have my remaining staples removed. And then, aside from my Frankenstein monster-like tummy scars and an inability to lift anything heavier than a green bean, it’ll be like it never happened.

Harvey does not quite share in my excitement!

After a short slow walk on the treadmill, I spent the remainder of my day catching up on blogs (still have a way to go), reading comics, not eating carbs, and trying to keep cool in this unbearable heat. I peaceful Sunday for sure.

And before Pride month disappears, here’s another small batch of fun Pride pics:

Stay safe, all. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World out there!