Things that Comfort me

In no particular order:



Red Wine




Buffy (the series)

Friends (the TV Show)

Friends (the real ones)

Summer Breezes

Car rides


Comic Books




Fires in the fireplace



Going Away

Coming Home


Floating in water

Hot showers

Early mornings

Friday afternoons



Decorative lights or candles

Inspirational Quotes

Thoughtful acts

Holding a hand

Helping someone

Bring remembered

Being complimented


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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I need to have a second heart implanted… the one I have just isn’t big enough to hold all the love I have for these two.

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Suck my (Bat) dick, America!

The above panel, from the recently released 1st issue of a new “Mature Themed” 4-Issue Batman Comic Book Series, is the latest hot button item that has America’s collective panties in a knot.

Sure, we’ll ignore all the $&@!?#* going on in our world to a point, but show the faint outline of Batman’s penis in a comic marketed to adults and you have crossed a line, America. There are some things we JUST wont stand for (aside from institutionalized racism; kidnapping, imprisoning, and slaughtering of children; Dehumanizing people of color, women, differently abled, immigrants, lgbt people, people with different beliefs; ignoring the needs of our vets, the elderly, the homeless and the sick; corroding our environment; degrading our civil liberties; demonizing education, knowledge, science and fact based information; etc. etc.)

Its heartwarming what we Americans reserve our outrage for. Now, please excuse me while I whittle me a new “war on christmas” stick so I can beat the inclusion out of those damn “Happy Holiday” folks that will be popping up soon (while wearing my flaming Nike’s with a mouth full of Chic-fil-a, of course!)

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Happy Birthday Husband

Today is Jeffrey’s 51st Birthday. We took today off from work (one of the luxuries we indulge in: we don’t work on our birthdays) and drove to Lenox, MA yesterday after work where we checked into a hotel. Last night we had an early birthday dinner and drinks at a nearby Italian restaurant we like. Today we will be driving to nearby Lee MA so Jeffrey can clothes shop for his birthday at the Lee Outlets.

Jeffrey is not big on flashy birthday celebrations. He usually prefers quiet relaxed birthdays as opposed to parties, group dinners or big celebrations. He also prefers practical gifts (like clothes) to frivolous ones (you know, like comic books, superhero paraphernalia or giraffes) so it was his choice to forego any official celebration and come here to clothes shop, just the two of us.

But he’s married to me, so he had to suffer through some birthday dogma. Consequently, while he showered, I set up a little spot in our room with all the traditional birthday elements: gift, card, balloons, cake, and candles:

Just a little something to set this morning apart from all the other. I lit the candles and played Happy Birthday on my phone when he exited the bathroom. I think he was pleasantly surprised and appreciative. Oh, and the card and gift we’re both goat related, since Jeffrey likes goats:

We will be heading out to the shops soon. It’s raining, which is a bummer, but we’ll make the most of it.

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!

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What a difference a day makes

Because I had a 3 day weekend, I got to subtract 3 days from my calendar when I returned today.

I now have less than 2800 days until retirement.


It’s always nice to cross a threshold…

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1500 Pieces ( 33″x22″ )

8 hours yesterday with the BF.

4 hours this morning on my own.

Another 2 hours with the hubby.

14 hours total.

And it’s finally complete.


After spending so much tome working on it, I can’t bring myself to disbands it, so I think I’m going to mount it and hang it.

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A heart full of love

There are no words to describe how much I love this little guy.

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Washer Woes

Our Washing machine died 2 days before we left for Burlington (resulting in my first visit to a laundromat in well over 15 years.) The repairman told us that the drum had broken and, since our machine was over 20 years old, even if we could find a replacement drum for it (unlikely) it would cost us several hundred dollars to have it replaced. The more logical solution (of course) was to buy a new washer. The wonder-hubby, Jeffrey, went shopping, found and purchased a washer, and scheduled its delivery for the first available date: today. So our little vacation was extended by a day, to await the arrival of our new appliance.

It will come as no shock that, despite requesting a morning delivery, we got a call at 1:00 telling us the delivery time would be between 3:00 and 6:00.

I’ll wait as you all gasp in surprise at this unpredictable occurrence of events.

At approximately 3:45pm, the delivery men arrived. We held our breath as they maneuvered the new washer in and down a narrow hallway and flight of stairs to our basement, then hauled the old one up and out of the house.

Then we began the “can we hook the new washer up to the pre-existing drainage system” dance, which lasted about 45 minutes. Eventually, with some creative clamping, they married the new system to the old and, after a few test drains, declared the new washer up and running.

We’re on our second load (of laundry, you pervs!) and so far, so good.

We have become so acclimated to our first world, modern conveniences, being without one of them, for barely a week, seems like torture.

I know how fortunate we are, and how privileged we are compared to the majority of the world, to have so many convenient appliances, and the ability to replace one, quickly, without it hurting us (too much) financially.

Still, it’s a relief to be able to launder my knickers at home again. ( It would be different if we had a laundromat like that found in the movie “My Beautiful Laundrette.” )

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Bye-Bye Burlington!

We made it home from Burlington yesterday, not too much the worse for wear. I’m terrible at taking vacation photos, but here are a few things I captured that are discernible images:

Our Hotel Entrance (Those double doors tucked in the far right corner.)

Hotel 1

Hotel Bar & Lounge (and handsome bartender.)

Hotel 2

Hotel Lobby with a live band playing.

Hotel 3

Fund Raiser for the Arts at our hotel:

Spider-Man works the crowd the night before.


The next day, top fundraisers propelled down the front of the hotel (and not directly in front of our window as we hoped.)



Some of the the scenes from our morning walk about near the waterfront:

The view across from our hotel.


The tree lined path walk to the waterfront.


A building on the waterfront.


A view of Lake Champlain (No sightings of Nessie to report, though.)


Entrance to the Aquarium we visited.


A little more waterfront scenery.


Scenes about town:

A fun consignment store.


A fun sign on the street.


A fun couple of Bears about town.


Church Street Shops and Shoppers.


Welcoming LGBTQ folks to Church Street.


The theater we will be returning to in April 2019 to see a show.



Fabulous Giraffe!


CBD Cream – thought I’d give it a try.


Night Life:

Stop 1 – Drink!


Stop 2: Red Square.



Dinner on our last night at the Blue Cat:


We also had dinner in the Hotel (Blue Northeast) on the first night, and a restaurant on Church Street (Sweetwaters) on the second night.

It was a fun time and a nice get away. I feel very lucky that we can make little get away trips like this, on occasion.

But it was great to get back home to see our K-9 Kids. The town was full of dogs (yay!) but it just makes me miss our pups all the more when we’re away.


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Talk about room service

This is our hotel window:

This is on the street outside our hotel window, 8 stories below:

Apparently, as part of an Annual fundraiser for a local theater that our hotel sponsors, top fundraisers are given a chance to propel down the side of our hotel. Throughout the day, people will be descaling the walls on ropes and pulleys.

The hotel will be, literally, dangling men outside of our window.

Talk about low hanging fruit….

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