Wrapping up the Weekend

It was a quiet day. We did not have anything on the agenda, so we had a late breakfast and lazy morning. The frigid weather kept us inside all day, where we all curled up on the couch and watched some stuff on our various streaming services for awhile. By the afternoon, I started getting fidgety, so I headed upstairs to the guest room, where I sorted Christmas presents and the huge stash of empty boxes we’ve been collecting since October, for gifts. Once the sorting was done, I popped back downstairs to make lunch: roasted Swordfish Rollatini (made in the Ninja Foodi, of course.) It was quite good, thank you very much.

After lunch, I headed back upstairs and wrapped gifts for a couple of hours. By the time I got back downstairs, Jeffrey had a fire going and, after some discussion, we decided to eschew a proper dinner for sandwiches and various leftovers.

It was a great weekend. Hopefully the first of many more to come.

Stay safe, all!


We had our first snow of the year yesterday. Not a lot of snow, but it stuck and froze, so our lawn is now a solid slick sea of white. Pretty, but treacherous.

Today, we had our first guest in I don’t know how long. Our friend Mark came for brunch. The Brunch Menu consisted of:

Fresh Fruit Salad (purchased)
GF Chocolate Donut Holes (purchased)
GF Biscotti (purchased)
Spinach Salad with Walnuts, Craisins, and Blue Cheese Crumbles (purchased)
Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Cheese Cups with Chives (homemade)
Cinnamon Cake (homemade)
French Toast Bake (homemade)
Egg Nog (purchased)
Mamosas (homemade)

It was a nice (and delicious) little spread, if I do say so myself. Conversation was light, laughter was plentiful, and it was a great visit. I have missed being a host and seeing friends.

After brunch, we said good-bye to Mark and headed out into the brisk winter air to my Mom’s to drop off some items and say a quick hello. Then we returned home to watch movies in front of the fire. Today’s triple feature was Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 (starring Andrew Garfield) and A Nightmare Before Christmas.

We decided to skip an official dinner, and opted for grazing on various leftovers from Thanksgiving, Brunch, supplemented by a random assortment of snacks and food items.

Yet another enjoyable and normal day. If this keeps up, I just might get used to being happy and healthy again.

Stay safe, all.


It was a great day yesterday. Dinner was good, and we enjoyed a proper meal at our dining room table…a rare treat indeed.

I love our rarely used bear dishes!

Today, we enjoyed a quiet and relaxing day, munching on leftovers and just lolling about the house, no chores, tasks, or errands. I hope this is how the rest of the holiday season goes for us.

Gobble Day Gratitude

Nice Meat!

I don’t usually do a “what I’m Thankful for” post, but I think I need to this year. Since January, I have struggled with my health, enduring a lot of pain and suffering, missing out on so many celebrations, plans, trips, and events, and honestly wondering if I’d even survive the year, let alone return to any quality of life. But here I sit, pain free, returned to relative health, enjoying a quiet morning at home with my dogs, listening to my husband peacefully snoring in the bedroom, enjoying the beautiful decorations on display (mostly thanks to my best friend), and anticipating enjoying a nice simple Turkey dinner that we were able to order most of, pre-made. (I’ll be whipping up a gluten free stuffing this morning.)

I am so very thankful that I was able to have surgery that saved my life, from which I recovered quickly, and has returned me to a quality of life I have not enjoyed since 2020.

I am thankful for a husband that helped me through the transition and gave me the love, strength, and support I needed to adjust to my new normal.

I am thankful for all the healthcare workers that have taken care of me and given me my life back.

I am thankful for the BFJ, who has lent his support and help in any and every way he could.

I am thankful for my amazing dogs, who have been such a source of joy, affection, and comfort during this year, even when I was at my lowest.

I am thankful for a job that has provided the salary, benefits, and flexibility I needed to get the help and care I needed, without costing me a day’s pay, and purchase all the supplies I need.

I am thankful for this beautiful home I get to enjoy every day.

I am thankful for the many friends, fellow bloggers, and family members who have sent continued messages of support and concern and wishes for a quick and complete recovery.

And, finally, I am thankful for having a future to look forward to.

Stay safe, all.

Test Drive

With Jeffrey off today for the long holiday weekend, we decided I needed to do a trial outing to build up my confidence leaving the house with my new equipment. To make it more exciting, we headed to one of my favorite stores – Hallmark – to check out their current Christmas stuff. The trip was successful, but did cause me some pain…in the pocketbook.

I grabbed this little addition to my Jim Shore Peanuts Christmas Collection:

Santa Snoopy, hurry down my chimney tonight.

Then I grabbed this out of season one, too:

Without Linus, it’s just the pretty good pumpkin.

There was a cool non-holiday item purchase, as well:

Elastigirl from the Incredibles.

When we got home, I found these two shirts waiting for me in the mail:

Super Gay Giraffe?
Anyone besides Robzilla get this one?

It’s amazing we got out of the house at all, considering I started the day “puppy trapped” by Harvey:

Could you move him?

Tonight, I cooked dinner for the first time since my surgery, then we watched a movie in front of the fire.

It was a great (and normal) day, indeed.

Stay safe, all!

Mindless Moderation

The spam-bots are in overdrive (I’m getting hundreds of spam comments a day) so I’ve had to turn on comment moderation for awhile. Don’t panic when your comments don’t appear immediately. I will approve them lickety-split. Hopefully, I won’t have to do this for long.



Yesterday was a big (and surprising) mail day.

First, I received this surprise gift in the mail from Danny. (Danny, are you a blogger or reader? Please let me know. It was such a fun and thoughtful gift.) A pair of socks with the lovely faces of me and my spouse sprawled across them. Now, the only people walking all over us will be me. Thank you, Danny.

Talk about playing footsy with your SO!

I also got the Snowman kitchen towels and mitts I had ordered, to go with our for-the-holidays snowman themed kitchen decor.

I found a cute snowman rug, at the same time, that I thought would go great, too…

It was so cheap, how could I resist?

Unfortunately, I mis-read the description and thought it was 5 feet around, not 5 inches….oops! (That explains the really low price, ha ha!)

Doesn’t quite fill the space as expected, eh?

All those deliveries must have tired out poor Rita Mae, as she was already sacked out on the sofa by 2pm yesterday.

Dog tired!

It was not quite the relaxing day I had planned, as I got caught up in little projects around the house, so today I will make up for that with a full day of relaxation and rest. (I hope.)


Surgical staples came out this morning and all look goods. I have been approved to return to work December 9th (I’m still working from home full time), so I have another 2 weeks of recovery before rejoining the rat race. (I pressed for returning next Monday but my surgeon would not approve it.)

I have plenty to keep me busy: a crochet project; presents to wrap; holiday cards to send; gluten free baking to do; crossword puzzles; jigsaw puzzles; comic books to read. But, for today, I’m taking the rest of the day off to relax with the puppies and just enjoy the decorations, light, and music of the season.

Feeling the love

It has been a roller-coaster of a recovery so far, starting out good but taking a nose dive quickly. After a very stressful and traumatic first week home that nearly broke me, things turned around with the assistance of a very caring and compassionate home nurse, and I am finally at a point mentally, physically, and emotionally that I am starting to believe I can do this. (Not that I have a choice, mind you.)

Despite the difficult moments of the past 2 weeks, there were some bright spots and moments of joy.

When I got home from the hospital, I discovered the BFJ had come to the house (from CT) for 3 days and decorated my house for Christmas, knowing I would be unable to do so on my own, due to my limitations during recovery. Jeffrey had all the lights on and holiday music playing to welcome me home. I was surprised and beside myself with gratitude. ( I promised no pictures until after Thanksgiving.) It looks beautiful.

A day two after returning home, I received a new recovery buddy in the mail from long time reader and friend Glen. I named him Glenjamin (aka Glen) for obvious reasons. I love the little guy to pieces.

I also received these beautiful flowers from my my co-workers.

Then, this past weekend, I received a care package – a bag of activities to keep me entertained from my husband’s co-worker and her wife (whom we’ve become friends with over the years.)

While the gifts themselves are fantastic, it’s the warmth that comes from knowing friends are thinking of me and wishing me well that tugs at my heart strings.

So I’ll just say to them all: thanks for making a rough two weeks a little less so with your thoughtfulness. It means a lot.

Homeward Bound

Yesterday was an unremarkable day at St. Elsewhere, until I got a surprise visit from the Hubby and the BFJ.

No chocolates? No flowers? I’m appalled!

It was a wonderful surprise and a great visit. My heart overflows….

After their visit, the boys went out to dinner. (How rude!) Jim stayed the night at the house, and sent me a hello from one of my guest room giraffe buddies, Gimble (aka “Gimme.”)

Gimme says “Hi” from Giraffe Towers!

To my great shock and even greater thrill, I found out this morning that I am going home today. I fully expected to be here until next Friday but, apparently, I’m kicking-ass on the recuperating front and they can’t see any reason to keep me here longer. Once home, I will likely be blogger-in-absentia for a while as I devote all my time and energy to cuddling the hell out of my dogs and husband to make up for lost time. *smirk*

Rita and Harvey struggling to contain their excitement that I’m coming home.

Thanks for letting me share this part of my journey with you all, and for all the words of encouragement and support. It really did help me feel less alone through the whole ordeal. I know there’s still plenty of adjustment and work ahead of me to finish healing and getting used to my new life as an ostomate, but I know that being home is crucial to my healing and physical and mental well-being.

And honestly, I doubt I’d survive too many more of these hospital “meals”. (How do you screw up toast?)

Stay safe, all.