Dogless and Down

For the first time in 9 months, I am without my dogs for an extended period of time – 3 days. We dropped them off at the Kennel this morning, and will pick them up Friday on our way home. My Mom is no longer mobile enough to care for the dogs in our absence, so its the Kennel or nothing.

We love the Kennel they go to. The owners and staff are warm and friendly, incredibly accommodating, and totally non-judgmental about weepy-eyed, over-doting dog dads. So I feel they are in good hands.

But, I miss them already.

Here’s the thing: I love my dogs. They are my kids, my family, my endless source of unconditional affection. They have been part of my daily life for the better part of 8 years, and have been my constant companion through some of my darkest moments and health struggles, protecting and comforting me and always making me feel loved and needed. I hate being away from them. I hate removing them from their home. And I hate that I can’t reassure them this is only temporary and we’ll back soon.

I am not apologetic about my attachment to, nor my affection for, these incredible animals. I doubt I will ever give back to them half of what they give to me. So, I’m sad that I am home and they are not. I’m sad I will not see them again until Friday. And I’m sad that they are in a strange place and separated from their pack.

I just don’t like being separated from them, and I can’t wait to bring them home again.

Time after Time

It seems tiresome to say this, yet again, but it is shocking that we are at the end of November and Thanksgiving is less than a week away. The months continue to fly by. It also sped things up that I was so focused on decorating for the holidays for the last 2 weeks, I hardly noticed the day or time. I feel like I have just come up for air after a deep dive into basements, bins and baubles. It actually feels really good having this all done. Last night, we sat in the living room and enjoyed quiet holiday tunes while sipping favorite cocktails by the fire with the pups. We almost forgot we’re in the middle of a raging pandemic while a tyrant is trying to shatter democracy by stealing the election…almost.

We have revised our plans for the holidays. We are going to CT for Thanksgiving to have dinner with the BF and his hubby. They have been the only two folks in our bubble since March, and our homes have remained “safe zones” for the 4 of us, as we all remain as isolated as possible. NY and CT continue to allow travel between them, since they are contiguous states that have large interstate travel for businesses and families. It will be just the four of us, and will be portal to portal – with no stops in between on the 2 hour drive.

The remainder of the holidays (Xmas and New Years) will be just the 4 of us at home – Me, Jeffrey, Harvey, and Rita Mae – and we are good with that.

I know this is going to be a hard time for many people (even more so than usual.) I hope we can all find ways to connect with our loved ones safely.

Decoration Completion

As of 11:55am this morning, we are completely decorated for the holidays, inside and out.

I’ll try to get some good pics with my phone. Here’s a pano I took a few minutes ago of the living room:

Amazing what a string of lights and a few baubles can do, eh?

No apologies for being decorated before Thanksgiving. This year has kicked all our asses and the “rules” are out the window. We needed a little Christmas, so we brought it.

Tonight, we will light a fire, pour a cocktail, sit back, relax with the pups, and enjoy some holiday toons while we admire our handiwork.

There may not be gatherings.

There may not be shopping.

But, by gum, there WILL be pretty lights!


The decorating continues…

The giraffe tree, which used to be set up on a buffet in the dining room downstairs, made its way upstairs to be properly placed in the giraffe themed guest room (aka Giraffe Towers.)


The Superhero tree is now a permanent fixture in the comic den in the basement…

The Bear Tree in the dining room isn’t usually decorated , but I made it the “Peanuts” tree this year

There are two more trees…another one in the opposite corner of dining room with general personal ornaments, and the main tree in the living room. They will get finished this weekend.

This is the bar area, with a reindeer theme (obviously.) We used to have the buffets filled with reindeer, dubbed “Reindeer Way,” but decided to disperse them around the house and do a scaled down version for the bar this year. And I absolutely love our reindeer cocktail set.

This weekend, we finish the trees and get the outside deco up. Oh, and I’d be remiss not to give a shout out and big thank you to (former? sporadic? soon to return?) blogger Java over at my life, or something like it , who sent us these fabulous homemade masks.

Thanks a bunch, Java! We love them!

Holy Holly Jolly!

Deck the halls and all that jazz!

Today was round 2 of decorating. It went much better, as I felt better (yay cooperative guts) and was in brighter spirits. After a long day of fa-la-la labor, Jeffrey built me a fire, we mixed some cocktails, and I whipped up some low carb, gluten free, mini pizzas for dinner.

We still have 5 trees to decorate and the outside to do, but we’re way ahead of the game so we should be finished by next weekend.

And it’s so weird that it’s “only” November 15th. But we all know it’s going to be January 1st in what will seem like just another three days, so better to get it done early and enjoy all this hard work for a bit longer than usual.

Hi Ho Ho.

Premature ornamentation

For the first time in my life, I’ve started decorating prior to the weekend before Thanksgiving. For the first 43 or so years of my life, I wouldn’t even acknowledge Xmas before the day after Thanksgiving. Then, a few years ago, we started heading to CT every year for Thanksgiving with the BF and his hubby, so we started decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving. (To have it done for when we got home.)

But, we’ve been in the house for 8 months straight, so we figured we might as well get a jumpstart. Especially because we’re older and we have a bajillion bins to hoist upstairs so it takes longer; and, there’s no real reason to wait this year.

So, we’ve begun the process, albeit very slowly. Clearing out all the year round bric-a-brac to make room for the decorations. Replacing our pillows and curtains with the white replacements for the holiday. And bringing up some of the bigger holiday items. (Have you seen our awesome Santa bear on a tree?!?!?)

It all feels so…bland. The early start, unseasonably warm weather, and current “atmosphere” of the country makes for a dismal hall decking, for sure.

Still, it’s something to do, and maybe once we’re all done, it’ll bring some much needed cheer.

Here’s hoping.

P.S. Little blogging tip: Do NOT take pictures of your bathroom rainbow tree in front of the mirror when you’re sky clad…well, a few of you can, if you’d be so kind to forward the pics 🙂

Poetry from the past

I wrote this in college. I think I got what I wanted…

All I want

Cartoons on Saturdays in pajamas

Brie on a blanket listening to symphonies in tuxedoes

Going out dancing, dancing at home

Running up down escalators and washing dogs

Playing Frisbee in the park

Getting frisky in the dark

Sex as an option, not a requirement

Crying at sad movies

Visiting old friends and making new ones

Playing tennis, going sledding

Painting landscapes, reading comic books

Growing flowers, living life one day at a time

Working hard, playing fair, telling jokes

Laughing until it hurts and crying until it doesn’t

Talking and listening

Wearing plastic rings and paper hats

Being a partner, friend, confidante, and lover

Feeling acceptance and having expectations

Needing space, not distance

Being interesting, not impressive

Honesty, not perfection

Picking dandelions on warm summer days

Running through fields of tall grass

Sitting in silence

Hearing the rustling leaves and singing birds

Watching leaves fall, trying on sweaters

Staying outside until it’s too cold

Coming inside for cocoa

Cuddling under warm blankets

Making breakfast, playing records

Singing in and out of tune

Shopping for bargains, for presents, for fun

Making bread

Playing scrabble, coloring

Calling you right after you leave to say I miss you

Having the chance to miss you

Watching movies, discussing them

Over coffee and cookies

Going to museums, concerts, and airports

Taking pictures, making albums and scrapbooks

Trading massages

Kissing and hugging

Talking about dreams, sharing disappointments

Watching snow fall, making snow angels

Taking hot baths

Champagne and shrimp tonight

Beer and burgers tomorrow

Support for what I try

Not criticism for what I don’t

Baking pies, building shelves, sewing curtains

Teaching me, learning you