Happy October

Autumn is my Boo (but not my only one!). I love the weather and the things that come with it: cooler weather, wearing sweaters, sipping cocoa, roaring fires in the fireplace. I’m not a big Halloween guy, per se, but I’ve grown to enjoy it more as we’ve developed a few traditions around the day.

I also like that its our wedding Anniversary month (21 years tomorrow). I take great pride in our marriage and all that we’ve weathered together, not the least of which was fighting for it to be legally recognized. It is also the Anniversary of the date I started working for my agency, 22 years as of the 14th, which means a another year of service credit completed and another year closer to retirement (5 years, 7 months to go.)

To add to the sense of change and anticipation with this new time of year, we’ve also recently jumped back on the health band wagon, purging the house of all the bad foods that have contributed to our rapidly increasing waistlines and returning to regular exercise and healthier eating. (No Necco Wafers, Black Licorice, or syrup filled Wax Bottles for us this year, I’m afraid. *smirk*) Unlike many, we don’t try to get in shape for summer swimwear every year – we try to slim down for favorite warm fuzzy pajamas and sweaters that were getting snug the previous year.

Additionally, October will be quite different, thanks to COVID and its supporters aka the Covidiots that want to pretend this Pandemic isn’t happening or that they have no responsibility to their communities or families help stop the spread and save lives. So no weekends away to our favorite fall get aways and no trick-or-treaters.

I know many dread this time of year – the passing of summer, increased darkness and cold, and the impending snow (for those of us living where it does so) and I know it is particularly difficult for those affected by SAD. (I am not immune to bouts of SAD myself, but that tends to hit me in January.)

But, if I’ve learned anything in my 49 years of life, its that I must find moments of bliss, even in the darkest of times. My head, heart, and soul need respite from the barrage of bad, especially if I’m going to keep fighting the good fight. So please forgive me if there’s a small spring in my step and song in my heart this morning. These spurts of happiness seem fewer and far between these days, so I need to embrace and revel in them when they come.

Happy October. May there be good news and times ahead for us all.

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Keeping up with the Robzillas

I feel I have not been doing my duty as a collector, and Robzilla has been putting me to shame. To do my fair share, I purchased the three new 2020 additions to the Jim Shore DC Collection for Hallmark I started last year.

They look fantastic when added to my existing collection

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Hide and Goat Seek

Rita and Harvey have become friends with the Goat herd in Jeffrey’s Office and spend the day cuddled with them while Jeffrey works. While Rita is easy to spot in the first 3, Harvey’s a bit of a challenge to see in the forth pic.

Can you find him?

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Bark-o Lounger

This arrived today. Do you think it will entice my dogs downstairs to hang out with me while I’m working?

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Oh, Fence-ive.

The final big project of the summer (after the Septic repair, Basement refinish, and multiple Tree removal) was the fence replacement. Lowe’s did a fantastic job. They were able to install a month and a half earlier than originally scheduled. The supplies were delivered the weekend before. They showed up Monday and left mid-day Wednesday.

2.5 days and we have a beautiful new fence.

As you can see, the lawn took quite a beating, so we have a lot of re-seeding and repair to do. Also, we had a huge pile of rocks we had to dig up and move so they would not obstruct the fence install, and we needed to do something with them, so we did our best to disperse them creatively around the yard.

We placed a row alone the two sides of the brick retainer wall.

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My Life is Comical

My blogging has dropped off considerably of late (still reading, rarely writing.) Honestly, I just haven’t felt like sharing much of life in our bubble…perhaps its my inner introversion coming out. But I would remiss if I did not acknowledge today:

It’s National Comic Book Day!

It is no secret that I am a life long, passionate, comic book collector/reader/lover/fan. In honor of the day, I thought I’d post a recent comic-themed acquisition and finally share some before and after pics of our newly refinished basement.

When I was younger, one of my favorite possessions was a Batman alarm clock that, for an Alarm, would flash a bat signal on the ceiling and play the phrase “Gotham City is in trouble. Call for Batman.” A friend stayed over one night and needed an alarm set for an early departure, so I put the clock in her room and set the alarm. She was NOT a morning person so, when the clock started playing its signature alarm phrase (Aside: It is quite loud and there is no volume control), she tried desperately to shut it off and, upon failing to do so, threw it against the far wall and smashed it. While it did successfully get her out of bed, my beloved clock was beyond repair and I had to say good-bye to it. (This was back before you could find anything on Amazon or the WWW at large.)

I never really got over it.

Once I was older, gainfully employed, and fully connected to the inter-webs, I began my hunt for another one that was still in good shape and working condition and wasn’t astronomically priced. Apparently, its become a collector’s item. (It amazes me how may people try to sell broken and worn-beyond-recognition items for insane prices. At a certain point of disrepair, folks, even collectors’ items become junk!)

Earlier this week, during one of my random searches, I found one being sold on an eBay-like site I had never seen or heard of before – called “Mercari.” Although the clock was still a bit pricey, the seller listed it as being in great condition with working bat-signal and alarm, and the seller still had the original box and packaging it came in. (Packaging isn’t a huge deal for me – I want to always “take it out of the box and play with it” anyway, but it was still a neat bonus.) After hemming and hawing a bit at the price, Jeffrey urged me to buy it and finally end my lifelong torment from its loss.

Twist my arm, whydontcha?

This arrived in the mail yesterday:

While just seeing it again was a thrill and a half, it wasn’t until I popped the 4 AA batteries in and hit the demo button that I let out a squeal of delight: it works. Needless to say, hearing the Alarm and seeing the Bat-signal shine mad me as giddy as a 5 year old on Christmas morning, and I immediately brought it down stairs to the new Comic Book Den. Speaking of which….

…I am finally ready to post some pics of the new basement. In the interest of full disclosure, I have taken dozens of pictures and films and videos, narrated and silent, over the last couple of weeks to post, but I hated all of them and finally settled on the following side by side “before and after” pics. They don’t do the transformation justice, but its the best I can do with my poor filming, picture taking, and editing skills. Hopefully, you can still see the amazing change and why I am so happy with it.

First the Stairwell:

Next, my office to the left of the stairs, (first shot from inside the comic room):

(That’s my artwork on the wall)

Next, the TV/Knitting/Crochet/Collectibles area to the right of the stairs:

And, finally, the Comic Book Room off the Office (I only had one before pic.)

For me, this is a dream come true and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. I’m still in a bit of disbelief that this is really my basement, and I find myself wandering downstairs over and over just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It’s a much nicer space to spend my workdays (as opposed to the closet in the Giraffe room or, worse yet, my actual office) and a fantastic place to hang out and watch my favorite superhero flicks, read comics, crochet & knit, and just chill. The dogs still don’t come down unless carried down here, but after 8 years of never coming down here, they’re not used to it being an ok place to go. Hopefully, that will change over time.

So, there you have it. My own special Comic Book Den!

Happy National Comic Book Day everyone. Stay safe and help keep the world safe for everyone. Remember, some heroes wear capes…

…but ALL heroes wear masks!

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone

…way to kick a country when their down, Universe.


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Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Today, my husband is 53. He has been and continues to be my love, my family, my partner, my protector, my supporter, my cheerleader, my therapist, my hero, and my co-parent of two amazing pups.

I would not be who or where I am today, without him having been by my side every step of the way. He has, quite literally, given me a life I never even allowed myself to dream of having. Today (and every day) I celebrate his life and everything that makes him wonderful.

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Love you!

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Oh Crap!

Apparently our new fence is “some assembly required.”


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Picture (Puppy) Perfect

Rita Mae and Harvey Milk – my pride and joy!

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