Morning Mutt Pics

More of Harvey refusing to wake up this morning

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Bedrise Buddy

Every morning, when I awaken prematurely, unable to fall back to sleep (this morning at 3:00am,) and head out to the living room, accepting my sleepless fate, this little guy happily, sleepily, follows trotting behind. As it’s too early for me to be rustling about the house, lest I wake the still slumbering husband or less-interested-in-waking-to-be-my-dawn-doggie-companion other 4 pawed child, I usually lie on the couch and read. Harvey takes his spot on top of the blanket and, with an exaggerated, adorable yawn, curls up and goes back to sleep. I enjoy his cuddling companionship in the quiet stillness while I read.

This morning, I have the last of the barrage of medical tests (MRI with and without contrast). Once these results are in, we decide the best way to move forward. Here’s the current list of bodily badness we’ve discovered, so far:

Kidney Stone – This means I will probably keep getting them (I had two last year that I had to have surgically removed. I was taking prescription drugs and otc supplements to prevent more stones developing. Obviously, that didn’t work.)

Intestinal Inflammation – this may mean Remicade isn’t working. 

Intestinal Strictures – may mean more surgery. 

Gastroparesis – will require continued dietary restrictions, may mean prescription meds, too. Don’t know how severe it is or will get. 

Unusual density in my right hip – has my GI “concerned” but will require follow-up with my PCP for evaluation. 

I’m eating a bit more, lately, but still skipping meals regularly and sticking to primarily liquids and soft foods. Energy levels ebb and flow, concentration is shot, guts gurgle and growl and react to everything and, of course, sleep disruption is ongoing.
I look forward to getting past the testing phase and moving to the treatment phase.

Until then, I’ll enjoy my early morning moments of cuddle with Harvey.

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My weekend in Pictures

This is our upstairs guest  bathroom re-do. It used to be blue and red, with wall-to-wall superman paraphernalia  but, shockingly, I do not have a picture of that.


Most of my non-paint related work was done using my “Tools For Her” kit. Go “Female Prowess” inspired tools:


We bought and hung two pictures to finish off our Pavilion re-do:


I received, in the mail, from an eBay auction I won, one of the last 3 issues I needed to complete my run of the original “Defenders” series, which ran for 153 issues:


After putting the bathroom (and house) back together, I donned my new T-Shirt (that Jim picked up for me while he was in P-Town recently):


…and headed out to run a few errands, including a stop by my local comic shop, Earthworld:


… to pick up my weekly stash (Defenders, Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps, Hulk, Justice League/Power Rangers, New Super-Man, Red Hood & The Outlaws, Supergirl, Titans):


Then we came home to relax for a bit, with the pups:


…before making dinner. Jeffrey grilled chicken and sausages and made some mashed cauliflower while I made some Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble for work tomorrow:


…and Gluten Free Tapioca for us for dessert:


As a bonus, here’s a fun panel from “The Silver Age Supergirl” Trade Paperback, Volume 1, that I’m reading, which I enjoyed muchly, since I’m (slowly) trying to learn to knit:




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In an effort to counteract the waking-in-the-wee-hours-of-the-Morning side effects of the Prednisone I’m taking, I took some Unisom last night. I’ve taken Unisom before. It has unpredictable effects on me. 
Sometimes it doesn’t work at all, sometimes it seems to wake me up more, sometimes it makes me jittery, sometimes it has no effect, and sometimes I wake up feeling a bit discombobulated for a while until it’s effects wear off. 
That last one is how I feel this morning. I got dressed this morning, and got ready to walk out of my bathroom, when I realized I was only wearing a shirt underwear socks and shoes.
I let the dogs out for their first pee of the morning, then realized I only let them out onto the back porch, and not actually out to the yard.
I slid the Keurig back against the wall, after I brewed our cups of coffee, (there is not enough room under our cabinets for the Keurig to open all the way) and instead of putting the creamer back in the fridge, I placed it under where the coffee cups goes on the Keurig instead of back in the fridge.
I tried to drink a cup of coffee and spilled it all over the shirt I had just put on.
As I was leaving the house to head to work, Jeffrey reminded me to do a “Wonder Woman check.” (A Wonder Woman check is in reference to the original season of Wonder Woman, when Linda Carter would, after spinning around to change into her Wonder Woman outfit, check her tiara, belt, and lasso to make sure everything was there.) This is something he does before I leave the house or a restaurant, to remind me to check for wallet, phone, keys and sunglasses. As I affirmed I had all I needed, he jokingly threw in “Is your zipper up?” 
Sure enough, it wasn’t. 
I think it’s time to admit it: Unisom + me is a recipe for disaster. 

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Drag Names

I was feeling creative over dinner, and came up with this:

“My new drag name is Greta Spectations.”

When asked about my old drag name, I responded:

“My previous drag name was Lois DeNominator.”

I think I’m on to something!

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Chosen Family


Today is my friend William’s birthday. William lives in Mississippi and, despite the distance and the fact that William is not on Facebook and does not have a smart phone to text, we have managed to stay friends and in contact via e-mail for almost 20 years (I believe we met the first year Jeffrey and I got together.) William was dating a friend of Jeffrey’s at the time, and they came to New York, so we were both meeting William for the first time. I fell in love with William instantly (his then-boyfriend, not so much,) like a long lost family member I never knew I had.  The boyfriend didn’t last…but our Friendship with William did. We enjoyed a few great adventures together (New York City, Provincetown, New Orleans) as well as a few visits from here and there. Sadly, we have not gotten together in years due to life, the universe, and everything.  Despite that, we have carried on a friendship through e-mails, keeping up on each others’ lives, supporting each other as we both “battle the bulge” and just generally keeping in touch.  We have taken to signing our e-mails “YCB”, for “Your Chosen Brother,” as that’s what he feels like to me.

Cool William in New Orleans

new orleans_0365.jpg

Plans to get together later this year fell through, but William retired this year, so i am hopeful a visit or get together is not long in the making.

William reads my blog, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to wish him a very Happy Birthday and let him know I love and miss him and can’t wait to see him again.


Happy Birthday, my dashing, dapper friend. Hope to see you soon.



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Me Therapy



After a very rough start to the week, involving trying to work and function through a lot of gut discomfort and pain, I did something I almost never do – I took a personal “me day” to stay home, take a break from work stressors,  recoup my energy and give my body a chance to recover from it’s latest episode. While I was probably more active than I should have been, spending the day working on a house project, I did drink lots of water and get in a 2 hour nap (I can’t nap, as a general rule, so that tells you how wiped out I felt,) and it is always less stressful and more comfortable for me being home when I am not feeling well. It was a very smart decision and I feel refreshed and ready to head back into the rat race tomorrow.  I just hope my body appreciates the break in routine and cooperates for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed!

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3, 2, 1…

I saw this posted on the same day I had my “enough is enough” moment at work. I started in my current position on September 11, 2015. (Yeah, nice date, right? Maybe I should have taken it as a sign.) For nearly 3 years, I have worked with a peer (same position, title and salary but had been with this unit 17 years longer than me) who has continuously underperformed, missed deadlines, taken credit for others’ work, denied all culpability for their decisions or lack of success, impeded work for other people, lost or mishandled work, missed copious amounts of time, continuously handled personal business at work to such a degree they only “work” part time for all intents and purposes, etc. etc. After ample diplomatic conversations with them about their lack of organization and follow-through, requests that they do things differently, attempts to set up organization tools to help keep them organized, and offers to help, I have gotten nowhere. Last week I discovered work that belonged to me, that should have been handled sooner, on their desk, buried under piles of their own outdated, unorganized work (they asked me to assign work to their staff member in their absence, so I was looking for work on their desk, from their team, to assign to the staff member.) I took the work, and assigned old work to their staff that should have been done months ago. 

I said nothing.

It took three days after they were back in the office, and an errant comment in a meeting about their work finally getting done, for them to even notice I had removed large piles of work from their desk. (Just more evidence of their lack of organization and unawareness of the work sitting on their desk.) They sent an email to me yesterday, questioning me about taking work from their desk. I explained in detail the work I took, the work I assigned, and why. Instead of responding “Thsnk You” or just “OK” they chose to respond with a snarky “I had no right” type comment.

The damn broke. I responded with years of pent up disgruntlement about their lack of organization, keeping my work at their desk, their lack of follow through, lack of following procedure, and providing specific examples of how their poor work habits have impeded my own.

I left the office before getting a response. I have no doubt I have a very unpleasant response waiting for me when I return today. I expected that. I knew when I took the work and then laid out all my concerns, that I was opening a can of worms, and this will no doubt get ugly and uncomfortable. 

This person will deny and deflect and refuse to admit they are not pulling their weight or doing their job correctly. Instead of this being a wake up call that they are causing problems and friction in the office, and actually trying to discuss and fix it, they will retreat to their typical persecution complex that I am wrong, I am being unfair to them , they have inefficient staff, and more responsibilities than the rest of us (they don’t; in fact, the opposite is true) and that everyone hates them for no reason. 

I don’t care. Enough is enough. I will no longer keep silent and ignore the poor work they are doing, just to keep peace. I may not be their supervisor, but I am their co-worker and what they do (or, more accurately don’t do) impacts our office and my work in a seriously negative way. 
FYI: Despite their constant excuse of personal/family issues interfering with their ability to concentrate, do better work, or be in the office more, I have never once used my illness and regular bouts of pain and discomfort as an excuse to not show up for work or do my job correctly.  

Let the battle begin.

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One of the downsides of taking Prednisone is its disruption to sleep. Since I’ve been on it, I wake up between 1:00am and 3:00am every night, unable to get back to sleep, despite every effort to do so (deep breaths, counting slowly backwards from 100, clearing my mind of any thoughts, etc.) I wind up losing the battle and either lying in the dark thinking about problems at work or home that need addressing, or grabbing my phone and perusing blogs, Tumblr, and other sites to entertain me in silence. Sometimes, I just get out of bed altogether, but that tends to rouse the dogs (who sleep in bed with us) , which threatens to disrupt my husbands sleep, too. So I err on the side of caution and stay put, passing the time as quietly and motionless as possible. I’m sure if I had access to my files at work, I’d probably take advantage of this extra wake time to try to get ahead on a few things. It’s probably a blessing in disguise that I don’t. Mostly, I’m frustrated that I can’t either go back to sleep or make better use of this time. 

On the plus side, I don’t currently struggle to wake up at 4:50am (my standard alarm time) to get ready for work.  It’s a flimsy silver lining, but it’ll have to do.

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