I haven’t had much to share, lately. Or felt like sharing. Or both. Living my life off social media has grown more and more appealing and I doubt most of my recent activities or thoughts would be interesting to anyone other than me. 

My health has been wonky, of late, and most days just getting through the work day is all the energy and interaction I can muster. I get home, retire to the sofa with the dogs and the hubby, and read or watch some TV for an hour or two before heading to bed to get up and start all over again the next morning. Most weekends are devoted to doing as many chores or errands as my energy reserves and wellness will allow.

Work has been unrelentingly stressful for over a year now but their are some changes coming (more staff and possible promotion) that may make it less so. 

We celebrated the BFF Jim’s 49th birthday in NYC this past week and saw three shows (Wicked, Hamilton, and Sunset Blvd with Glenn Close) which were all fabulous. My health issues made it a little stressful at times, but it was mostly a fun trip.

The temps have plummeted to single digit temps, and there is an impending snowstorm headed our way. We spent all day by a roaring fire, which is the only way to deal with such things.

I go for yet another surgery tomorrow. This makes my – what? – thirteenth or fourteenth time under the knife?  If all goes well, a recurring issue will be resolved permanently. If all goes badly, my life will be changed drastically. So I sit here and hope for the former, but contemplate the latter. I hope, when I turn 46 this year (in May), I will have much to celebrate, and little to lament.

I’ll be home recuperating for 3-6 weeks (and working from home for some of that time), so hopefully I’ll be inspired to write more often and more entertaining and upbeat entries. 

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On to something

Coffee on.

Laundry on.

Gluten Free Bread on.

No pants on.

Oh yeah, Sunday … it’s on!

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In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to…

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Happy Groundhog Day

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Did somebody say bed time?

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Giraffe Aesthetic

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Color My World

I never outgrew the enjoyment of coloring in coloring books. I have always loved it, and have a collection of crayola crayons (the only crayons worth coloring with, in my opinion) and coloring books.  Not many people enjoyed this activity, as adults, but fortunately the BF Jim does, so I’ve had a coloring partner for the last 5 years.

It should come as no surprise that I was delighted that “Adult Coloring Books” have become a thing. Not because I needed it to validate my life long pastime, but because of the material that’s now available to color. DC and Marvel Entertainment have jumped on the bandwagon, producing black and white coloring book versions of previously published comic book stories, and collections of pin-up posters, images and comic covers. I could not be more excited about this, and have a small collection of these already (and hope to own them all, some day.) I also like that they are printed on paper more amenable to coloring with colored pencils, because I enjoy coloring with colored pencils more – it allows me to get a  little more artistic with shading and color matching. I hadn’t actually colored in any of the books until this weekend.  I started with two comic book cover reprints, Brave and the Bold #59 and Justice League of America #217, using an image of the actual comic cover for reference. I absolutely loved coloring them, and this has definitely reinvigorated my love for coloring.

I couldn’t get a really good picture of the finished product, but here are the two images I colored. The original comic image is on the left, my hand colored version is on the right:


jloaIf I had one small complaint, it’s that some of the colors are reprinted as solid black in the coloring book images (note the difference in the DC logo in the upper left corners and the text in the bottom right corners of the first images; and the difference in the DC logo in the top left corner, the Comic Title, and circle of stars in the bottom image.)  But that’s just the perfectionist in me. Otherwise, I love these.

I can’t wait to do more.


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Surviving the week celebration!

Well, we survived the week and, despite it being long, hard and difficult to handle…

…I’ll wait while the spiritual 7 year olds on the web giggle and smirk naughty smiles for my choice of phrase….

…there were some great resolutions to some stressful and upsetting situations. I gave a kick ass presentation, I finished a bunch of “sitting on my desk too long” projects, I worked through some personal stuff, my “ex-blogger” buddy and IRL friend Dave is home and on the mend (Yay!)  I even managed to eat relatively healthy this week…mostly.

To reward ourselves for not quitting, we decided to treat ourselves to an impromptu get away to Lenox Massachusettes to see the “HANNA-BARBERA: The Architects Of Saturday Morning” exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, then have lunch, do a little shopping, relax in our hotel and have dinner at a favorite local restaurant (Alta), then just have a night away to unwind and pamper ourselves a bit.

We left this morning and, despite the cold, its been a fun, carefree and relaxing day. A much welcome respite from the stress and strife of the last 7 days.

One of the hi-lites of my day was finding this guy: meet Marshall Lenox Hanna-Barbera, the latest addition to the stuffed Giraffe preserve in my home!

15974990_10155262407971029_164298826712975581_oWhat can I say? I refuse to grow up! When the lady at the counter said  “Someone’s going to be very happy to get this. I hope it’s going to a good home.” I just smiled from ear to ear and said “I can guarantee it!”

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It’s going to be a tough week

Work and medical issues promise to make this a challenging week. I’m taking a deep breath and heading into it with my eyes on the upcoming long weekend. 

See you on the other side.

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