Sunday Sundries

It was still HAF (Hot As F***) today, so we mostly stayed inside to avoid the heat, with a couple exceptions.

We planted our new Rhododendron plant today, another memorial to our dear Rita Mae.

A beautiful plant and reminder of a beautiful girl.

We drove to The Fresh Food Market, One of the few places that carries the gluten-free carb free egg based tortilla wraps that we like. While we were there we grabbed some prepared chef salads, some prepared deviled eggs, and a pack of smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls for lunch.

A perfect (practically) carb free lunch that was absolutely delicious!

After lunch, I went upstairs and took a picture of the fraternal IKEA twins, Lars the Bear and Larz the elephant, for today’s blog.

Lars & Larz, super soft cuddle buddies!

Shortly after, I collapsed into a very long and deep nap while watching “Muppet Wizard of Oz” (I love the Muppets, but we both thought it was a terrible movie.) Now that I’m 51, I seem to nap with ease and it’s a regular weekend event.

I woke up and my eye was sore again, so I took some more eyedrops and some Advil dual action and watched “Friends” in the dark until it felt better.

We both decided that we were too full from lunch and did not need dinner, so instead, we made cocktails and decided to enjoy them on the back porch during an awesome thundering rain storm with Harvey.

Me on the screen porch with my carb free raspberry cranberry Cosmo.

I always pressure Jeffrey into tasting my cocktails, because he absolutely hates any cocktail that is sweet or fruity flavored, and he makes the best faces if he hates them.

Harvey joined us on the back porch, and seemed a bit unsettled at first, but now he seems very serene.

Overall, it’s been a relatively nice weekend, despite the weather, and the sporadic eye-pain.

Stay safe, all!

(Un) Blinded by Science

The Bad News:

Things grew worse overnight and, when I woke up this morning, my eyeball hurt like a summinabitch. It was much redder, much sorer, and I could hardly open it. Reading text on my phone hurt, and so did any movement of my eye. After trying to get around a bit, I gave in and asked Jeffrey to take me to a nearby Urgent Care. So I dressed, patched up, masked up, and off we went. I was miserable.

Unhappy Camper

(And, by the way, how come I don’t look like this in an eye patch? It’s not fair.)

Two Hours later, after seeing 1 nurse, two PAs, getting numbing drops, getting dye in my eye, looking into a sit lamp, and having my eye pressure tested, I left with a non-dignosis: I had some kind of infection, but they couldn’t be sure which kind. They were able to confirm there did not appear to be any foreign objects in, or lesions on, me eye, and no sign of bleeding, so nothing indicating it was serious enough to go to the ER. They prescribed some antibiotic drops that they hoped would help and, if not, would do no harm, with a direction to follow up with my Ophthalmologist on Monday.

As soon as we left the Urgent Care site, we headed straight to the pharmacy to get my drops, then headed home to finally have coffee and breakfast. Once home, I pessimistically and painfully put a couple drops in my eye, replaced my patch, and settled in for what I assumed would be a pain filled day.

The Good News:

After about an hour after, I noticed my eye wasn’t throbbing under the patch anymore. In fact, it felt pretty good (comparatively.) I hesitantly removed my patch…and – VOILA – I could see and read text without it hurting. The drops, miraculously, were working. I am so glad I went to Urgent Care instead of waiting until Monday. It still hurts a little to move my eye, so I move my head instead, but what little discomfort remains is bearable.

Speaking of BEARable, while I was in pain, I snuggled with my giant, super soft, plush, emotional comfort pal, Lars, the Swedish IKEA bear.

The way I felt this morning compared to now is like night and day. It totally brightened my mood, so I began bouncing around the house, doing little tasks and chores, much to Jeffrey’s chagrin. (I would never accuse him of being glad when I’m suffering, but he doesn’t hate the fact that it gives us an excuse to lay around all day and do nothing.)

As my mood brightened and my eye sight improved, I was able to enjoy other things, including:

Watching Harvey prance around the yard. (I recorded a video, but WordPress won’t let me embed videos anymore.)

Watering our new Rhododendron, a gift from a friend as a memorial to Rita Mae, the second type gift we’ve received. (The first was a white butterfly bush from our friend, Rob, which we’ve already planted.) We will be planting it in the yard tomorrow.

Getting this new Pride Lego Kit in the mail – “Everyone is Awesome.” I also got the set of lights and case to display it in. I can’t wait to put it together.

I am so grateful today ended better than it started, and that my ailment is minor and easily treatable, for once.

It’s the little things, folks.

Stay safe, everyone.

Blindsided take 2

I woke up with a sore right eye this morning. It’s slightly red, but doesn’t seem to be pink eye. It’s definitely some kind of infection. I have a history of Iritis so it may be that. Since I can’t see my eye doc this weekend, I’m cleaning around my eye with warm water and soap, warm compressing it, and wearing an eye patch. If it’s not better by Monday, I’ll call my doc first thing.

I’m not a happy camper.


I had to go into the office today, for the first time since last October. I’ve been working from home Full Time since March of 2020, but was supposed to return in October of last year to working 3 days a week. I only made it in for 2 or 3 days before I got sick again, so I went back to working from home full time and will be doing so until I return to the office, 3 days a week, starting on August 16th. However, I’ve been having issues on my work laptop, caused by a lack of software updates, so I had to go into the office this morning because the updates could not be done through my virtual desktop. Honestly I was dreading it, but it had to be done, so I went in early in hopes of getting it taken care of quickly and getting back home again lickety-split.

Best laid plans.

The IT folks discovered my laptop needed far more updating and upgrading from being off the main network for so long, so I had to stick around for most of the day while the they ran all the new and improved programs.

However, it turned out to be a very emotionally uplifting day. The folks I worked with swarmed around me all day, excited to see me after so long, showering me with attention and affection. I felt like a celebrity. One of my staff had 3 years of birthday gifts she had been holding until my return:

Honestly, I was blown away by how happy everyone was too see me. They all told me how excited they were for me to get back to the office regularly in August, and that work was just not the same without me. My co-manager said he hadn’t heard a single laugh in the office since I had been gone, it was great to hear it again, and that they needed my humor back. And everyone expressed how worried they’d been about me and how relieved they were that I was looking so healthy again. (Last time I was in the office I was sickly thin and pale and quite weak.) There was so much laughter and smiling all day, it felt like a party. Obviously, and unexpectedly, my visit was very disruptive, and I imagine not a lot of work got done today, but I’ was (and am) flabbergasted by the greeting and warm welcome I got. I seriously never realized or suspected my staff and peers thought so highly of me or liked me so much. It was humbling and touching and I had to hold back tears at one point.

Or maybe its just a case of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”….

(Too) Hot to Trot!

Screen shot of the local temp today on my weather app.

It has been hotter than hell and just as humid lately, morning noon and night. While I’ve tried to be a trooper, I couldn’t bring myself to take Harvey on our morning walk this morning, the first morning I’ve missed in 3 weeks. I feel bad, becuase I know he loves his walks, but it was just too damn hot for me. I had hoped to try a walk this afternoon, but as of 5:48 today, the temps have not dropped and it’s still sunny and humid out, so no go.

It has been a rough start back to work, trying to catch up on 6 weeks of work, emails, and messages. I’m exhausted at the end of the workday and find myself retiring to the sofa to watch TV until I go to bed, too tired to do anything else.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of contacting IT about a program that wasn’t working for me, and after two days of giving them remote access to my computer (I work from home) not only does the program still not work, several other things no longer work either and I get error messages popping up all day long. So, even though I am approved to work from home full time throuh August 15th, I have to go into the office tomorrow so they can work directly on my laptop and fix whatever they messed up remotely. Sigh.

I had hoped to go to the shopping outlets in Lee, Massachusettes this weekend (about an hour away) but it’s going to be too hot and humid, and I can’t be trying on new clothes when I’m all sweaty from walking fom store to store, so we’ve scrapped that idea. Whatever we wind up doing this weekend, instead, it will be indoors, in central air or air conditioning.

And it will be done without pants…


We lost power tonight. It was terrifying. Everything went dark. No lights, no TV, no internet. As the panic grew, we struggled to stay calm, quickly gathering anything that would burn to keep warm, and eating everything in the fridge that could spoil. We wrote letters to our friends and family saying good-bye, then buried all our adult entertainment in the back yard. We finished all of the alcohol and burned through all our flammable fodder. Fearing the worst, we pulled Harvey into our bosoms, embraced each other, and waited for the end to come. Just as we felt the final shreds of hope fade away, and we looked into each other eyes, wordlessly conveying all that we felt for each other…the power came back on.

It was the longest 15 minutes of our lives.

Sunday Spiff-up and Sassy Salaciousness

Today we are cleaning house, porch, and patio in preparation for an afternoon visit from an old friend whom we recently reconnected with on Facebook. Many moons ago, we were all members of the first local LGBTQ plus chorus. We always had a great connection with her and look forward to visiting and catching up after so many years.

It is 85° out with a 50% humidity so, of course, we are both sweating like Mean Joe Greene after a football game. (Lookit me making archaic sports references – which I only know because of the old Coke commercial.)

We are taking a breather outside under the pavilion ceiling fans to cool down and dry off before we get to the grooming part of the pre-visit prep. My shirt was so soaked with sweat I couldn’t stand feeling it against my skin, so off it came, which resulted in these goofy bare shoulder selfies

FYI: I may be pudgy, but I have medical documentation that states my “neck circumference is within normal range.” With a glowing evaluation like that, guess I should start an “Only Fans” page for neck fetishests, eh? Why let this average size neck go to waste?

Stay safe, all!

Please see Palmer

We just watched the most amazing movie, called “Palmer.“ I was sobbing at the end.

This was my post on Facebook immediately following the end of the movie:

“Seriously, if you want to see the gold standard of unconditional love, good parenting, and what family really means, see “Palmer.” And if you can’t access it, we will be glad to have you over to see it. To me, this is a must see film.”

Here’s some more info I lifted from the web:

What is Palmer About?

Former high school football star, Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake), comes back home after serving 12 years in jail. He finds that his grandma has taken in a sweet 7-year-old boy whose mother is a flighty drug addict. While Palmer initially finds the boy’s presence annoying, he grows attached to Sam, and they become the unlikeliest of friends. One is a hardened criminal, the other a gender non-conforming boy who likes to dress up as a princess every now and then. Palmer looks out for Sam as he faces mean bullies and learns how to be himself despite haters.

Where To Watch Palmer Online?

As of now, ‘Palmer’ is only available to watch on Apple TV+. An active subscription to the platform is required in order to stream this film. Subscribers of Apple TV+ can even download the movie onto their Apple devices so they can watch it offline as well.

While this bites because it’s so limited access, there is a way to see it, even if you don’t subscribe to Apple TV+

How To Stream Palmer For Free?

Apple TV+ offers a 7-day free trial to first-time subscribers when they sign up, so you can use the trial period to watch ‘Palmer’. But remember to unsubscribe before your 7 days are up. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged for the rest of the month. As of now, there is no other streaming platform where ‘Palmer’ is available.

And, if you’re not willing to do that (although I highly recommend it; it’s totally worth it) I guess you’ll just have to come for a visit and watch it our place.

Official trailer


Today was my last day off before I have to return to work on Monday. Since I’m having anxiety about that, I had planned to have a quiet, relaxing, peaceful day, with just a couple of small household projects to complete, but then I had three annoying phone calls in a row, two from family, one from a coworker, and it kind of spoiled my mood.

Still, I tried to salvage the day the best I could, and not let a foul mood ruin the rest of the day for me. I finished my two projects, one of which was using adhesive letters to put our last name and address on our new mailbox. The second was to place the two rainbow glass pieces, that we bought in New Hope, in the back yard:

So pretty!

While I was out there, I took a picture of a few little spots of color from random flowers in our yard:

The rest of the day was spent kind of aimlessly puttering about, my spoiled mood kind of keeping me from really enjoying the rest of the day. Oh, well….

After dinner tonight, we will drive over to my friend Rob’s house and have drinks with him and his husband Mike on their back deck, so that should be pleasant and improve my mood a bit.

If not, there’s always cookies…