Things are going exceedingly well, and I am feeling better and stronger every day. I got up twice yesterday and did my laps around the ward floor and I’m sucking the shit out of my Spirometer. My pain is far less than I anticipated it would be, although I am still using my morphine pump, albeit less and less throughout the day.

Jeffrey brought me two of my recovery tools yesterday: my abdomen pillow, Packy, that I use to brace my incision sight if I have to cough, sneeze, or laugh; and Ella, my get well buddy made lovingly for me by my blogger bud and friend Java over at My Life or Something Like It. I got both of these during a major surgery many years ago, and they have been my go-to comfort (non-living) animals ever since. (This is in addition to my two living comfort animals, Harvey and Rita Mae, of course.)

My recovery support animals. I’m ready to cough for you, Doctor.

Today is my first maintenance lesson with the nurse. Jeffrey has the day off and will be here at noon (visiting hours are noon-8:00 daily) to join me for the training. (Just another ring on his Halo, folks.) I am also hoping I get this *&^%#$@#$!!!(&*^!!! NG tube out of my face and can start on clear liquids again today. I’m starting to get quite peckish, and the sooner my diet progresses, and my body starts functioning on food and drink, the sooner I can go home. I know I have to be patient (no pun intended) and go slow, but I can’t make any progress if I don’t make some progress, capiche?

Please take a few minutes and reflect on the meaning of the day, folks. And stay safe. It’s still pandemicy out there.

Ready or not

A lovely get well bouquet from a thoughtful friend.

Today’s the big day. Not sure I’m ready for it. But it’s happening none-the-less.

I spent last night Face-Timing with the hubby, then the BFJ, and laughed a lot. It was a great distraction. I got some sleep, and now I’m just killing time in my room until the flurry of pre-surgery visits and prep start. Surgery time is somewhere between 1:00 and 4:00. I just hope it doesn’t get bumped to another day for some reason. I’m mentally prepared to do this today.

I’m on NPO orders since midnight, so no food or drink for me today. I don’t really mind, but I don’t have a breakfast or lunch tray delivery to look forward to. (When you’ve been in one room for 5 days with limited mobility, every little event is exciting.)

I will be losing my private room after surgery and will wake up in a shared room on another floor for post-surgical patients. I’m bummed about that. I will miss the luxury of a private space and the wonderful nurses I’ve grown attached to during this stay. Oh well. What I won’t miss is “Help Lady” down the hall, who has been yelling “Help” all day and night every day since I arrived. As I’m sure you can imagine, that’s not the easiest thing to listen to constantly.

It’s weird to think how common and normal hospital stays and experiences are to me, when there are people who have never even been in one. Some day I’ll have to do a “Hospital Stay for Dummies”post and share all the fun things you experience as a patient.

On a more pleasant side note – I was surprised to see an unusually large deposit in our bank account this morning. It’s Payday for us (normally bi-weekly on Wednesdays, but we get it a day early on Tuesday because we use direct deposit.) Then I remembered today’s paycheck includes 3 years of raises and retro-pay that my union negotiated in the last contract. That was a really nice surprise. I know money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy me those few remaining Kenner Super Power DC Comics Action Figures I want. Which, now that I think about it, would make me really happy. So maybe money can buy happiness after all 🙂

Home (Awful) Office

Since I’m just killing time at the hospital until they gut me (or de-gut me?) for the umpteenth time tomorrow, I worked remotely today from my temporary “home office.”

This was my new temp office:

This was my new temp view:

This was my new temp work attire:

Honestly, between the beeping IV, various tangling cords, pre-op medical visitors, and noises from the other patients and medical staff (despite my door being shut,) it was a little stressful working from here today and I don’t hope to do it again any time soon.

I think my surgery is in the afternoon tomorrow (I’ve been given no definitive time yet, but “around 4:00” has been mentioned a couple times) so I may squeeze in a final post tomorrow if anything occurs to me to post. Otherwise, I will probably be gone for a week or two, as I don’t imagine I’ll be doing much typing or activity at all for the next 7-10 days, post-op.

Thank you all for your well wishes and concern. I really appreciate it.

Stay safe, all.


Feast or Famine

This may not look like much, but it’s a delicious feast after 3 days on ice chips.

These are my dinner companions.

Peter the pachyderm (from the BFJ) and Stephan the giraffe (from the hubby.)

I gave my husband the day off from hospital duty and the BFJ drove up from CT to spend the day with me, playing Skip-Bo, Mancala, and just helping me stay distracted and entertained.

From what, you ask?

It’s all bad news. My intestines are basically kaput. I’ve been scheduled for surgery ASAP, and on Tuesday, I become a lifetime Ostomate. It’s not what I wanted, especially now, but there’s no real choice, other than to keep suffering with broken guts. I’ll stay in the hospital until my surgery, then another week or more post-surgery until I’m cleared to go home, where I’ll be recouping for 6 weeks. All of our holiday plans have been cancelled, and most of my decorating plans are laid to rest for this year.

I won’t lie, it hit me hard, and I’ve had a few emotional breakdowns, but it’s time to put out my stiff upper lip (again) and carry on. Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. My body’s been trying to quit on me for years, so it’s time to go on the offensive. I can only hope this will give me back the control of my life I’ve been missing since last year. It will be a huge adjustment, for sure.

So I’m just focusing on getting through it and getting back to my home with my husband and dogs as soon as possible. Then, all will be well again. Different, but well.

Leafing Fall behind

Spring, Summer, and Fall in the Northeast seem to get shorter every year, and Winter seems to come sooner and stay longer. Or maybe I’m just older and sicklier so the cold and dark bother me more. However, before the cold fingers of Jack Frost and Killer Frost wrap around our scrawny little upstate New York neck, we have been able to enjoy a few surprisingly warmer days. On the way home the other day, I was able to catch this view of the multi-colored foliage. (I apologize for the over filtering, but I really wanted to bring out the range of colors, which did not show up well in my initial iPhone pic):

A very pretty view, indeed.

November 2021

Rabbit! Rabbit!

Here we are, the 1st of November, just 2 months left of 2021. Wow!

We’ve already enjoyed several roaring fires in our wood burning fireplace in the living room, but were disheartened when we were unable to light the pilot in our bedroom’s gas fireplace. We have a call in to the company that installed it, but their earliest available servicing date is November 30th. Bummer!

Today officially begins “Operation : X-Mas Vomit” here in Sassyland. We have already placed 3 pencil trees in their spots, and put the bear tree in the bear bathroom. Nothing is decorated, just placed. It’s earlier than we’ve ever started (normally not until a week before or the day after Thanksgiving, depending on if we are home or in CT for Turkey Day) but we have some reconfiguring to do with furniture and decor so I need time to put things up and move them around. What used to take me two days will now likely take me 1-2 weeks, as I do a little bit at a time. I promise not to post any pics until after Thanksgiving.

The BFJ was here for the weekend and we had a lovely visit, which makes up for my tragic pain induced visit to CT from three weeks ago. Speaking of which, my health remains stable for the 3rd week in a row – my longest stretch of health since January of this year. (Yay!)

In further lame news:

I get my flu shot this morning at a nearby
pharmacy. It will be a relief to have that done
and out of the way for the year. I have a small crochet project I’m working on; I’ve won a few auctions on eBay for a couple of comic books I needed and am on the hunt for a few more: We have a plumber coming this week to replace our leaky faucets in the master bathroom; I discovered Dawn dish soap is great for cleaning hard water stains off our glass shower door; I’m still in a pickle consuming frenzy; My dogs grow more precious every day; and Jeffrey is still here, so I guess I’m doing something right in my marriage.

That’s about all the news for now. No big plans for November, other than decorating for the remaining 2021 holidays.

Stay safe, all!

Happy Halloween 2021!

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we are once again not handing out candy this year as we’ve decided it’s too much risky exposure for our comfort levels. Instead, our house will remain dark, although we’ll likely watch a favorite Halloween movie or two to celebrate the day.

However, pre-COVID, old age, and declining health, we weren’t always fun-less fudd-duddies and, to prove it, here’s a small sampling of the Messrs. Sassybears in all their costumey goodness over the years: