Unhappy Hiatus

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I want to do a post about my trip to Pittsburgh and meet-up with (ex?) blogger David, but I wanted to wait until some grey clouds had passed before I shared the fun with all of you, which I will explain more when I post.

In the meantime, I’m still out here, behind the scenes, keeping up on your blogs weekly, if not daily.

Thanks for your patience.

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Vacationing is the Pitts…burgh


We had planned a trip to Canada this long holiday weekend with my BFF Jim and his hubby to visit a mutual friend, but those plans fell through. With vacation time already approved and our long weekend free, we decided to take advantage of this fortuitous opportunity to take a road trip that was a long time in coming: Visiting Pittsburgh, PA to visit long time Blogger (ex – blogger, for now) and Facebook friend, Dave, formerly of  “Facing Traffic” (nee “Another Mile Marker”  and “This Exit Only”).

We arrived last night, and Dave met us at our hotel, where we shared a long overdue hug, then headed out for a bite to eat and cocktail (of course.) The pic above was taken last night at a spot near the place we ate.

Today we have a day of “about town” planned, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with Dave and getting to know a friend-I-feel-like-I-already-know. (A feeling bloggers who meet other bloggers know very well.) As a bonus, Robin, a friend of David’s and soon-to-be friend of ours, is joining us.



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Happy September

We’re starting the month off with a road trip. Where are we going? Who are we meeting? Stay tuned.

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Sweet dreams

I’ve been busy. Work is stressful (9.67 years to retirement) and I’ve been trying to get back to better eating and regular exercise. Until I can post properly, here’s a pic of my two angels sleeping…these guys are a always a ray of sunshine in the stormiest of skies.

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Holy Bat-Prism

I just purchased this at my comic shop


These are based on a Batman story from Detective Comics Issue # 241

Soooooo cool!!!!

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Home style

I’m home from the cape. It was a nice weekend. Beautiful weather. Great cocktails. Fun shopping and people watching. Ptown is definitely my home away from home. I can’t wait to go back with Jeffrey in October for our 17th wedding anniversary.

Still, no matter how great the cape is, (or anywhere, for that matter,) I am always happy to come home and see my precious pets again. 

If only I could find a way for us all to live there together.

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Pedaling my wares

One of my goals on this trip was to finally get back on my bike and get riding again. I used to ride all the time, when I was younger, but haven’t owned a bike in years. I finally got a shiny new green bicycle last year, a gift from Jeffrey for my birthday, but had yet to ride it more than a couple short spins down my street, so I brought it to P-town with me this weekend with the intention of going for some bike rides with Jim (did I mention I was staying with Ken and Jim this weekend?)

Our first ride was Friday morning. I didn’t make it too far, or ride for too long, because I am woefully out of shape and have not ridden in a long time, but we did about a 25 minute/4.6 mile ride. This was our path:

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at Aug 5, 2016 7.12.31 AM

We did actually stop at the beach for a few minutes, mid-ride, but it felt great to be riding again. We took a second ride Saturday morning, but stayed at the beach for an hour or so before riding back. We were supposed to go for a third ride this morning, but I MAY have stayed out a little too late last night and I MAY have had a few more cocktails than normal, so I wasn’t up for another spin this morning, sadly. I was hoping to make it 3 for 3. I leave for home early tomorrow morning, but I hope to continue riding. Not only is it a great form of exercise, I really enjoy riding, as well.

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So guess where I am?

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It rained most of the night, accompanied by thunder and lightning for the bulk of it. I used to love thunderstorms, now I dread them. Rita is terrified of them, and shakes and pants and whines non-stop throughout the entire storm. She is completely inconsolable. Nobody gets any sleep as she searches for the spot she will feel safe in, which she never finds. I truly feel bad for her, but I also hate losing a night’s sleep. Sigh…

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