Fondue Fun and Natural Knitting

It’s dinner and nude knitting night with my friend Dave. Tonight is fondue night! We’re using giraffe plates in honor of April’s new calf!

Dave has been teaching me to knit (or trying to) for a few years now.

We get together every other week, make low carb dinners, crack open a bottle of wine, dine with Jeffrey, then Dave and I head to the basement (aka the nude lounge) and strip down for a night of nude knitting. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and, while my knitting leaves something to be desired, Dave is very patient and we always have a great time. It’s nice to have a naked buddy to socialize nude with, since Jeffrey is not a bare practitioner (nod to blogger buddy and fellow bare practitioner, ReNude Pride for the term) and although my BF, Jim, is, he’s two hours away.

(Is it ironic that I’m hanging out naked, making clothes out of yarn?)

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Comic Relief & Catching Up

So where the heck have I been?

Up until recently, I kept a log of my comic book collection, both “haves” and “wants”, on an Excel Spreadsheet (or Numbers, for the Mac savvy.) I recently discovered an app that allowed me to inventory my entire collection by scanning the bar codes or entering comics manually, that weren’t already in the database. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple weeks…spending hours on end, day after day, entering my comics, issue by issue, box by box, into the new app. And that’s a whole lot books and boxes to pour through: 62 boxes, to be exact!



And a whole lot of books, too (10, 079, to be exact.)  It’s a cool app, because it keeps lots of information about the issue, including covers. Here’s a drill down of the screens:

(1.) Full Collection (2.) All Issues within a series (3.) Individual Book (4.) Cover Image

It also keeps track of my “want list” of books I still need.  Of course my (self diagnosed) “OCD” kicked in, so once I started, I couldn’t stop until the whole collection was entered.  That was a lot of time crouching into crawl spaces and closets to get at my collection.  Now I’ve got a mobile record of my collection, just in time for the San Diego Comic Con in  July. Woohoo!

In other news:

I helped the BF, Jim, celebrate his 51st birthday this month. Jim collects Tigger, so this was my addition to his collection:


He also collects Teddy Bears, so this was the perfect gift from me:


Speaking of giraffes, Miss April at the Animal Adventure Park in Binghamton, NY gave birth to her fifth calf on Saturday: a bouncing baby boy who remains unnamed at this time.


This is the third giraffe birth I was fortunate enough to witness via webcam. We won’t be returning for my birthday this year to visit the new calf, but I will get there to see him, eventually.

I’ve passed my year probation at work, which officially ends this Thursday, March 21st. This means I proven myself competent in the position, so I am now permanent in my grade and title, and can’t be demoted. (It’s like the civil servant’s version of tenure.) I’ve been the manager of my office for a full year, and I’ve managed to keep it running, but not without a lot of bumps and bruises (and way more staffing issues than I ever cared to deal with. Sigh.) It remains to be seen if “getting” to keep this position is actually a good thing. [Retirement in 7 years, 1 month, and 30 days, for those keeping count.]

I’m (trying to be) back on the booty-moving bandwagon, trying to get back into the habit of daily exercise and good eating habits. I’ve allowed work stress to impact my health and I need to turn things around.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print.  If only I could share the news that isn’t

*evil grin*


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I think the day should be renamed after me:

Sean Padraic’s Day (That’s my first and middle name.)

Sounds much classier to me.

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Just poking my head in to say I’m alive and well. Been busy with a project. I’ll post more soon.

Hope you’re all well.

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Too True

377 weeks to go.

I’ll never make it.

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Thanks to Tales of the Sissy for pointing out that today is National Love Your Pet’s Day. While I need no encouragement to love, dote on, or spoil my fur kids, I would be remiss in not making them a focus of a post today of all days.

So enjoy some of my favorite pics of my two favorite rescued K-9 Kids:

Harvey Milk

(aka “Little Buddy”, “Harvey Bean”, “Harvey Parvey” “Mr. Tough Guy”)


Christmas 2013 004.JPG


SeanandJeffrey 9.jpg

Harvey 1.jpg


Rita Mae

(aka “My Girl”, “Waddle Butt”, “Rita Mae Castleberry”,  “Rita Pita”)


Christmas 2013 003.JPG


Rita 2.jpg



They are always a bright spot in my day and an endless source of affection and joy.

I cannot imagine our life without them.

Rita & Harvey 4.JPG

Rita & Harvey 11.jpg

Rita & Harvey 3.jpg





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Tuned in

My latest music obsession:

We discovered this artist last summer in Provincetown in a piano bar. He’s just released his first album and I can’t stop listening to it. You can learn more about him here:

If you get the chance, give him a listen.

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Cold Comfort

I’ve finally made it through that awful cold that lingered long enough to ruin my 4 day weekend. Unfortunately, I’m being plagued by another type of cold this morning:


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Fed up with Fatigue

Photo on Friday2-15-19 at 10.16 AM.jpg

I had the wonderful fortunate to develop a cold or some such this week. Plagued with fatigue, chills, headaches, and digestive issues since Monday, I wondered if it might actually be a mild Flu. I worked Monday, stayed home Tuesday, worked Wednesday (dosed on DayQuil) , and stayed home Thursday when I felt worse than the previous three days. Yesterday, my gut issues intensified, so it was a rough night.

Today I had a 2.5 Hour Remicade infusion scheduled at 8:30am (I have one every 8 weeks), as well as a check-up with my GI (I have to have those every other infusion) at a sister location at 1:15pm.  Normally I get seen by my GI at the same location as my infusion, while I’m at my infusion, but my GI doc was scheduled to be at a different location today, so I was (not) looking forward to two different appointments at two different times and  locations, while feeling like death warmed over.

I would have preferred not to proceed with the infusion (which leaves me feeling drained, as is) when I was feeling so awful and fatigued, but disrupting my infusion schedule wreaks havoc with my life and the rest of my schedule (not to mention possibly my health); it also makes it harded for the infusion lab, who schedules multiple infusions ahead of time to fit everyone in.  I spoke with my nurses yesterday and, as long as I don’t have a fever, its considered safe to proceed with the infusion. (I have not had any fever since the onset of my symptoms.) So, like a good little patient I am, I hauled my cookies to the Infusion Lab this morning and here I sit, tethered to an IV, anxiously counting the 150 minutes until I can return home to the comfort of my sofa, blankets, and duo-dog affection. However, I had a small dose of good luck: My GI doc was in the building I’m at this morning, noticed me on the Remicade schedule, and stopped down to do my check-up while I was here, eliminating the need for extra travel this afternoon to his other office.  Woohoo!

Unfortunately, this cold cost me two sick days from work, ruined Valentine’s Day dinner plans Thursday for me and the hubby, and put a kibosh on my plans to visit the BF in Connecticut this weekend. It’s also made it difficult to do much of anything, because any efforts to get up and about exhausts me.

Stupid life-messing-up cold!

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Wonder Twin Powers Activate

The Wonder Twins (Zan And Jayna) are two of my all-time favorite superheroes, second only to Green Lantern. They are twin shape-shifting aliens from Exor who escaped to Earth to become “Junior Super Friends” (alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and Robin) to learn how to be superheroes.

I grew up watching their adventures and bumping fists with anyone who would play along, shouting “Shape of an Octopus” or “Form of an Ice Wall.”

They first appeared in animation in 1977 (I was only 6 but already a huge superhero fan) on the “All-New Super Friends Hour” And made their first comic book appearance the same year in the Comic Book tie-in series based on the cartoon.

I own the entire Super Friends animated series on DVD and the comic book series.

They didn’t make their appearance in the “DC Universe Proper” (as part of the mainstream DC Universe) until 1995 in “Extreme Justice” (a spin-off if the Justice League of America) #9

This was an attempt to make them cooler and edgier – a misfire in my opinion. This revival didn’t last long and, other than a cameo here and there in other comics or as a cultural reference, they’ve been pretty much remanded to the farthest reaches of the DC Universe.

Until now!

Today saw the release of Issue #1 of the new Wonder Twins comic book series.

As far as dreams coming true, this is a pretty big one for me.

Shape of a satisfied Wonder-Geek!

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