All about the Base (ment)

I am officially done painting the basement. The electrician has to come back tomorrow and:

  • Convert 2 outlets from 2 sockets to 4
  • Install 1 light switch at bottom of stairs
  • Install an LED light in a storage alcove

Additionally, our handyman has to special order, then come back and install, the door that will allow us to completely close off the unfinished part of our basement (which will remain our laundry room/storage area/exercise area) from the finished part.

While I have a LOT of set up and decorating to do (the BF Jim is coming tomorrow for the weekend to help me) I thought I’d share some before pictures, and a (non-narrated) video of how it looks now.

To my shock, I have no pictures of how the basement looked before we dismantled it (which is really weird because I have pictures of EVERY part of my house and every room redo from life in date until now)so I can only show you “before pics” in the early strangers of framing.

The original Storage Area:

The original Office Area:

The original TV/Knitting area:

And the redo:

(All construction done by handyman Patrick, all Painting done by moi.)

I’m excited but exhausted. I’ll post pics once I’m done properly setting up and decorating.

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Mood Shift

Sad Dog

Happy Dog

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Food for thought

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Well, the construction portion of the Basement redo has been mostly complete. At least enough for us to begin painting this weekend. There are a few odds and ends the electrician and handyman have to finish, but enough was done for us to start painting.

Yesterday, I painted 2 coats of white on the ceilings. Today, I spent 6.5 hours edging (not as thrilling as certain gay fetish sites would have you believe.) Jeffrey rolled, and we got the first coat finished. I’m exhausted and sore, but happy to be one step closer to my dream comic book den being/guest room/rec room finished.

I’ve been taking pictures all along and will post before and after pictures when it’s done, but here’s a sneak peek:

The comic book room before, when it was the grody x-mas decoration bin storage room:

The (soon to be) refurbished new comic book room:

I am beside myself with (exhausted) giddiness.

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My Life in Memes

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Blade Runner

I have been shaving my head on a regular basis for the last umpteen years using a straight razor, so I decided to finally crawl into the modern age and try a razor specifically made for head shaving. After a lot of research a.k.a. watching multiple videos of sexy, bald, sometimes shirtless men shave their head while saying how good it feels….

(pause for silent innuendo)

…I decided to go with this little baby:

The HeadBlade ATX

It’s a neat little razor that fits around your middle finger. It has 2 front wheels that glide along the surface of your head, and allows you to use your whole hand as a guide to shave while simultaneously feeling for missed patches of growth.

It’s like shaving your head with a hot wheels!

I’m on day two and I have to say, I like it muchly. It’s a bit faster, and gives a smoother shave with fewer repeat pass-overs on the ol’ naked noggin. I was a bit timid the first day (it’s good to never completely lose the fear of cutting your head while shaving…it hurts like a mother!) but I had a lot more confidence with it on my second go round.

And what a sweet, smooth shave!

Daddy like!

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Move your feet…

…lose your seat!

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Old Fogey-ness

It’s sad…my idea of rebelliousness these days is staying up to 10:00pm on a work night.

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While our dilapidated fence remains partially down and wide open to the road behind our house…

…we’ve had to harness and leash the dogs whenever they want/need to go out, something none of us enjoy. We’re getting quotes on new fences, but everyone’s busy so it looks like, best case scenario, we’ll be waiting 6-8 weeks for a new fence.

We decided that was too long for us all to endure the leash life, so we took matters into our own hands and decided to erect a temporary dog fence. After a run to Homo Depot to get some rolled wire fencing and metal posts, we headed out into the hot sun (87 degrees) to pound post and unroll wire.

45 minutes later, the dogs were out exploring their reduced yard space and new barrier.

We’re not going to win any awards for our wire weaving, but it got the job done. And the dogs are much happier they are free to enjoy the yard, leashless and harnessless, again…as are we.

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Isolation Revocation…

…or “Zero to Sixty in Seven Seconds.”

We’ve remained faithfully isolated since March, working from home, only going out for bare essentials (groceries and remicade infusions) and the occasional “sanity drive” to get out of the house.

Just before the Pandemic hit hardcore, we had contracted to have our basement finished (which we promptly put on hold.) Just after the Pandemic hit hardcore, we started having problems with our septic and, one costly assessment later, discovered it needed major repairs. We have been “on call” for the septic repair, waiting for any opening that might pop up in their booked schedule for them to come do repairs (and rationing our water use for months to avoid any back up…stressful enough without all this extra rain.)

In addition, our fence is literally rotting away, still standing (where it is) on luck alone.  We desperately need to have it replaced, but couldn’t schedule that until the septic got repaired, since they need to get large equipment into our yard and any new fence that went up would just have to come back down again to provide access. So, we’ve patched it, as needed, with our meager cover-the-hole-with-a-bucket skills. (It really put a scare in us seeing Harvey prancing around in the neighbor’s yard, having discovered a new hole in the fence. Oy!)

After a l-o-o-ot of discussion and many safety precautions put in place, we rescheduled our basement finishing, which was started 2 weeks ago and is being done by one person (a good friend), who has restricted access to the basement and one guest bathroom (that we’re not using for the duration.) All interactions are  done by text or phone call; or with masks in place, standing at a safe distance, when in-person consult is needed.

A sneak peek of things to come.


Then we had to bring in an electrician to put in some (many) new outlets in the basement…same rules. (SIDE NOTE: It’s a wonder we did not burn the house down with the myriad of extension cords and power strips we used to maximize the only 3 existing outlets in the basement to power our TV, Lamps, and other electronic devices down there.)

Then, this morning, we got the call: the schedule opened up, and the septic folk were coming to drop off equipment and do a pre-repair septic pump before coming tomorrow to fix the septic. Minutes after the call, we heard the giant excavator being pulled into the alley/road behind our yard. (Talk about little notice.) We needed two sections of our fence, two small trees, and a small  concrete “patio” with steps (a weird little stone “stage” in the back left part of our yard, we think may have been a pool deck at one time?) removed, so the septic folk could get all their equipment into our yard. We had a different handyman guy on call to remove the fence and trees, but with so little notice, we couldn’t get him here this morning in time to do it (No big surprise.)  Fortunately, the Septic folk offered to do the work gratis, acknowledging they screwed up and gave us no time to prepare. (Whew!)

They left this behind, but didn’t leave the keys 😦


When monster (vehicles) attack!


Additionally, are septic folk informed us we need to bring a plumber in for a minor (but additional none-the-less) inside pipe repair on our outgoing pipes

So, our yard will be occupied by 3-4 people for the next two days, there are 2 people in our basement for awhile,  with a 3rd – the plumber – soon to be popping in at some point over the next couple of days.  Not to mention, we still need to schedule a fence replacement when all is said and done.

More work. More expense.* More People. More exposure.

My isolationist COVID-anxiety has kicked into mega-high gear.

We will continue to take every precaution, sanitizing everything, masking like mad, and hoping for the best. This would normally be such exciting/good news (and it is), but the Pandemic makes it all feel so risky and dangerous, as well.

* I feel the need to point out we are not made of money and did not have the funds for the bulk of this work. We had to borrow a shitload of money from the Bank and will be in debt up to our ears for years because of all this work. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Who needs a condo in Boca Raton, amiright?



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