Super Gay!


Despite waking up with a slight fever, nausea, stomach cramps and achiness all over, I decided to put on my big boy pants, suck it up, push through the yuch and get my decorations down and my house put back in order. As soon as Jeffrey left at 7:00am I started and I did not stop until 4:00pm today. Despite being exhausted, hurting all over and still feeling physically awful and sick, I feel emotionally and psychologically triumphant as I sit here,  proud of myself for my accomplishment (and a little bit amazed I got it done, feeling the way I do, if I may be honest.) Now I get to rest, relax and pamper myself for the rest of this weekend while I let me body work its way through this bug, or whatever it is.


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Cold Comfort


A 3-day weekend lies ahead of me, which is very useful because I need to take down all the X-mas decorations. Unfortunately, I’ve had a cold coming on all week and it seems to have finally arrived…I feel achy, congested and tired.  I am worried I won’t have the energy and stamina I need to get the house back in order. I’m hoping my usual “suck it up and get on with it” will kick in and give me the “oomph” I need to get through this project.

Here’s hoping.

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Off to a rough start

It hasn’t been a great kick off to the New Year, thus far. Some personal stresses, an immense amount of work stress, along with a developing cold and a few other health issues have joined forces to turn me into a nervous wreck and make me want to curl up in a fetal position and sob uncontrollably. Despite my best efforts to just push through it and “git ‘er done,” the building anxiety is wreaking havoc with my emotions, mood and rational thought. Regardless, I will get through this week and spend the weekend de-decorating the house. Hopefully, clearing away the christmas clutter and returning our house to normal will give me some sense of calm, control and accomplishment.

If not, I may just hide under the blankets with the dogs, a pile of comic books, and a flashlight and not surface again until summer.


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How prophetic

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For the record…

When you say “I’ll pray for blah blah blah”, what I hear is “I’m not going to do anything to help, because my time, money, and effort is too valuable and precious to share, but I’ll whisper wishes to genies to make myself feel better about doing nothing by pretending I’m doing something.”

And before you dispute my dismissal of prayer, you better be able to honestly admit you’ve never gone to work, a doctor, bank, mechanic, teacher, lawyer, police officer or anyone else with skill and ability to help you out, heal you, protect you, or provide a paycheck,  because the power of prayer provided all you have needed in life. 

Pray all you want, if you believe it matters, but don’t fool yourself into believing it helps anyone but yourself. 

It doesn’t. 

Never has.

Never will. 

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After the Ball is Over

We’re home after a long weekend staying in Connecticut for the New Year’s holiday with the BFF, Jim, and his hubby, Ken. We arrived Friday of last week.

Friday night, we all went to dinner then saw “The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-time.” It was an amazing show, despite dealing with some difficult themes. Saturday, Jim and Ken spent the day prepping for their New Year’s Eve dinner party, while Jeffrey and I got out of the way for the day and went shopping. That night, the guys hosted a sit down dinner for twelve.  Before dinner, we swapped a gift or two with some mutual friends. I got a giant snoopy and a cool giraffe pillow. Yay!

(FYI: Harvey claimed the giraffe pillow for his own shortly after we got home)

img_2725After dinner, we all watched the ball drop with Kathy & Anderson, and cheered the New Year with champagne, hats and noisemakers. Because I’m old, I went to bed shortly after midnight.

We were one of two couples staying over, so the guys made breakfast and Mimosas for all of us, before the other couple headed home. We had a quiet day of just mostly lounging around. I crocheted a little while we watched some of the Harry Potter marathon on TV, then we played a game of Risk. We headed out with Ken to  see Dr. Strange, then we met up with Jim afterwards for dinner at a nearby favorite pub for dinner and drinks before finally calling it a night.

We hit the road about 7:00am this morning and are finally back home with the dogs in familiar surroundings. It was a very nice weekend and holiday, overall, but it will be good to get the decorations down and put away, the house back to normal, and to have a low-key few weeks of our usual routine.


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The Party’s Over

Time to clean up the mess, put away the decorations, and get on with the new year.

While I do not make “resolutions”, per se, I do set goals for the new year. Without goals or things to work towards, I feel aimless. So these are the things I want to work towards:

  • Losing weight/getting in better shape
  • Playing the Trombone more
  • Reading more
  • Coloring more
  • Drawing & Painting more
  • Crocheting more
  • Blogging more/better
  • Reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen for awhile
  • Meeting/visiting more blogger friends
  • Finding a way to make my job less stressful
  • Refinishing my basement myself
  • Repainting several rooms in my house
  • Decluttering
  • Visiting new places
  • Trying new things
  • Filling in missing issues from my comic collection
  • Reorganizing my comic collection

I may not get to do all of these things, but having a big list gives me a lot to choose from and work with.
Whatever direction you decide to head in this new year, have at it…and good luck.

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Get Real!

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And another one is gone

I hope you are all somewhere safe and warm, with food in your tummy and a roof over your head and,  if by chance, you are not having a happy New Year’s Eve, I hope you make choices throughout the next year so you can have a happy one next year. 

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