Picking up the pace


I am sincerely hopeful, now that I’ve deleted my Facebook Account, that I will be writing  more blog posts, responding to comments more, and commenting more on other blogs, instead of wasting time scrolling through endless one line, repetitive FB posts. To that end, I have finally updated my blog roll (to the right.) If you see your blog link listed there, it means I have added you to my Feedly reader page and I read all your posts as often as you post them. (Please don’t assume my lack of comments on your blog means I’m not there, following along. I am.) Generally speaking, I discover other blogs by following visitors, who comment on my posts, back to their blog, or by checking out links on other bloggers’ pages. If I like a blog, I’ll add it to my Feedly reader and follow it for awhile, then eventually add it to my blogger roll on my blog. Honestly, I haven’t updated my blog roll in a long time, because I forgot how to add and remove blog links, but I just figure it out again today so – VOILA! – it’s updated. If you read my blog, and have a blog of your own I haven’t listed, let me know in a comment. I’d be happy to check out your blog.

It was a good time to do this update, as I am unexpectedly home this weekend with some free time on my hands. I was supposed to visit the BF in CT this weekend, but I’m battling my first ever bout of bronchitis and I wasn’t feeling well enough to make the trip or be away from home. While I feel bad about cancelling my trip, I prefer to be home when I’m not feeling well. The dogs are certainly happy I’m home, and the hubby built a roaring fire to keep me toasty warm, so I’m feeling as comfortable as possible, under the circumstances. None the less, while I have had to acclimate to health issues consistently ruining my plans, it still bums me out when it happens.

Speaking of health problems…..as a follow up to this horrible event last year, I had a teeth cleaning this week, and I was given a  referral to see a periodontist for a consult to discuss a crown lengthening and the possibility of getting two dental implants. (Lucky me.) Despite my consternation about it, I’ll do whatever I have to to maintain the health of my remaining teeth and return my smile to a semblance of normalcy.

And on a final note, I have become addicted to smart devices in our home. We have slowly added iDevice switch smart plugs to all of our outlets and replaced all of our regular bulbs with Phillips Hue Ambience Bulbs. Both of these devices work with our Apple Home Pods and allow us to set up various lighting “Scenes” which can be activated through an app on our apple devices (iPhones, apple watches, iPads, or MacBooks) or simply by saying “Hey Siri.” (Which is kind of like having my own Cei-U – pronounced “Say you” – activated Badhnesian magic thunderbolt.)


We can decide which lights are turned on (or off) in each scene, and how bright each light will be. We have Good Morning and Good Night scenes, that turn dimmed lights on and off throughout the house with one command (“Hey Siri…Good Morning.”)

Unlike Jeffrey’s preference for subdued lighting and closed drapes, I like our home bright and cheerful, so Jeffrey has added two new scenes for me, inspired by the (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern Oath:


“Brightest Day” turns all the lights on in the house to their brightest setting; “Darkest Night” turns everything off. I absolutely love this, but I’m probably annoying the dogs and hubby by turning the lights on and off over and over again because I get a kick out of saying the commands.

Now if only I can figure out how to get Siri to make me a Cosmo on demand…


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National Hot Chocolate Day


I enjoyed a lovely mug of Ghirardelli cocoa in honor of the day.  I hope you all celebrated appropriately.



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I deleted my Facebook account today.

It was very cathartic.

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The Bear Necessities


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Its been a tough month, work-wise. Its taken a herculean effort to show up to work each day, and I worry that the feeling of dread I have every weeknight and Sunday night isn’t going to abate any time soon. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do this for another 6.5 years. However, there have been a few bright spots in the month along the way:

These two are always a source of joy for me, especially when they’re doing an impression of Catdog:




This was a puzzle the BF and I spent a joyful Saturday putting together.:


This is my knew knitting/crochet bag (x-mas gift from th BF) I finally got to use:


These two again, monitoring the neighborhood:


A much needed Taco and Margarita night with hubby, me, and the BF:


One of 3 hardcover omnibuses collecting the “West Coast Avengers” series that I finally have a complete set of and started reading this past weekend:


See? Not all bad…

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Last Leg

We finished packing up and toting the last of the holiday decorations downstairs tonight, save for the pre-lit rainbow tree on our back porch. The house looks so empty and sterile. Now we start the process of bringing all the non-seasonal house decor back upstairs to return it to its usual place. I hope to be done by the weekend.

Working all day and night is quite taxing. I’m exhausted and achy.

Time to face facts: I’m getting too old for this shit.

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Working Grrrrl

It was a tough first day back to work. Instead of leaving at my scheduled time, I worked an extra 2 hours to try to get caught up on emails. It’s going to be a loooong ass week!

As soon as I got home, we launched into de-decorating the living room, which we successfully completed. Then I whipped up a gluten free chicken pot pie casserole and we enjoyed that with a glass of wine while watching episodes of Bob’s Burgers and Cougar Town. While I don’t like staying up this late on a “school night,” I need downtime at home to recharge for the next work day.

Tomorrow, we hit the dining room after work, which may need an extra day to finish, since it involves all my Jim Shore Peanuts collectibles on display in the curio cabinets. Either way, we should be completely done by Wednesday. Woohoo!

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Holiday Away

This weekend we experienced the last vestige of our holiday season.

Friday, the BF and I had our gift swap/belated Christmas (we always plan a night to do our own celebration, some night after we’ve celebrated Christmas with our respective families and hubbies because, well, why the hell not?) And, now that we’ve done that, I can share the project I worked on for months for one of his Christmas presents, an 18″ crocheted Tigger. (He collects Tigger):

This was the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to crochet, and way beyond my skill level, so it’s far from perfect, but I did the best I could. (The picture on the far right is Tigger in his new home with his new BF, Olaf.)

Saturday, we re-organized the basement in preparation for operation de-decoration (and for the refinishing project that will start in February – woohoo!)

Sunday (today), we celebrated “Little Christmas” with my Mom and local siblings and their kids. Once home after THAT debacle, with the holidays finally behind us, we began the arduous task of taking down the holiday decor and returning our home to its usual state. We got all of the outside decorations and lights down, moved on to the guest bathroom, and finished with the kitchen.

We will hit the Living room and main tree tomorrow, then the dining room Tuesday (with 2 smaller trees) and will hopefully be back to normal by Wednesday. This will make for a long week, as it is also my first week back to work after 12 days away (this included 2 weekends.) I will also be getting back to proper eating habits and exercise after way too much indulgence of the carbs and sugary treats (and booze.)

It will be good to be back to business as usual.


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It’s easy to forget how much abundance we experience in our lives.

I hope to do better at recognizing and appreciating it in mine.

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There’s no place like home.

As wonderful as going away is, there’s just no place like home when it comes to convenience and comfort. We spent 8 years and a lot of money (cumulatively) getting everything just the way we like it. While there are still a few things about our home I’d like to repair, refurbish, or replace, there’s no other place that has all the creature comforts that we’ve become accustomed to. It may not be elegant, impressive, or expansive, but it’s our little corner of the world and we like it.

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