Caped Crusaders

We started out, in the wee hours of the morning Friday, and headed to the Cape (Cape Cod, MA.) We caught the sunrise, which always a joy to see:

We are staying at the home of friends whom we met through the BF, Jim, near Orleans. Jim (and hubby Ken) brought their dog, Kyla:

 and our hosts have a dog, Moach:

As if that isn’t enough doggie goodness, we also got visits from the neighbors dog, Opus (of whom I failed to get a pic.) As an added bonus, I got to meet (and hold) the family guinea pig, Ziggy “Piggy” Stardust. For an animal lover like me, this is pet nirvana. (Sadly, our dogs are back home, spending time with my Mom.) 

This is the view off the back deck:

Not too shabby, eh?

After settling in (no small feet when it involves finding room for the luggage and bags of 4 gay men who way overpacked,) we retreated to the back porch for some sun and fresh air before lunch. It got a bit chilly, with the wind off the water, so I had to go all Obi-Wan Kenobi:

We had a nice lunch, prepped by our hosts, then hung out and chatted for a bit before heading to nearby Wellfleet for a rawbar happy hour at Pearl (unlike drink specials at other happy hours, they offer specials on local seafood, including muscles, clams, oysters, and lobster) with our hosts, to hear their favorite band, The Rip it Ups, perform. What a pleasant surprise to discover the band leader, Jodie, is a trombone player:

(I play Trombone – barely – and absolutely love the sound of this instrument and to watch other trombonists play.)

Here’s the three amigos (or three stooges?) enjoying a cocktail:

Afterwords, we walked around the corner so our hosts could show me a bookstore that has oodles of old comics for sale. Unfortunately, the store was closed – good thing we’re here until Monday. Can anyone guess who’s making a return trip to Wellfleet tomorrow?

We returned to the house for more cocktails before enjoying a dinner prepared by Jim’s hubby, Ken, (steak, potatoes, caprese salad) with a small assist from me (Tuna steak and sautéed scallops.) We stayed up a bit listening to music, accompanied by sound of the crackling fire in the wood stove (always a welcome treat on a chilly Cape evening) chatting and finishing our respective glasses of wine before calling it a night. 

I fell asleep almost immediately, but woke at 3:00am, unable to go back to sleep. My throat is sore for some reason and my guts are a little shaky from today’s food fest, so I’m blogging on my phone while the rest of the house continues to slumber. Hopefully the throat soreness will pass. I’ll take it easy tomorrow with food and drink and give my insides a chance to recover. I’d hate to disrupt the weekend with digestive issues, and I’d like to feel better by Sunday for our trip into Provincetown for shopping, Tea Dance, and Dinner. 

Overall, a lovely start to the weekend, for sure. 

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Sassy Swag

It was a “new swag” heavy Monday, this week:

A co-worker rescued this awesome Wonder Woman lamp, for me, from a family yard sale, and presented it to me Monday morning at work:

I absolutely love it, and it looks great on my desk at work.

On the way home Monday, I stopped and picked up some Record Albums that someone was giving away, free, which I discovered on Freecycle.

I’ve given much away on Freecycle, but this is the first time I’ve taken something someone else offered. It’s a sweet collection of music, and if even half of these records play well, I’ll be excited.

When I got home Monday, these were waiting for me in on my doorstep:

Our new bear paw print fingertip towels for our bear-themed guest…

…and our two final art pieces for our upstairs giraffe colored guest bathroom:

Monday night, we had friends over for dinner and they brought us flowers, a sweet (and rare) gesture:

Lest you think it was a perfect Monday, however, I’ll admit there was a bad moment. We instituted a punishment at work for those on our team who walk away from their desk and leave a shared spreadsheet open so that none of us can update it until they return.  If you’re caught doing this, you have to wear a pair of  those goofy nose & mustache glasses for the length of time we had to wait for you to return to your desk. Guess who got caught?


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Sunday Suburbia Postscript

We bought two hanging plants this weekend, as well: Tradescantia Zebrina

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Sassybear & Spouse’s Sunday in Suburbia

It was quite a productive day for us. I mowed the lawn, Jeffrey cleaned the gutters, we straightened up the garage, did laundry, and cleaned off the patio. Then we headed out with the SOLE intention of buying 2 new hanging plants for our outside pavilion and picking up some fish, for me, at a local fish market we discovered on line.

We stopped at a local yard and garden business (Hewett’s) to pick up some hanging plants, and made the mistake of perusing the rest of the store. All of their patio furniture was on sale. Really good, on sale. After a lot – I mean a LOT – of discussion, resistance, hesitation, haggling and debating – we impulse bought 2 additions to our outside furniture:

A small Bistro set for our screened in porch:

…and this really cool, 2-person lounge chair…

Which, or course, I had to try out, with the dogs, once we got it home and assembled:

So far, we’ve had no buyers remorse, and it is as comfortable as it looks, although I keep referring to it as the “Flinstones chair,” because it reminds me of this:


The local fish market was a hoot. They had some great selections, so I grabbed a tuna steak, swordfish steak, and some scallions. I also noticed their were several gluten free options at their prepared food counter (yay), so I got three gluten free soups (including Gazpacho.)  The woman who waited on us (Jean) is the co-owner, with her husband (Jim.) She introduced herself, shook my hand, and gave me the three soups for the price of two (“on her”) to welcome us to the store. What a pleasant experience. We will definitely be returning their soon, and make this store our “go to” for all my seafood needs.

All in all, it was fun, and surprisingly pleasant, outing and Sunday.

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Wonderful, Wise, Woman

With special nod to this Blogger Buddy, who has made “Resist” her Mantra.

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Date Night and Doggie Storms

It’s been a very busy week at work and I’ve come home pretty depleted every night. Even if I had anything to blog about, I’d have been too tired to do so.

Tonight, like most Thursdays, was date night for Jeffrey and me. Jeffrey drives me to work, picks me up, and we head out to run errands and have dinner. (No worries, Mom comes to sit with the dogs so they are not left alone all day and night.)

We started out at Earthworld, where I picked up my weekly haul. I’ve been culling my comic pull list, paring down to the titles I actually enjoy reading, and trying to reduce my monthly comic budget which had become entirely unreasonable, so this week was one of my lightest hauls, yet: Hal Jordan and the Green lantern Corps # 27, Doctor strange # 24 and Iceman #4.

It’s no secret I am a Green Lantern fan, so these books are a must. Hal Jordan is starring alongside the other Earth GLs, and the whole GL Corps, as they try to return the Corps to a successful, trusted, universal peacekeeping police force, after several wrong turns and losses that resulted in tarnished reputations and a short-lived truce with their sworn enemies, the Sinestro Corps.  After 41 years of reading GL adventures, I still haven’t tired of reading the ringslinger’s adventures and longing for a power ring of my own.

Doctor Strange is a new venture for me (he’s the Marvel Universe’s Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts) and his book has been great fun, exploring the magical side (with all it’s risks) of the Marvel Universe.  I haven’t enjoyed it much the last couple issues, though, as the stories are forcibly tied into the MU-wide event “Secret Empire,” wherein reality has been altered and Captain America is now the leader of Hydra, a Nazi-ish analog in the MU.  You can imagine my distaste for such a story line, given the current regime spreading its [Racist, Misogynistic, Homophobic, Transphobic, Islamophobic, Xenophobic, Neo-Nazi, etc. etc.] views over the US.

Iceman follows the adventures of Bobby Drake, one of the original X-Men, as he navigates coming out as a gay man to his friends and family, which only adds to the persecution he receives for being a  mutant.  So far, it’s been an interesting story (and Iceman has always been one of my favorites.)

Anyhoo, I supplemented my comic purchases with this fun little bottle of Cologne I found in a “Spencers” store in a local mall. Not sure why it appealed to me, it just did *smirk*:

After a couple more stops, we tried out a new restaurant for dinner, as it advertised multiple gluten free meal choices on its website. Unfortunately, while it did have many gluten free options, it was a less than stellar experience, service, drink, and food-wise, and I doubt we will return any time soon.  Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that they’ve named a hurricane after my adorable, harmless little boy, Harvey. I couldn’t understand how they could do such a thing, until I googled an image of it and saw why:

Now it all makes sense.




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Excellent Excursion

As we are wont to do, from time to time, we stepped out of our daily routine yesterday for a night away. A few months ago, we purchased tickets to see David Sedaris speak at Tanglewood. This would be our second time seeing Mr. Sedaris, but our first time attending an event at Tanglewood. We packed an overnight bag and headed out, early afternoon, to Lenox, MA, where we had booked a room at the Hampton Inn & Suites. Jeffrey did early on-line check-in, which he prefers to do because we can select our room and check-in at 3:00 instead of the usual 4:00 check-in time. As we arrived in Lenox hours early, we did a little shopping at some local stores to kill time, and arrived at the hotel around 3:15pm – only to be told our room wasn’t ready. After waiting 10 more minutes, they offered us a different room (different floor and location) which we did take a look at, but decided we preferred the room we had requested and chose to wait for it to be ready. Another 15 minutes passed (now 40 minutes past our “guaranteed” check-in time) before we were informed our room was ready. When we arrived at our room, this was waiting for us:


It was a nice gesture, which we appreciated. We rested a bit, then freshened up, changed and headed to dinner at Chez Nous, a great little restaurant in nearby Lee, MA.  As always, dinner and service were fantastic (all but 2 of their menu items are, or can be made, gluten free.) After that great dinner, we had time to do a pit stop in our hotel room before heading to Tanglewood. We were pleasantly surprised to see how close our seats were to the podium where David would be speaking:


As always, he was highly entertaining, and had the whole crowd laughing almost non stop. After an hour and a half of chuckling while listening to excerpts from his new book, we headed back to the hotel room for a nightcap before calling it a night.

This morning, we headed out early for home. We had taken today off from work, and my Mom was at the house watching the dogs for us. Today is Mom’s birthday, so we walked in the door, iPhone playing “Happy Birthday” by Frank Sinatra, with flowers (orange roses), wine (Pink Moscato) & Sangria (her favorites), a gift card, and a birthday cupcake to help start her birthday off, festively.  Then we invited her to stay for a birthday  breakfast (eggs, bacon, english muffins, fruit, coffee, and Mimosas.)


After breakfast, we presented her with a birthday cupcake, with a candle she could make a wish on before blowing out.


We sent Mom home for the day, then worked on Jeffrey’s office door, which had been removed so we could paint it white to match the other two doors upstairs.  We put it back on its hinges, but only after we installed the new door knob, which required some drilling and sawing. Don’t I look naturally butch working with power tools?


Harvey had to supervise, of course, to make sure our work was being done properly and and that no one got hurt.

Then we settled in to relax with the pups and watch TV and nap a little (and did some laundry while we were at it.)  Tonight, we’re taking Mom out to dinner at new place we only recently experienced for the first time and loved (Angelo’s 677 Prime.)

It was a nice diversion from the daily rut, and I’m grateful we can occasionally have experiences like this.


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Giraffe A-Fair!

The BF was here again this weekend. After making him work all last weekend on the guest bathroom redecoration, I owed him a more leisure, relaxing fun weekend. We started our morning with breakfast on the porch.

These two little balls of love and joy anxiously waited for all the food prep to be done (because they get scrambled eggs every  morning with us during the week, before work, and eggs and bacon on the weekends. Spoiled much?). I joked that they were waiting for us to bring them breakfast in bed.


After breakfast, it was off to the Altamont Fair (about 30 minutes away) to meet the two giraffes hanging out there, Twigs & Melman.

This is Twigs, a gentle giant.


This is Melman, his tent-mate.


This is me feeding carrots to Melman  (of course, I fed Twigs, too! What kind of a heartless beast do you think I am?)



Both gentle, absolutely beautiful animals! It was a real thrill to meet more giraffes, especially so close to home. We did get to see one other giraffe, but he was not as lively or friendly as Twigs or Melman:


We spent an hour and a half at the fair, visiting the exhibits and seeing the other animals (camels and goats and horses, oh my!) before heading home. The weather was fantastic and it was a great day for a drive. Kudos to the small-town fair for their excellent organization and layout, making the visit joyful and easy.

Shortly after arriving home, the mailman showed up at or door with these:


They’re the first three volumes of the trade paper back collection of the ‘Totally Awesome Hulk” comic book series (featuring a younger, Korean-American man [Amadeus Cho] as the title character, who has acquired the powers of the original Hulk, who is currently dead – don’t ask.) and I blame this guy for suckering me into getting them with all his references to it on his blog. (Truth be told, this character is also in another book I read and love – “The Champions ” (Volume 2) – and I enjoy the character in that series so figured I’d check him out in his own series.)

Anyhoo, it was a lovely day, and a much needed break from house projects and health issues.


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Look who’s come to watch us tinkle in the recently redecorated upstairs bathroom.  He arrived today and I absolutely love him! And, of course, his name is Peek-A-Boo. Isn’t he adorable? 


Given all my digestive challenges, I’ve been forced to spend more time in the kitchen, learning to make food I can both digest and enjoy.  After discovering my gluten intolerance a year or so ago, I’ve been learning how to cook and bake gluten free foods, and now I’ve got to work with the limited foods my body can handle, currently (soft, lean foods.)

As fish is one of the few solid foods I can eat right now, in moderation, (fortunately, I love seafood,) I’ve been learning to cook it at home (something I’ve always been afraid to do.)  So far, I’ve baked and grilled Tuna steak, Swordfish steak, and Salmon.  In an effort to branch out, tonight I made butter sautéed scallops with a lemon butter garlic sauce.

Hot damn, were they delicious!

The more I cook and bake, the more comfortable I get in the kitchen and the more I enjoy it. At this rate, if I successfully master all of my favorite foods, I may never go out to eat again. 

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Sassybear Goes Shopping

I had my MRI appointment this morning at 8:30. I didn’t have to go back to work after, so Jeffrey took the day off and went with me. He knows how stressful going to all these appointments are for me, and I’ve been going to all of them alone, so he thought it might make things less stressful for me if he drove me and hung out while I was getting “boom-tubed” (sorry..comic book reference.)

We were out of there in just under 2 hours. The weather was beautiful so, despite my being quite tired from not getting much sleep last night, and the MRI, we decided to run some errands and get some things crossed off our “to-do” check list.

First up, I needed new brown dress loafers for work:


Next, we needed some new king size pillows for our bed. It’s amazing how long we’ve slept on the flattened, crappy ones we had as of this morning:


Next up, I needed a new watch band and battery for my Green Lantern watch, that I got for Christmas this past year. The watch came with a glow in the dark rubber wrist band, which was too uncomfortable to wear, and looked a bit tacky, so I wanted to replace it with a nicer looking black leather band. Also, the battery had died since I last wore it. New band and battery obtained and now I can start wearing it again. Woo-Hoo.




That was all I had on my “need list” but, of course,  what’s shopping without a few impulse buys, such as…

…Trombone sheet music books with CD accompaniment (because it’s always more fun to play with a band)…


…Giraffe book ends for the soon to be ex-Green lantern Room redecorated Giraffe Room…


…and, finally, some ginger candy, spotted at the checkout line. (Ginger is really good for, among other things, digestion, as it has anti-inflammatory qualities.)


We made it home not too late in the afternoon, and rested a bit before tackling a couple small projects, which used up the last of my energy.

I’m petered out for the night and enjoying a cup of hot Fennel tea (also good for the gut) before turning in early to (try to) catch up on some sleep before work tomorrow.

Here’s hoping.

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