A weak start

I woke up feeling really wiped out this morning and couldn’t muster the will power to go through the paces of getting ready for work, so I took a sick day, stayed home, and went back to bed. I slept for 3 hours, got up and put laundry on, then went back to bed and slept for another 3 hours. Not sure what the cause of the lethargy was, but I feel a bit better this evening. I finished the laundry, then pulled out the holiday curtains and linens from the holiday bins stored in our basement for Jefferey to take to the dry cleaners this week, so they’ll be freshly laundered and pressed when we start decorating in November – less than two weeks away. Oy!

After my chores, I sat in the Living Room with Jefferey and Harvey, watched a few episodes of “New Adventures of Old Christine” and worked on the giraffe puppet I started way back in June. I got most of it sewn together tonight, but started to feel tired and lose focus, so I’ll finish it up sometime this week. I’ll be heading to bed after finishing this post.

If I’m still feeling bad tomorrow, I will take a COVID home test and see if I can work from home. If not (which is what I hope) it’s back to the office I go to start my work week a day late.

Be still my beating heart.

Fall Fell

This morning we reunited with a long-time friend (in person) for breakfast at a local diner. The last time we saw each other was three years ago, just before COVID hit. It was nice to see him again, and the conversation flowed as if no time had passed at all. I hope it is the first of many more visits, going forward. His presence has been missed in our lives.

We came home after breakfast and had a quiet, relaxing day, watching “Addams Family Values” and napping a little.

Autumn hit our yard hard this weekend. Friday morning there was ne’ery a leaf on our lawn, but come Saturday morning it looked like this:

Sadly, the crazy whether this summer stunted our Apple growth this year, and these 5, small, misshapen specimens were the only ones that sprouted. I plucked them off the branches and threw them across the yard for the various critters to munch on.

Halloween is just a week away. The unopened bags of candy call to me from the bottom cupboards, but I know opening one prematurely, before Halloween Night, spells doom and disaster for me.

I am trying to learn to enjoy my Sunday afternoons and evenings without giving into the pre-Monday work anxiety . So far, I have not been super successful. I’ll have to keep working on it.

At least I have my health, and that is NOT something I take for granted.

Stay safe, y’all.

A Porch With a View

Today was another unseasonably warm day so we decided to take advantage of it by setting up our recently purchased movie screen and projector and watching a movie on the patio pavilion tonight:

Setting up and testing phase.

We grilled hotdogs, popped popcorn, made martinis, grabbed a heated throw, and settled in to watch “Hot Fuzz” after dark.

What a fun evening!

Flu-ck you!

The flu shot we got Monday night had a delayed effect and started kicking my arse today. I was a zombie driving to work, getting through the day, and driving home, laid down as soon as I was home and immediately went to sleep for 2 hours. I feel so run down. I hope I feel better by tomorrow.

FYI: the tech guys finally showed up around 2:30 yesterday (an hour and a half after the end of their scheduled window.) We need a new pump and air chamber for one side of the bed. Sigh….


We have purchased and own two Sleep Number beds. Our first was a King size bed, purchased about 13 years ago, for our bedroom, and it is still comfortable and works like a charm. Our second is a Queen size, purchased for our guest room (aka the BFJs room), which we purchased 4 years ago.

For those that don’t know, these beds use a system of inflatable pouches and tubes that allow the user to increase or decrease the firmness of the mattress, so both sides of both beds can be adjusted to the comfort of the person sleeping on them, via a remote control. (A nice little perk for ourselves and our guests, eh?)

Unfortunately, a few months ago, the newer Queen size bed began losing air on one side, even when no one was sleeping on it. After attempting to check it for faulty connections and parts, using the website tip guide, we had no luck finding the cause and scheduled a technician to come have a look. For a not inconsequential fee, which had to be paid ahead of time, someone is supposed to be coming here today to check out the bed and ensure it is still connected correctly. if it’s not, they will adjust it. If it is, they will advise us what part is faulty and it will need to be ordered and replaced (for what, I can imagine, will also not be an inconsequential fee.)

To that end, I arranged to switch one of my telecommuting days so I could work from home today to be here for the technician. The window I was given was 10:30-1:30.

It is now 1:48. And no technician.

Color me surprised. Shall we place bets whether anyone shows up today at all?

While very frustrating (I have stranger anxiety, so I have spent the whole day on edge waiting for them to arrive) I can no longer sweat the small stuff. If they don’t show, I will begin the process of trying to re-schedule service or obtain a refund of the service fee. (As a side note, if anyone wants to come for a visit before it’s fixed, you’ll have to share our King Size bed, since it’s the only one currently working. You’ll just have to let me know if you want me to make it harder for you. *wink*)

We’ll provide the bed, you bring the wine!

On a happier note, here is our new upstairs guest bathroom curtain that arrived yesterday:

You win some, you lose some.


We got pumpkins today and I think the display looks much better.

What do you think?

We also got our Flu shots after work

Better a boo boo than the flu flu

Another work Monday down. Just another 176 work Mondays to go, give or take.

A Triumphant Return?

I am thrilled to say I have finally gotten caught up on everyone’s blog. PHEW! While I did not comment as much as I would have liked, I did read each and every post and tried to comment and like along the way on everyone’s blog so you know I was there. I have felt so guilty being out of the blog loop for so long. But I’ve been experiencing a general malaise that left me disinterested in most things and unable to get myself to do much over the last few weeks. I’m trying to pull out of it, and getting reconnected with my blog family is the first step. I’ve missed you all!

As mentioned yesterday, we did a little extra decorating for Halloween. I tried to get some decent pics, but this is the best I could do:

I want to get some pumpkins to stack around Linus so he looks like he’s in a pumpkin patch.

I also got a few new Toys recently. Todd McFarland Toys is producing a new line of DC Super Powers figures and accessories and I got the first wave and second waves:

They are slightly bigger than the original Super Powers figures, which cost me an arm and a leg to collect the complete set of 35 years later. I’m not making that mistake with this new series of figures. I’m getting them as soon as they come out. I look forward to see which figures are coming next. Hope there are more of the women characters this time around.

Also, because I watched and loved the League of Super-pets recently, I HAD to have the toy set of the main cast:

Right to Left: Evil meta-morph guinea pig minion, Lulu the evil genius hairless guinea pig (experimented on by Lex Luthor,) Chip the Squirrel, PB the pot-bellied pig, Krypto the Super dog, and Ace the Bat hound. For some reason, they did not include Merton the turtle, and I’m bummed about that.

Finally, I got my made-to-order display case for my light up “Everyone is Awesome” Lego kit:

Now that I’ve spent the day catching up with all my blogger friends’ lives, and catching you up with mine, we are going to have an early dinner of Caprese Salad and Filet Mignon and enjoy a Halloween-themed movie or two.

Stay safe, all.

The Late Bird Gets the Chores

I wasted my entire Saturday morning sleeping and did not get up until 11:00am. Uggh!

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not sleep much last night (the worries of the mind are a wicked thing), then I got up at 6:30am with Harvey, who decided he was tired of sleeping in the comfy bed between us and needed to be sleeping between my legs on the comfy lounge in the living room instead. Somewhere between getting him re-settled and me scrolling through the social media crap on my phone, I fell asleep again and stayed that way until I heard Jeffrey on the sofa next to me. I assumed I had just nodded off for a moment, and he had gotten up to join us with the start of the day. However, to my horror, I had gone back to sleep for 4 and a half hours.Sigh.

Sleeping late on a weekend always throws my day off. I like to get my chores and errands done early – before noon – so I can relax and enjoy the rest of the day doing fun stuff. That didn’t happen today, so fun stuff got set aside and errands and chores filled the afternoon.

After running out to drop an item off to my Mother, pick up a couple items at the Liquor store, and pick up my prescription at the pharmacy, we headed home to house projects, all of which were outdoors so we were glad to have a beautiful, unseasonably warm fall day. (And all the more Curses that I missed so much of it sleeping.)

Project 1: The motion sensing LED flood light over our garage door died, so we had to replace it with the new one we ordered. (And by we, I mean Jeffrey.) He did the climbing, and re-installation, I did the ladder holding and daydreaming.

Project 2: Since it was so beautiful out, and Jeffrey already had the ladder out, we (he) hung the first strand of Christmas lights on the highest eave over our garage. Yes, you read that right, we hung Christmas lights – well, some of them. Every year, we hang white Christmas lights along the front eave of our house. The peak of the eave of the garage is the highest point, and neither of us are too stable or comfy on the top of the ladder to reach it under the best of circumstances and conditions. The thought of doing that in cold and or precipitation does not thrill us (him). SO, when we get a nice day in October, we (he) hang(s) the lights on the highest part of the roof to get it done while it’s nice (read: less dangerous) out. The rest of the front lip and gutters of the house are much lower and easy to reach with his height and a small step ladder, so we (he) can finish hanging the rest of the lights at any time. Worry not, ye who cringe at the thought, they don’t get connected or turned on until early November.

Project 3: We set up and connected the small spotlight that will shine on my wooden Linus display (the one holding the sign “Welcome Great Pumpkin” that I posted about in an earlier post.) Between the outdoor Linus display, the Orange sconce lights on either side of our two front doors, the string of pumpkin lights along our porch rail, the light up green monster and pumpkin in the house, the new snoopy animated werewolf I got at hallmark displayed on our bar, and the small collection of Jim Shore Peanuts Halloween statues on our mantle, this is the most we have every decorated for Halloween. All that’s left to do is buy the candy and reveal the secret costumes Jeffrey and I purchased for Halloween night. (Stay tuned.)

Needless to say, I did not get any of the activities done on my table of fun in the basement.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. If I can haul my lass arse out of bed, that is.


I had to take Harvey to the Vet’s today…he’s been having digestive trouble. While we waited to see the doggy doc, he was completely captivated by the 3 tortoises in the waiting room.

I wonder what he would have done if I set him down in the pen.