Sunday Spiff-up and Sassy Salaciousness

Today we are cleaning house, porch, and patio in preparation for an afternoon visit from an old friend whom we recently reconnected with on Facebook. Many moons ago, we were all members of the first local LGBTQ plus chorus. We always had a great connection with her and look forward to visiting and catching up after so many years.

It is 85° out with a 50% humidity so, of course, we are both sweating like Mean Joe Greene after a football game. (Lookit me making archaic sports references – which I only know because of the old Coke commercial.)

We are taking a breather outside under the pavilion ceiling fans to cool down and dry off before we get to the grooming part of the pre-visit prep. My shirt was so soaked with sweat I couldn’t stand feeling it against my skin, so off it came, which resulted in these goofy bare shoulder selfies

FYI: I may be pudgy, but I have medical documentation that states my “neck circumference is within normal range.” With a glowing evaluation like that, guess I should start an “Only Fans” page for neck fetishests, eh? Why let this average size neck go to waste?

Stay safe, all!

29 thoughts on “Sunday Spiff-up and Sassy Salaciousness

    • I didn’t specifically go to get my neck circumference evaluated. I get electronic copies of my medical visits, and I was surprised to see that comment on the write up because I had never seen it before and I didn’t even know that was a thing.

      When someone is coming to my house, especially for the first time, it is very motivating to get off my arse and clean house. Lord knows I needed the exercise. I said salacious and sassy – I said nothing about serious. 🙂

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  1. I wish I had an average neck size. Then again, I lifted weights when I was in my early 20s so I know what I did that made that happen.

    FUN FACT: Mean Joe Greene had to drink a full bottle of Coke for each take. There were 24 takes before they got the commercial right. Unsurprisingly, at least one of them was ruined because he let out a huge burp while speaking his lines! I saw that during a 60 Minutes interview way back when.

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  2. Sexy shoulders and gorgeous neck!!! It is hot and humid in the midwest, too.
    I doubt I will drop any clothes for fear of scaring the goats.
    Hope you had a GREAT reunion.

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