We lost power tonight. It was terrifying. Everything went dark. No lights, no TV, no internet. As the panic grew, we struggled to stay calm, quickly gathering anything that would burn to keep warm, and eating everything in the fridge that could spoil. We wrote letters to our friends and family saying good-bye, then buried all our adult entertainment in the back yard. We finished all of the alcohol and burned through all our flammable fodder. Fearing the worst, we pulled Harvey into our bosoms, embraced each other, and waited for the end to come. Just as we felt the final shreds of hope fade away, and we looked into each other eyes, wordlessly conveying all that we felt for each other…the power came back on.

It was the longest 15 minutes of our lives.

17 thoughts on “Powerless

  1. How awful. See what happens when you are forced to go back to work?

    I hope all your adult entertainment survived the burial.


    • I definitely think it was returning to work that caused this. The adult entertainment survived, but it’s all dirty now, so we have to toss it and buy all new stuff. Can’t have dirty smut, just “dirty” smut.


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