Please see Palmer

We just watched the most amazing movie, called “Palmer.“ I was sobbing at the end.

This was my post on Facebook immediately following the end of the movie:

“Seriously, if you want to see the gold standard of unconditional love, good parenting, and what family really means, see “Palmer.” And if you can’t access it, we will be glad to have you over to see it. To me, this is a must see film.”

Here’s some more info I lifted from the web:

What is Palmer About?

Former high school football star, Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake), comes back home after serving 12 years in jail. He finds that his grandma has taken in a sweet 7-year-old boy whose mother is a flighty drug addict. While Palmer initially finds the boy’s presence annoying, he grows attached to Sam, and they become the unlikeliest of friends. One is a hardened criminal, the other a gender non-conforming boy who likes to dress up as a princess every now and then. Palmer looks out for Sam as he faces mean bullies and learns how to be himself despite haters.

Where To Watch Palmer Online?

As of now, ‘Palmer’ is only available to watch on Apple TV+. An active subscription to the platform is required in order to stream this film. Subscribers of Apple TV+ can even download the movie onto their Apple devices so they can watch it offline as well.

While this bites because it’s so limited access, there is a way to see it, even if you don’t subscribe to Apple TV+

How To Stream Palmer For Free?

Apple TV+ offers a 7-day free trial to first-time subscribers when they sign up, so you can use the trial period to watch ‘Palmer’. But remember to unsubscribe before your 7 days are up. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged for the rest of the month. As of now, there is no other streaming platform where ‘Palmer’ is available.

And, if you’re not willing to do that (although I highly recommend it; it’s totally worth it) I guess you’ll just have to come for a visit and watch it our place.

Official trailer

11 thoughts on “Please see Palmer

  1. I presume your reaction to the film had nothing whatsoever to do with two upsetting phone calls yesterday?

    Heading to Breen Acres to watch a movie with you is tempting, but I think it is not in the cards.

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  2. “What does that tell you?” “That I can be the first!” Love it! I had a year’s free subscription to Apple TV when I bought my iPhone in 2019 but I let it lapse. Now I may have to subscribe again just to see this movie — it DOES look awfully good!

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