Happy Birthday, Spo

I want to wish a very happy 60th Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers and dear friends, Michael, aka Dr. Spo of Spo-Reflections.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading and enjoying Spo’s blog (which I’m sure you all have since you probably got here from there) or had the luxury of meeting him in person (I have and he is absolutely delightful, not to mention quite the looker….woof!) please hop on over to see his annual birthday video post and you’ll see why we all find him so charming and lovable.

Don’t forget to leave him a birthday wish in the comments …. and Tell him Sassybear sent you.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Spo

  1. Dr what? Spuu? Never heard of him.

    You aren’t wrong about him being a looker, tho. You had best be careful; the pretty ones can be persuasive, and before you know it they have charmed the pants right off you.


  2. Patience above! I am last to my own party! Like a Tom Sawyer funeral.
    I heartily thank you for this loving post; you are a dear, well over four feet and can eat all the curried snacks you want. Hugs.


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