Re:New Hope

We are on the road to New Hope, PA. We’ve never been, so we will enjoy exploring a new town. We’ve done some research so we have a general idea of where things are, but we prefer to discover stuff on our own.

It’s a short trip (we’re arriving today and leaving Sunday) but if we enjoy it, it will be easy to return (just a 3.5 hour car trip from home.) We’re excited about adding another location to our weekend trip rotation.

Harvey stayed home with Grandma this time, but maybe he can come with us on the next trip.

Pictures and stories to follow, no doubt.

22 thoughts on “Re:New Hope

  1. Sounds like a lovely little weekend excursion. I hope you enjoy yourselves, and I look forward to pictures.
    I was looking into Aberdeen, Scotland today. Their high temperature for today was 20 degrees lower than ours here. It’s that time of year when it’s all UGH!


  2. Wait a damn minute!!!! I literally just moved out of New Hope….and now you come for a visit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I could have been your tour guide!!!! I could have given you the locals experience tour. I lived there for 24 years five minutes from the main Street… and have done numerous posts on my blog. All of Bucks County is a most beautiful area…very old charm UK. Dolyestown offers lots to do also if you get a chance. It’s about 15 minutes from New Hope. I will most certainly look forward to your post!!!!

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  3. Hope they have had time to restock the gin supply before your visit. We need to go up there one day. I have never driven north of Baltimore up the east coast.


  4. Wait a damn minute!!!! Maddie literally just moved out of New Hope….and now you come for a visit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    You and Mads and Travel Penguin and Michael54 and all the other bloggers who are close enough for a day trip really need to organize a get together (gin and ABBA optional). I am serious about this.


    • The timing really does suck. But I have a feeling plans for a blogger get together are brewing from comments others have made and I keep making. We all seem to like visiting the same places, we just need to coordinate that so we’re all doing it at the same time.


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