She Lives!

It’s true. By some miracle, I survived the night and woke feeling pretty much back to normal. So I guess all you know-it-all (aka caring and compassionate and wise) bloggers and readers were right: I was just overdoing it and wore myself out. I really didn’t think I was overdoing it. It’s hard to judge how much is too much until you actually do too much. The important thing is I have learned my lesson and scaled back a bit. This morning I went for my morning walk with Harvey (you’ve seen him…he’s impossible to say “no” to), and that was the only activity I did today. The hardest part of slowing down my activity is that I’m also trying to lose weight which is very hard to do when I’m not moving much. BUT I have to prioritize healing from surgery over reducing my plush pulchritude, so sacrifices must be made.

Here are some pictures from last weekend when, while out on a joy ride, we stopped at a mini-park and an empty Bank Parking lot to let Harvey stroll a bit:

And here’s a picture of me holding him from this morning. It helps illustrate how small he is when you compare him to the size of my hand:

To recap: I overdid it. I’m OK now. Harvey is both adorable and small.

Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling next chapter: “What I had for breakfast.”

Dum dum dummmmmmmm.

Stay safe all.

19 thoughts on “She Lives!

  1. See? We told you so! Sorry, I just had to say that. I am glad you are better and cutting back on activity a bit.


  2. That is a true truth: you don’t know your limits until you exceed them. Superman overdid it with exercise not long ago and ended up with a mild case of Rhabdomyolysis. And he didn’t really do that much. The body ages and it’s hard to keep up with the changes.

    But I’m very glad you feel better. And I admire Harvey’s cuteness (and yours*, too) very much.

    *It’s a different category of cuteness, but cuteness nonetheless.


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