So the snow is almost gone and we are back to spring like weather. Let’s see if it lasts for more than a day.

I was filled with anxiety at the beginning of the week, because I had two medical appointments, one on Tuesday and one today. That meant disrupting my daily routine: getting up earlier both days, showering and maintenance to Roger (it’s a process showering with an ostomy,) adjusting my coffee and breakfast intake to avoid “issues,” leaving the house, driving somewhere, and being late to start work two days in a row, each of which would fill me with anxiety on their own – together, they can be crippling. On top of that, I had to have discussions with two medical professionals, and get a dental procedure done, so emotional and physical discomfort joined the party. However, I got through it all, and now I am back home and back to my normal routine, so my anxiety levels have dropped tremendously and I can go around pretending I’m a normal, functioning human being again. Working and staying (mostly) home these last two years has really made me an introverted hermit and eroded most of my social skills and coping mechanisms.

When I make my re-entry to the outside world later this year, it will not be easy…or pretty.  




15 thoughts on “Meltdowns

  1. Onwards and upwards, S/b. Very best wishes for minimum of hitches in your future. (You’ve already had far more than your fair share!)


  2. I’m glad that you got through all the anxiety and that you are relaxed. I’ve been working from home since the start of the pandemic. And I am afraid that my social skills have gone the way side. As I joined a dating app–I’m so afraid that any first date will be disastrous.


  3. I’m glad to see you’re back to your normal routine. I doubt this helps anxiety levels, but now that masks are not required in planes flights are being cancelled due to there’s not enough healthy flight attendants for them.

    You can take one guess what happened to them. I also fear all of those travelers will be returning to our work places soon.


    • We are very similar in our attitudes about masks and COVID. I will never understand the attitude “All our precautions are working, and COVID is down, so lets stop taking the precautions.” Huh?!?!?!?!


  4. I’m glad you’re over your appointments and feeling less stress. Quite honestly, I like to make multiple doctor appointments within a day or two. Get it all done, and get it all over with, and then relax. Instead of one appointment every week or so where I’m anxious for days and days and days. 💜💜💜


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