Snow Jobs and Surgeries

First, the obligatory post of the snow and sleet that fell (and is still falling) this morning and today in the Capital District …AND IT’S APRIL 19TH FOR PETE’S SAKE!

My yard was looking much better yesterday.

Now on to more pleasant news:

I had my 8:30am appointment with my surgeon this morning. I am having ileostomy reversal surgery (aka “buh-bye Roger”) on Wednesday June 8th. The surgery will be about 3 hours. I will be in the hospital for about a week and in recovery for about 6 weeks after.

I am very grateful to have this second chance at an ostomy free life (at least for a little while longer), because not everyone is fortunate or healthy enough to be eligible for such a reversal. Also, there is no guarantee I will be healthy enough to remain stoma free for the rest of my life, but if I can just get through the next 4 years until I retire, I will be very grateful indeed.

Of course, there is always a risk for things to go wrong during and after surgery, but I have survived every other surgery to date (and I’ve had a lot of them) and I have always come out of surgery better off and healthier than when I went in, so there is no reason to believe this will be any different.

It’s scary and exciting at the same time, but I have a great and caring support circle, so they will get me through this as they have so many times in the past.

And I can always fill the leftover ostomy bags with tootsie rolls and hand them out at Halloween….

18 thoughts on “Snow Jobs and Surgeries

  1. Ugh. s**w.
    I am sure the Halloween idea will go over great with the kiddies, especially if they do not recognise the ostomy bags for what they are. Personally, I will pass.

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  2. I am so happy that you have a chance for a stoma free life. If anyone deserves this gift it is you. I have watched/lurked for a long time here and you have impressed me as to how you have gotten through your health issues. You have played by the rules and not many do it and they wonder why things don’t go well for them. I suffer with an auto immunity disease that is urging my body to turn against me. Following your battle has inspired me to fight a little harder. Blood clots are invading my legs and the doctors think ammutation will be necessary to save my life. I am only 69 years old and want to keep my legs so I think after seeing how your fight is going I am going to fight harder. I have been struggling for 8 years and I think/know I can fight a little while longer. I am sending positive thoughts and heartfelt best wishes to you and looking forward to your June 8th reversal surgery. Now, back into the shadows I go.

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    • Woody: thank you for commenting. My heart breaks for the choice you have to make and I can’t imagine having to make it. I hope whatever path you follow, you are filled with strength and courage and clarity. If you ever need an ear of understanding, please don’t hesitate to email me. I am inspired by YOU my new friend.


  3. First of all, I LOVE your sense of humor and the Halloween treats!! Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS on the great news and the chance for a “Roger free” existence. I am so happy for you and know that you will come through this stronger than ever. You have had so many trials with your health, I am glad the horizon is looking bright!!


  4. Sassy,
    I hope all goes well for you with your surgery. You’re much too young to have to endure these procedures. I love your positive attire. You’re an inspiration to all!


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