21 thoughts on “Do you Skip-Bo?

  1. Oh for goodness sake! I hit the wrong button.
    Skip-Bo is one I have not played. I used to enjoy playing Phase 10, but that needs quite a few players. Clint love to play all kinds of games – board games, card games, etc. Skip-Bo looks fun.


  2. I have never heard of that game. Considering I’ve shed a lot of offline friends since TFG got elected six years ago, I’m not sure I can even do a two player game of anything right now.

    I love playing cards. Poker, blackjack and tripoley were my favorites.


    • I played poker in blackjack but usually for no money or for pennies. I feel like I might have played Tripoley before but when I googled it it doesn’t look familiar. I like hard games where we can play but also talk and laugh and go around.


  3. Right at the beginning of this pandemic, I purchased a few board games that the hubby and I could play alone and with another couple that lived in our apartment building. Yeah, board game night lasted about a couple of weeks, and now they are pretty much collecting dust.

    One of my favorite games, which was pretty apropos to COVID, was Pandemic. Basically, everyone work together as a team to stop various pandemics/outbreaks around the world. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Z-Man-Games-ZM7101-Pandemic/dp/B00A2HD40E


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