Comic Caper

It’s true!

I’ve started a new project in my comic book room. I don’t like the bland look of the white faced comic drawers I use to store my comics in.


I’ve decided to display an image or comic on the face of each box to make it more colorful and interesting. The challenge: how to display the comics in a way that it won’t damage the boxes or comics, but I can still access the handle holes to pull out the drawers?

First, I tried printing out pictures of superheroes and comic covers and taping to the box but neither worked for me .

Next, I tried attaching self adhesive comic bags and sliding a comic book in the sleeve, but the adhesive wasn’t strong enough to hold the comic and didn’t keep the comic flush against the front of the box. Also, I couldn’t easily access the handle to pull out the box.

On the right track, but not quite right.

But I definitely liked the look. The BFJ made some suggestions and we came up with a system that works.

1. Add a strip of packing tape to the top lip and inside front flap of the box. this gives me a surfed to attach tape to that I can remove, if I need, to without tearing up the box surface.

2. Attach a larger (“Golden Age” size) comic sleeve by the flap with a strip of packing tape over the top.

3. Slide a comic book that’s already bagged and boarded in a smaller (“Silver Age” size) sleeve into the attached larger sleeve.

The packing tape is strong enough to hold up the comic, the comic is displayed without attaching something to it and risking damage, and the two tape system creates a “tape hinge” that allows me to easily flip up the comic to access the handle hole to easily open the comic box drawer. And it looks fantastic. Plus, I can easily swap out comics if I feel like a change.

Top row of boxes complete, and looking good.

I only got 8 boxes done today because it takes a little time to get the sleeves as straight and even as possible, and I didn’t have the energy to work on these for too long after entertaining all weekend . I only have 64 boxes total, so I have 56 left to do. If I can get 8 done a day, I can be done in a week.

I love comic projects and this will be fun to work on. Pics of the finished product to follow.

Stay safe, y’all.

13 thoughts on “Comic Caper

  1. “I only have 64 boxes total” LOL!
    Sounds like me and my fabric stash. Or my fountain pens. I only have 17. Clint thinks that’s more than enough. I’m not so sure.
    I like your decorative solution, though. You and that BFJ are pretty smart.


  2. It will be interesting to see how the packing tape holds up over time. In my experience packing tape can get brittle and yellow as it ages. Hopefully yours will hold up.


  3. I miss having the space to do anything like this, but I can live vicariously through you. I have to settle for a very large cloud storage for my Comixology/Kindle purchases.


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