Finally Friday

I finally finished my work week.

I finally reached a new milestone – 1500 days until retirement:.

I finally got my booster shot.

The BFJ finally arrived after an unexpected delay.

I finally got the last book on my need list in the mail today.

It’s finally four o’clock and that means COCKTAILS!

10 thoughts on “Finally Friday

    • He actually did. They wanted to show (non-powered) Robin could be relevant teaming up with super-powered other teens. Robin finally stopped him when the other two couldn’t. This story lead to the creation of the Teen Titans, a Jr. version of the Justice League of America.

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  1. Aqualad? That name sounds pretty bogus. But I’m glad Robin saved the day. Clint is big a Teen Titans fan.
    Work well with others, or pass a drug test. LOL!!
    Hi Jim! (What the heck are those head pieces?)


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