Sassybear and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Is this about me?

Yesterday was a rough one, folks. Between a busy and stressful work day, trying to finish the cleaning for our weekend guest, failing for a third time to obtain a Booster Vaccine, Roger acting up, and a myriad of other small but annoying events throughout the day, I was fit to be tied. (And not in the fun, kinky way.)

It was just one of those days when I felt a complete lack of control and totally overwhelmed, physically and emotionally. Despite my best efforts to turn the day around and improve my mood, I just couldn’t seem to counteract it, so I finally gave into it and sunk into a deep sulk. I texted Jeffrey before he got home and warned him I was in a foul mood, so he’d be prepared.

When I get like this, I get very quiet and I want to be left absolutely alone. I know I am in a bad place, and I do not want to take it out on people and pets I care about and love, so I go into silent avoidance mode and just try to distract myself with anything that can hold my attention and keep me from going into a full scale tantrum – since I had cleaning to do, I focused on taking my anger out on the dirt, dust, and cobwebs. That helped some. The evening ended peacefully and without further incident, and I did manage to lighten up a bit before bed, thanks to a patient and supportive husband, two doting dogs, a decent, healthy meal, and a couple of Bees Knees (with a nod to you, Mistress!)

This morning the mood had passed, and I felt more like myself. I had completed the last of the cleaning last night, I gave Roger a new frock this morning after showering which seems to have pacified him for the time being, and I was able to secure an appointment for tomorrow at a nearby pharmacy to get my 2nd COVID Booster shot. All that made me feel so much more in control, which always makes me feel better.

Tonight we will be able to relax, enjoy a meal and time with the pups, and I should be in much better spirits to receive our guest this weekend. (Stop the snickering, children!)

Hope you all have a good day. Stay safe.

8 thoughts on “Sassybear and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and you got that appointment set up. I’m trying to survive. it was 96 degrees today where I live, and the house doesn’t have AC. I get to work from home tomorrow, and guess what temperature it will be?

    I hope I don’t get heat stroke. I already told my boss I may check out early if it’s unsafe to work.


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