World of Mine Wednesday

(Lovingly swiped from Spo-Reflections and I Hit Midlife, Is This My Crisis? )

What’s top of my mind:
Cleaning house and grocery shopping in preparation for the BFJ’s visit this weekend. It takes me so much longer to clean house now. I don’t have the energy to do it all in one fell swoop, and I don’t have all the mobility I need to bend and kneel and stoop to get at the low nooks and crannies easily. So the task has to be divided into different days for each room. I’m actually wondering if it’s time to look into a professional housekeeping service.

Where I’ve been:
The closest pharmacy to get my second booster shot. However, their online scheduling system is completely unreliable. Despite scheduling an appointment on line for 3:15 today, I was told when I arrived that they did not have any booster vaccine shots and I shouldn’t trust the information on their website. Sigh.

Where I’m going:
To another pharmacy tomorrow to try again. Here’s hoping I have better luck. (But I’m calling before I leave to confirm I actually have the appointment I scheduled on-line.)

What I’m watching:
Lots of new shows: Bridgerton, The Gilded Age, Minx, and Moon Knight

What I’m reading:
Digital Comic books. I’m so far behind.

What I’m listening to:

The birds dive bombing (?) our gutter and roof outside of our living room bay window. I don’t know what the hell they’re doing, but they are doing it constantly and loudly.

What I’m eating:
All the wrong stuff, but I’m slowly eliminating carbs and increasing my chicken and vegetable intake.

Who needs a good slap:
The people at the heretofore mentioned pharmacy. And Putin.

What I’m planning:
A complete audit and inventory of my 10,000+ comic book collection, and possibly reorganization.

What’s making me smile:
Good news from my surgeon. But it’s too early to share at this point.

13 thoughts on “World of Mine Wednesday

  1. Oooh! Good news from the surgeon! I look forward to hearing about that when you’re ready to share.
    Have a great time with BFJ this weekend. Give him a hug from me.
    Superman and I just watched The Adam Project on Netflix. And tomorrow is Opening Day for the 2022 Major League Baseball season, so we’re planning to watch the Braves (hopefully) beat the socks off the Cincinnati Reds. (I’m excited about baseball season.)
    I like this format, btw. Interesting tidbits of information.


    • Just don’t want to jinx things. I’ll share as soon as things are definite.

      I’ll say you to Jim for you (he wants to see you when you hits visit.)

      Again project is on our to watch list.

      I am not a fan of sports all, but I hope your teams win!!!

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  2. Yes, DEFINITELY hire a cleaner. I’ve had one for 30+ years and believe me, it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY not to do my own housework. I do not understand why every professional who can afford it does not hire cleaning help.


  3. I hope you get reboosted successfully tomorrow.

    I guess somebody did give Putin a slap given that he is (for now?) retreating from Kyiv. But I am sure he could use another.


    • Slapping is too good for him,. actually. Perhaps a punch to the neck, then cover him with honey and leave him to the fire ants.

      I was able to secure an appointment at a different pharmacy for tomorrow. yay!


  4. Glad to hear about the good news from the surgeon!

    I’m sorry to hear about the booster shot problem. Vons, the grocery store I shop at, has a pharmacy and they accept walk ins. Maybe there’s something like that where you are?


  5. Happy that you are getting good news. I don’t understand the lack of booster shots (cause the news is saying people are still refusing to get the shots?). You are a better host than I am. My idea of cleaning is running the vacuum cleaner…and the nooks and crannies can stay dusty.


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