If only…

This would have saved me SO much embarrassment growing up. I learned many new words through comic book reading, but I spent years mispronouncing them in my head because I never said them out loud so had no idea they were pronounced differently than I thought.


I pronounced “Metropolis” as “Metro-Pollis”

I pronounced “Debris” as “Deb-riss”

I pronounced “Lana(Lang)” as “Lay-na”

I pronounced “Corps” as “Corpse”

Just to name a few.

Oy! The embarrassment!

6 thoughts on “If only…

  1. Same here! I thought I was the only one. I read a lot of books that contain words that aren’t used in my circle of friends, family and co-workers. I’ve been embarrassed more than a few times. Now I correct Pat. Just yesterday I corrected him for his pronunciation of yet Country and western singer Left Frizell. Pat was pronouncing his last name as “Frizzle” instead of Friz-ZELL”. Funny but Pat was embarrassed all the same.

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  2. I have a similar experience. I watch a lot of tennis on tv but, of course, the commentary is in French. So I tend to pronounce players’ names with a French accent, especially when I’ve never heard their names pronounced in English.


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