Ice Ages

Yup, it’s that cold here still and has been for several days.

It’s the kind of cold that, even with the insulated drapes drawn, the heat up, the fire in the fireplace, and long sleeves and pants on, you still feel a chill in your bones.

But it’s the pups I worry about most, having to go outside to do their business in these temps. The bitter cold air and icy ground on their paws has got to be very uncomfortable. We tried putting a sweater on Harvey yesterday before letting him out, but he behaved as though we’d severed his legs, so we took it off him. Rita doesn’t seem to mind the cold quite as much, but we still encourage both of them to get outside and back in as quickly as possible. The moment he’s back inside, Harvey heads right for the baseboard heating vent to warm up, and we have a heated throw I put Rita on to warm her up after an outing.

It’s par for the course living in upstate New York, of course, and certainly one of the least pleasant aspects of our season, but we do our best to keep our home, pets, and ourselves warm and comfy until temps start rising again and we can all venture outside without fear of losing fingers, toes, or the tips of our nose.

6 thoughts on “Ice Ages

  1. Last week it was 40 degrees when I woke up every morning, and even that was uncomfortable. That meant my old apartment was at freezing or below, and I don’t miss that at all.


  2. I worry about your poor pups, too. Especially Harvey. He’s so tiny, and he won’t wear a sweater, or booties to protect his little feet. Silly Harvey! I’m thankful that you and Jeffrey watch over the dogs so well.


  3. Oh, the Snow Belt of New York. I went to school up there! Poor pups! Although I do remember regularly peeing outside myself. It was fun to write my name in the snow. It’s bitter cold here, too. Currently 14 but feels like 12. However, that’s Celsius (57 and feels like 54) and, yes, that’s bitter cold.


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