No Country For Old Men

Well, this is what it looks like outside today. (It’s snowing but you can’t tell in the still pics.)

We had snow and sleet and freezing temps yesterday, so there’s a coat of ice under all this lovely snow. And things don’t look so great for the week ahead, either:

Today between 13 and 31 degrees with snow
Tuesday between 0 and 15 degrees
Wednesday between 5 and 29 degrees
Thursday between 23 and 34 degrees
Friday between 4 and 25 degrees
Saturday between -2 and 10 degrees (YIKES!!!!)
Sunday between 7 and 20 degrees with snow

Jeffrey had to drive to work today which scared me, but he made it safely and let me know when he arrived. I’m grateful I won’t have to drive to work again until March, which could still have bad weather, but it’s only 1 month of winter driving as opposed to 4. I’m not the most confident of drivers as it is, so throw in darkness, rain, sleet, or snow, and I’m a white knuckled slowpoke all the way.

However, we live in New York so this is to be expected every year. It does make me wonder if the Northeast is the best place for us as we get older, but we won’t have to be driving to work in retirement, and will have much greater say over if and when we decide to drive on crummy whether days. We were fortunate enough to find a guy to plow/snowblow/shovel our driveway and porch this year, so we are very grateful for that. (We have been trying to find someone for years.) It’s a lot to do for two men in their 50s, and with my health, I can rarely help out, so it mostly falls on Jeffrey to handle. We do have a snow blower, but it’s still an effort and freezing out there. I don’t want either of us doing it at this point in our lives, if we can avoid it. We don’t overly indulge in paying others to do our chores, just mowing our lawn and delivering our groceries so far, but I am happy to pay someone to remove the snow and, if I had to choose, this is the one service I would keep.

We will spend the week, after work, indoors by the fire avoiding the bad weather and cold as much as possible (other than Jeffrey’s trek to and from his office – grrrr!) I mean, we were planning to spend the week indoors avoiding COVID anyway, but now we’re doing it to avoid the Cold Miser’s tantrum.

They call me Cold Miser. Whatever I touch, turns to snow in my clutch! I’m too much!


Stay safe, all!

13 thoughts on “No Country For Old Men

  1. It looks pretty, but please stay safe up there. I can only imagine the havoc a snow day would play on my life since we don’t get any here in the lower elevations where I’m at.


  2. I wish I could move someplace else…I’ve talked about San Francisco or Napa, but deep down I love the change of seasons, and I don’t think I’d be happy as I am now. So, I’d have to be in the northeast someplace. I find such beauty in each season, and find it gives a point of reference for the time of year as to not get bored. I wouldn’t like a location that would look the same all year.


    • I could never move out of the Northeast, no matter how hard the winters hit. I enjoy the seasons as well and this area of the country is home to me and always will be…and I’m so close to all the places I love. (Maine, Ptown, NYC.)


  3. Shouldn’t we be able to winter in Hawaii by this point in life? My parents started wintering in Florida about the time they turned 50 (ask me about my high school experience, I was still in school.)


  4. The northeast can be quite beautiful. But I could never stay in one place for long and, after Southern California, my blood thinned and I intend to keep it this way. The Mediterranean climate for me. (Although I do enjoy seeing your beautiful snow photos.)


  5. I am like you. I hate driving in the snow, it terrifies me. What’s worse, I get more nervous about the careless drivers out there who barrel down icy roads like it’s a normal, dry day. Oh, my anxiety kicked in just thinking about it.


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