A smaller world

Even as I type these words, I can’t believe they’re true. The world grew a bit quieter, smaller, colder, and darker this week, as we had to say good-bye to one of our own: Anne Marie over at From My Brain To My Mouth.

Anne Marie was a force to be reckoned with. She was fierce, headstrong, independent, and unapologetic for her out loud lifestyle and outspoken beliefs, and earned her title of “Warrior Queen” every day of her life. She did not abide discrimination or intolerance of any kind one bit. She was an extremely talented knitter, and I am lucky to have been the recipient of one of her beautifully knitted scarves (in rainbow colors, of course.) She loved music, and dancing, and shouting “Fuck That!” (among many other obscenities) when she wanted to express her disgust at things she found unfair and unjust.

She loved her blogging friends with no restraint and, if you were one of the few lucky ones to be welcomed into her social network, she showed that love though phone calls, emails, cards, and comments. She never forgot my birthday nor my Anniversary, and always called at X-mas and New Year’s Eve just to say hi and let me know she loved me.

I first met her (in person) when she came for a visit and we spent the weekend cocktailing, knitting, chatting up a storm, and cementing the bond we already shared through blogland. And then I got to see her again at a “Bloggerpallooza,” organized and hosted by the extremely generous and hardworking Ron over at Retired in Delaware. There have been pending plans for another get together but, sadly and regretfully, life and health plans caused delays until it is now too late. (Life lesson here, folks.) She raved about my Cosmos endlessly, and always made me feel special and loved.

I am grateful to her husband Todd over at arteejee for reaching out to me by phone and letting me know, as he did with a few other bloggers, about her passing. Those cannot have been easy calls for him to make, and his thoughtfulness, even through his loss, will never be forgotten. I wish I had been more composed on the phone when speaking to him, but it was a loss I felt suddenly, fully, and deeply and I just could not hold back the tears when we spoke. I am so sorry, Todd.

My lame attempt to acknowledge her life, friendship, and passing in this post falls far short of other posts from fellow bloggers who have done a better job, so please consider reading these posts to see the connections, love, and friendship she shared with so many of us:

A Day With The Mistress Borghese

Fearsome Beard Here and Here

Spo Reflections

I Should Be Laughing

She Who Seeks

So I punch a Nazi, blast a dance tune, lift a glass, and to you and say:

Farewell my friend and blogger buddy. You left us too soon, and our hearts are heavy with the loss we all feel over your departure.

You will be missed.

Fuck this shit!

21 thoughts on “A smaller world

  1. Oh dear, so sad. Take care, lavish attention on your love, and your little ones. Losses remind us how fragile we all are. Be fierce, take to prisoners,


  2. So very tragic, S/b. Our grief at this happening is almost without depth. Yes, the world – OUR world – is a significantly poorer place now. Much gratitude to her memory for having been here. It was our privilege to have had an acquaintance with the uniquely magnificent and fearless lady with a huge heart, whether we’d actually met her or not. But my special condolences to those who had like yourself, at one time or more, actually been in the same room as her – though most of all, of course,.to dear RTG. So very sad…


  3. I am glad you are collecting the tributes into one post. However, the links for Fearsome’s first eulogy and Debra’s eulogy need to be fixed up.


  4. It was a tough pill to swallow when I got the call. I’m over the shock but still shedding a tear here and there. I remember her pepping me up once before when I was down and she said Fuck the balling…go get yourself a gin or cock, one is bound to make you happy!!!

    She was always right. She will be missed for sure.

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  5. Sassybear, your words were far from lame. I know they were written from the heart. And never despair over the shedding of tears. They are an honest reflection of our feelings in a given moment. Thank yu for your thoughts.


  6. Hugs to you my sweet. Your tribute is beautiful. My tears have been coming and going all day. Let us always carry her joy in our hearts and share it at every chance we get.


    • I think we should try. I love that many of my blogger friendships, including you, feel…infused?…with her love and spirit. I know she loved us both (and many other bloggers, too) and always wanted the three of us to get together.


  7. I’ve been offline because of the move, but yeah. Fuck this shit. Right now, I’d like to think she’s taken over Heaven. You and I know she’d run the place from the moment she arrived.


    • While I don’t believe in an afterlife, per se, I can’t help believing that fierce Amazon Warrior energy of hers can’t be destroyed, and it’s somehow surviving in a different way…and hey, if anyone was going to defy the rules of death and the universe, it would be that strong-headed, no-nonsense, I’ll do this my way embodiment of defiance.


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