The Last Dance

Today is our last full day in Provincetown before we have to pack up and head home tomorrow. For the first time in a long time, I do not find myself looking forward to returning home after a long vacation. After a get away, I am usually happy to have had the time away, but also happy to head home to our familiar and comfortable home. Not this time – I do not want to leave, and I am a little sad that our stay is coming to an end. Being back here has reminded me how I love it, and how much more at home I feel here than in my own neighborhood.

This feeling is also due, in no small part, to the fact that I have felt progressively better since my birthday. The Cape absolutely had the recuperative effect on me I hoped it would. My guts have improved daily, and I have been able to enjoy small amounts of my favorite sea food and shellfish throughout the week with very minor “repercussions”: Fish, Muscles, Clams, Oysters, Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp, and a couple favorite local dishes – gluten free clam chowder and Sopa Do Mar. I even made it out to lunch one day – my first time in a restaurant since March 2020. Lastly, I was able to enjoy 2 or 3 of my signature cocktails (Cosmos) along the way, one a day, and always accompanied with lots of water.

I have also regained some energy and strength, going from having barely enough energy to move around the condo to taking a short walk to the center of town to people watch for awhile before returning to the condo.

The weather has been beautiful and I have enjoyed fresh air and sunshine every day. I have gotten out of the condo every day since my birthday, sometimes just sitting outside, some times via car rides, and sometimes with small walks a block or two away. I even made it to the beach one day for a short visit.

I have slept well every night but one, getting more sleep this week than I’ve gotten in the last month.

And, I have been reminded how thoughtful, caring, and considerate my husband and BF are, making sure I was as comfortable an cared for as possible, at all times, all week.

It wasn’t quite the week of wining and dining I had hoped for, but it was a better week than I’ve had in a very long time, a better week than I had thought it would be, going into it, and has left me much more positive, optimistic, and hopeful that there might just be a path back to good health if only I can maintain the momentum of the week.

Definitely a great way to kick-start my journey to 51.

18 thoughts on “The Last Dance

  1. Oh my. Do I detect unannounced moving plans to be executed five years minus four days from now?

    Getting enough sleep and some outside time sounds wonderful. I am glad you were able to enjoy some of your birthday, at least.


    • Without a doubt or moment’s hesitation, we would move here in a heartbeat after retirement. Unfortunately, despite doing everything we can to make sensible choises and save to be able to retire when and where we want, we couldnt afford property here (or anywhere on the cape we’d want to be, for that matter) even if we were willing and able to pool every cent we had to make it happen. We will have to settle for regular visits here, unless we win the lottery or some kind soul bequeaths us their fortune or Cape property. Sigh…


  2. So happy to hear of your good news in the health improvements. Glad that year 51 is looking up.
    Ptown sounds like just what the “doctor ordered”. Treasure the memories and enjoy your health gains.
    I am sorry that you have to go home, I am hoping that you can return soon.
    Hugs and love


  3. I still and always say a seaside locale has positive vibes and restoring powers. So glad the it perked you up some. I always sleep so much better when there with the fresh sea air at night. And i know the feeling of leaving there all too well. I always hate seeing the Your leaving Ptown sign………


  4. I’m glad to hear the time off has made things a lot better on the health side of things. I hope this continues once you get home.


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