Mournings are hard

It is hard to post right now. With Anne Marie gone from the blogger world, I feel the missing piece. I cannot look forward to her comments here and on other blogs, let alone her own posts. And it feels wrong to just pick up and move on by posting about other stuff. (That’s me being me. Not a commentary on what others should feel or do.) Her loss feels both unreal and palpable to me. I do not have many friends left in this world, so the loss of one impacts me – heart, mind, and soul.

So, I’m taking a break to deal with my own stuff. To acknowledge her passing for more than one day or post. Out of respect for her spouse, whom I hope knows some of us do still grieve with him, albeit it silently, separately, and distantly. I am saying good-bye and letting go. It just takes longer for some of us.

Be well. And tell people you love them if you do.

Every fucking day.

16 thoughts on “Mournings are hard

  1. I myself couldn’t get a post together either, I know what your saying… but I have been busy also with others things.

    I can’t lie, it will seem weird not visiting anymore Saturday Night Dance Parties, hurls, or Two Truth One Lie… or her daily comments. It will be a void for sure. Come back when your ready



    • She loved you and always encouraged me to read your blog. I regret I waited so long to do so, but I am enjoying getting to know you, and value our connection through, and because of, her.


  2. Hi Sassybear.. I know what you mean about blogging. Most of my friends are also gone. I understand their value in our lives more than ever. I agree with the Mistress: come back when you are ready.


    • Always great to hear from you, Todd. I have learned there is truth to some adages: quality of friend far surpasses quantity. I’m grateful for the remaining friends I have and will do better showing my appreciation and affection for them. I continue to hold you in my thoughts and heart.


  3. I’ll be just one of many who is still feeling [unpleasantly] giddy at the news – and it does somehow still feel ‘wrong’ to move on without constantly referring to the huge void caused by her absence. But we’ve all got to deal with it in the way which is best for each of us, so do please do it YOUR way – and we absolutely do look forward to your return, whenever that is.


  4. It’s been four days since I found out. Even though I made my usual Tuesday night post, it doesn’t mean I’ve moved on. In fact, this one’s gonna hurt for a long time.

    Take all the time you need. I understand where you’re coming from.


    • It has helped to know we share a communal loss. Reading about the impact her passing has had on so many of us bloggers shows what a strong impression she left on others. There can be no greater tribute to her life. I just wish I could tell her that.


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