Turnarounds and Titanics

Well, after 9 long days, my health has finally started to turn around. It’ll be another week or two of super careful eating and extra rest, but I should be back to normal before too long.

Just in time to enjoy the last couple hours of my 4 day weekend.

Fortunately, I go back to work tomorrow. Oh, how lucky am I?


Jeffrey and I started discussing vacations we could take and dream destinations we could visit (post-pandemic, of course.) I had once thought a cruise would be an ideal vacation for us, but the more research I do about them the less convinced I am that it’s right for us. I have a lot of concerns about them. So my questions to all of you:

Have you ever been on a cruise? When?

Did you like it? Why?

Would you go on another?

If you’ve been on multiple ones, what keeps you coming back?

What are two pieces of advice you’d give? “Always….” and “Never…”

Best thing about a cruise?

Worst thing about a cruise?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

18 thoughts on “Turnarounds and Titanics

  1. I would never do a cruise, especially now with COVID. You’re cooped up on a boat and any contagions will spread rapidly. Unless you’re really into eating (I hear there’s a lot of food), I don’t see the enjoyment. I’ve never been on a cruise but I don’t think they’re like the cruises of the 40’s movies.

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  2. Good news to hear of your improving condition. Hope it not only holds but advances to what is your wished-for normality.
    Never been on a cruise – well, not the kind you’re talking about. Never appealed as, paradoxically, I’d find it rather claustrophobic being cooped up on a ship with the same old faces for weeks on end, perhaps even months. Being on a HUGE ship with a couple of thousand others wouldn’t make much difference. I’d still want to disembark and go off in pursuit of ‘novelties’.


  3. 1998, todd and I took a 3-day “cruise to nowhere”. we left from alexandria VA, sailed down the chesapeake bay to the ocean, turned around and came back.

    would I do another? HELL NO! you are cooped up on a boat with who knows what, we don’t gamble, we don’t dress up, we don’t eat like pigs, we don’t dance. todd used the pool. I could have stayed home and had a better time. but that’s just us. too many people in too small an area.

    glad to hear you are turning the corner on getting better. the puppies are helping nurse you back to feeling like your old self.


  4. Have you ever been on a cruise? When? We did two in the fall of 2008, a 7 night cruise to Alaska, and a 3 night to the Bahamas. The 7 night was on Norwegian (NCL) the 3 night was on Royal Caribbean (RCL)

    Did you like it? Why? I really enjoyed the Alaska cruise. The sightseeing was spectacular, I selected the route for two if the land excursions that were available, the Yukon and White Pass railway and a float plane to a major glacier. NCL has a ton of dining options, specialty restaurants – it cost a little extra but the food, service and privacy were worth it. RCL was more traditional with herd meals, and buffets. We skipped formal night on NCL – an easy option.

    Would you go on another? Yes, I want to go back to the Caribbean, I’d go back to Alaska.

    If you’ve been on multiple ones, what keeps you coming back? There are things I wanted to see in Alaska that are almost impossible to see otherwise. I like the concept, that once I am onboard, I am not responsible for logistics, the ships are large and I enjoy the water.

    What are two pieces of advice you’d give? “Always….” and “Never…”. Always plan for shore time, budget for it, on the Alaska cruise we spent nearly $1,000 on extras. Never focus on the buffet and the bar.

    Best thing about a cruise? Watching the world roll by.

    Worst thing about a cruise? Paying attention to boarding times.

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  5. I had what might be considered a nervous breakdown sometime in early 2007? 2006? I really can’t remember. That Christmas my mother gifted me a cruise ticket to go to the Caribbean with her for 7 days. Our trip was in early February. The Caribbean was lovely. I saw real live clear sea water, white sand beaches, all that stuff one sees in cruise commercials. But I still wasn’t quite in my right mind at the time. I felt pressure from my mother to “fit in” with the “fun” being had. We went with both of her siblings, their spouses, and my cousin and her husband. It was nice being at the big dinner table with family, not strangers.
    I went on a couple of excursions, the only one I enjoyed was a visit to a turtle rehab facility. I much preferred being on the ocean, not docked (or moored, depending) in port. I’m a compulsive over-eater, so I liked the access to food. Though I think that could be a problem for you with your gut issues.
    My problem with going to the Caribbean in wintertime is that I like colder weather. It never gets quite cold enough here in South Carolina, and it was too hot in the Caribbean. Of course many people who live in colder climates (i.e. you) enjoy some warmth about mid-winter. To each his own.
    The cruise line was Royal Caribbean. It was nice. Not too terribly fancy-dancy, but not cheap either. Lots to do, most of which I didn’t want to do. I loved being on the ocean (the sea?), being up super early to watch the sun rise.
    Would I go again? Maybe. It depends. I’d actually love to take an Alaskan cruise, or one to the Canadian Maritimes. You know, cold places. I’d like to go on a cruise with Superman, share that experience with him. What I’d rather do is sail across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, like they did before air travel was the primary mode of transit.
    I don’t know if I answered your questions. I seem to have mostly rambled. And my mental health situation colored my experience, so I doubt I’ve given you much insight. So… good luck?

    I’m most pleased that you feel better. I hope your health continues to improve every day.


    • Funny…those are the two we discuss (Alaskan and Canadian.) We would be unlikely to partake of most entertainment or communal deck time. I’m dreaming of a nice room where we can enjoy dinner on a private deck and maybe a nightcap in a quiet(er) lounge. Maybe a cruise isn’t for us.

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      • Or, and hear me out, go on this northern cruise (after everyone has COVID vaccines) with another couple or two? So you (we!) can enjoy the dining room experience with friends, do things individually or with friends as the mood strikes. The stateroom Mama and I shared had a small balcony, enough space for two small chairs. The room was big enough for two twin beds and a sofa. It was nice. The beds were standard in all rooms, and were smooshed together and made up as a double bed for couples, or made up separate for the likes of Mama and me.


  6. Glad you are on the mend. I did a 5 day cruise around the Greek Isles, and I liked it, but would I do it again? I am not sure. I get sea sick and taking the anti-nausea meds everyday did a number on my brain I think.


  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I haven’t been on a cruise, and I have absolutely no plans on going on one. From what I hear, it’s a great place to get both coronavirus and norovirus.


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