Super Frenzy

My first exposure to Superheroes was the Saturday morning cartoon “Super Friends.” Although the original teen sidekicks were the non-powered Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog:

I loved their replacements better: The siblings from planet Exor: the Wondertwins Zan and Jayna and their space monkey, Gleek.

That sparked a life long love affair with Superheroes and Comic Books, and the Wonder Twins remain two of my favorite characters (even though their considered jokes by most comic fans.)

So, when I found out Funko Pop! was putting out a replica Hall of Justice (the Super Friends headquarters) I just had to obtain one, along with a complete set of Funko Pop Super Friends. I received the last piece today (Aquaman) and now my set is complete.

And, yes, the Wondertwins are touching fists. You can practically hear them shouting “Wondertwin powers activate!”

Shape of a Fanboy! Form of a sweet collection!

7 thoughts on “Super Frenzy

  1. Wait. You OPEN your toys and take them out of their boxes? You can do that?? But.. but… the resale value! You’re probably one of those who READS the comics he purchases before archiving them, too.

    I don’t think I had ever seen a Funko Pop out of its box until Maddie put Poison Ivy on a shelf. I dismissed that, but maybe it is a trend?

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    • Yup. I’m that crazy “collector” that actually removes my toys from the boxes and (gasp) discards the box. I do bag and board my comics, but only after I read them, and remove them over and over to re-read. I just want to keep them around a while and they’re easier to store in the bags and boards. But, naw, I’m not a my-collection-must-be-hermetically-sealed-and-never-touched-or-seen kind of guy. Although Jeffrey once dropped a pile of my comics in a puddle of water and I might have had a minor meltdown…..

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  2. robzilla sent me batgirl. and one of my former co-workers and I used to bump fists and shout “wonder twins activate” whenever we came up with a great idea for our workplace. our asshole boss laid us both off last june. muthafucka.


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