I absolutely loved the amber color of the sunset light this afternoon, shining through my dining room windows on the colorful decor. I tried to capture it with my phone, but the pictures do not do it justice.

9 thoughts on “Ready…(Sun)Set…Go!

    • Oh, Sixpence, let me catch you up to speed:

      We collect December Diamond Mermen..the small ornaments (displayed on an ornament tree) , the display sizes (on the buffet), and our one large life size merman we named “Sebastian”. We also collect DD Fairies and DD Poke-A-Bears.(this is in addition to my giraffe, Peanuts, and superhero collections.) Our house is a chachka stronghold.

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      • Om. My. Gay. Gaaawwddd.
        I love all this so hard it’s just ridic. I LOVE those ornaments. The closest I’ve got to it is a leatherman ornament I got as a xmas gift ages ago.
        And I love even harder that the big merman is named Sebastian? How fab is that??? I see in my future a lot of stalking looking for the superheroes, for sure!.



  1. It’s nice to have some sun, finally. Unfortunately our forecast calls for four straight days of rain and gloom. (But what else would you expect from straight days?)


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