Family Road Trip!

We’re all packed, in the car, and on the road to CT to celebrate the BFJ’s double nickel birthday.

It’s a little early, but he’ll be away on the actual day, so tomorrow is his birthday dinner with friends.

I’m so happy Harvey can come with us. He’s still getting used to being in the car so much, but his initial anxious episodes get shorter each time.

And we are LOVING the new doggy car seat.

8 thoughts on “Family Road Trip!

  1. I hope you three have a safe and enjoyable trip. Does BFJ have pets who will interact with Harvey?

    Maybe when you turn 55 you can have a party too. I am sure your double-nickel birthday won’t hold any major significance to you, but then BFJ will be able to visit your house.


  2. And li’l Harvey, eyes like coal-black marbles in his made-to-measure car-seat, is carried away by the excitement of adventure with his daddies. Have a LUVERLY time, you three.


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