Out of State, out of Mind

The snow hit hard overnight in my neck of the woods. However, we weren’t there. Instead, we enjoyed snow and sleet and freezing rain here in CT. We were able to get out last night and have a nice dinner before the inclement weather hit. Snow started to fall just as we got back to the BFJ’s house, where we enjoyed cocktails and a fun game of Cards Against Humanity, while things got ugly outdoors. Fortunately, we have a reliable snow guy who has already cleared the mess, so all will be well when we arrive home.

We all spent the day napping, watching TV, then watching “Black Panther:Wakanda Forever.”This is my second time seeing it, and I LOVE this movie. I miss Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther so much, but they do a beautiful job of paying tribute to him, while moving the story forward, without simply replacing him with a new actor as if he never existed.

What socializing in 2023 looks like.

Harvey has done well, during this third visit to CT. Unfortunately, he doesn’t show much interest in their dog, Quinton (aka “Q”), a miniature Sheltie, which is too bad, because Q is adorable and well mannered and wants very much to befriend Harvey, who only walks away every time Q approaches him.

Q just wants to be friends. (The plastic over the doorway is there to limit the dust coming from the room next door that is being redone.)

However, Harvey is fascinated by their cat, Gracie, and often follows her as she skulks through the house. She doesn’t seem to mind, but couldn’t be less interested in his presence. I guess turn about is fair play.

Miss Gracie, one of the Queens of the house.

Tonight, another couple will join us here at the house and we will have dinner (cooked by the BFJs amazing cook of a husband ) and cake to celebrate the BFJs 55th birthday (which is actually on the 7th but he’ll be in Ft. Lauderdale.)

It’s been a lovely visit and get away.

12 thoughts on “Out of State, out of Mind

  1. Oh dear that first picture. Is that the Homosexual Agenda at work? Checkered shirts and cellphones?

    It was fortunate that you got to BFJ’s house before the storm.

    I am glad Harvey is behaving tolerably well, even if he is aloof to his would-be friend Q.

    See? You’re going to attend a dinner party after all!

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    • We often wear checkered shirts when the 3 of us are out together. People often ask if we’re brothers (bald, bearded, and checkered.)

      Good point. The BFJ and his hubby are single-handedly keeping the dinner party alive.


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