15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Harvey!

  1. Happy birthday, Harvey. It’s nice to see that you made your way to the computer again so you could post this blog.

    What a pity that Daddy Sean couldn’t be bothered to blog your birthday for you. I hope he isn’t taking you for granted just because you are 11 now. Maybe he should give you extra treats and snuggles to make up for it.

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  2. Oh Harvey, I can see that good looks run in the family! You are so handsome. Wishing you a day filled with treats and all kinds of wonderful things (including a good nap). Your Dads are lucky to have such a wonderful pal.


  3. Oh Harvey, I can see that good looks run in your family. You are adorable. Hopefully you are enjoying the BEST birthday, ever. Hope it is filled with delicious treats and a great nap on someone’s lap. Enjoy today and the year ahead


  4. So who on Earth can this handsome birthday boy be then? Why, it’s our very own Honey-Pie Harvey! – and looking more like 11 MONTHS old than years. Have a lovely day, Dearest One – with many more birthdays still to come. Mwah mwah!


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