Surprise, Guys!

I was supposed to go to CT to visit the BFJ and do some last minute supplemental X-mas shopping with the BFJ, but I cancelled due to a forecast for inclement weather.

Well, the BFJ decided he wasn’t going to let bad weather ruin our plans, so he drove to NY to spend the weekend with us, instead. (He’s a braver man than I.) He arrived around 4:00 yesterday and shocked the crap out of me. (Jeffrey knew he was coming.) What a super awesome holiday surprise.

We had dinner and drinks last night and watched “Spirited.” This morning, we went out to breakfast, then Jeffrey headed to a car service appointment while Jim and I headed out to a few remote small business shops. Then we all gathered back home for lunch and naps and just hanging out. Tonight we headed out to dinner at a newly discovered restaurant (which was fantastic,) where we grabbed this pic in the lobby on the way out.

On the way home, we drove around looking at holiday lights in the surrounding neighborhoods, then came home to enjoy our own lights and decorations to holiday music and a round of chocolatinis.

What a super fun surprise treat and weekend.

14 thoughts on “Surprise, Guys!

  1. I’m glad y’all were able to go out and about. I heard some places in your state got two feet of snow yesterday, and I wondered if you had to hunker down or anything like that.


    • And the forecast was wrong it’s just cold as balls here. 14f right now. This arctic blast is ridiculous. All weekend and the heat here can barely keep us warm. Someone thinks if i raise y
      It to 80f it’ll feel warm until I explained its set for 72f and can barely reach that. It’s not supposed to be this cold in Georgia


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