Operation Decoration: The Finale!

We were up at 6am…and were done by 7:30am. The final two trees went up and VOILA!

So, we got a day to relax, do puzzles, listen to music, make future plans, take a nap, yadda yadda yadda.

And, of course, we played Skip-Bo:

Tomorrow it’s back to the rat race, but tonight, we’re relaxing, enjoying classic Cosmos, Santa Fe Chicken, and watching “Year Without a Santa Claus.”

Jeffrey made it to Mississippi, visited with our friend, William, then headed to his parents for a quick hello and visit, and now he’s on his way to his (our) cousin Vicki’s. I’m glad he made it safely and is enjoying himself, but we miss him here greatly!

Stay safe, all!

12 thoughts on “Operation Decoration: The Finale!

  1. Oh, SassyBear, my feelings are so hurt. Cosmos are my absolute favorite drinks in all of the world. And you did not provide transportation for me to get to where you are from where I am to share it with you.


  2. That is a spectacular tree and picture. Surely, after so many hours of decorating, you will show us more. Never heard of skipbo and never had a cosmo. But, the whole atmosphere looks fun.


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