Operation: Decoration Day 2

Another day…more blood, sweat and tears.

We got up at 6 and worked 7-12, then we showered and went shopping for a few decoration items, then returned home, had lunch, and worked from 2-530.

So, 15.5 hours total decorating so far. The only thing we have left is the giraffe tree, but we were too pooped and sore to push ourselves even a little bit more to finish up tonight. Instead we stopped to relax, listen to music, have cocktails, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Tonight’s dinner – Lasagna stuffed peppers.

Tonight’s cocktail – French Pear Martinis:

1 Part St Germaine

2 Parts Pear Vodka

1 Part Prosecco

I can no longer feel my legs, my feet are throbbing, and my back is killing me.

But I am so thrilled with how the place looks.

13 thoughts on “Operation: Decoration Day 2

  1. I’m here for the cocktails!!! But Goddess bless you for looking at Christmas decorations that long. I like the holiday but can’t think of Christmas till at least the first week of December, and don’t decorate till the end of the second week.


  2. That is a lot of decorating! I am impressed. However, even at my best, I could not have managed that many hours of decorating. I cannot wait to see the results.


  3. I’m here for the cocktails, too. My football team caused me to open an emergency supply of canned Jack & coke yesterday that was surprisingly good.


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