Preemptive Pokes, Pantless Pantheon Participant, and Potent Potables

I was awake and up earlier than planned this morning, but when Harvey’s gotta go, Harvey’s gotta go. It was a crisp, chilly, refreshing September morning and I couldn’t help noticing how green the back yard still looked.

After Jeffrey got up and we had coffee, we headed to our 9:15 am appointments at our local pharmacy to get the latest COVID Booster shots, with the Omicron variant. (No relation to Omicron Persei 8 or Emperor Lrrr, for any Futurama fans.)

I little ouchy now to help stave off a lot of yuch later.

Once we were back home, we got comfy and settled in to watch “Thor: Love and Thunder” and…well…this:

I love and prefer Thor’s new uniform

We really enjoyed it. Then we decided to reward ourselves for being good and responsible, fully vaccinated citizens, so we made a late lunch/early dinner of ultimate nachos and margaritas!

Margaritas on the rocks, because we did not feel like pulling out the blender.
This tasted as good as it looks. Carbs don’t count on Sundays!

The rest of the afternoon, we relaxed, napped on and off, watched some shows, and showered Harvey with love and affection.

It’s been a lovely day, indeed!

11 thoughts on “Preemptive Pokes, Pantless Pantheon Participant, and Potent Potables

  1. I just watched “Thor: Love and Thunder” this week too. I thought it was good and will probably watch it again. I know a lot of people didn’t care for it and thought it too frivolous and flippant, but hey, “frivolous and flippant” is my middle name!


  2. We are all carefully focusing on your band-aid and not-at-all ogling the rest of that picture. It isn’t OUR fault that you are cuter than Thor.

    I never knew that rule about carbs. We learn so much from this blog!


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