Sassy Gets Flushed

As a man of…let’s say “perpetual plumbing and posterior problems”…(Thanks Crohn’s!) it occurred to me it would be wise to take advantage of all the available technologies to keep my body healthy and hygienic. To that end (no pun intended) my arsenal of assistant anal armaments has grown by one dynamic derrier douching device!

Meet, the Bidet!

The BFJ got one months ago and swears by it, so we purchased one a few weeks ago and it’s been sitting in our closet doing nobody any good. So the GGG hubby installed it today. and I gave it a whirl, and let me tell you….

…Sassy like.

It was quite startling at first but, once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing all the way. A very refreshing way to wash your worries away. And after using it, one thought came to mind:

I wish I had gotten one sooner but you know what they say..

(be) hind sight is 20/20.

12 thoughts on “Sassy Gets Flushed

  1. I got one years ago. I love it! Like you I wish I had gotten one sooner. I gave Pat one last year as a present. He has yet to hook it up. Says he doesn’t need it. The Europeans are so far ahead of us on this personal hygiene. They say the way we Americans wipe our ass is like cleaning mud iff tge driveway with a towel. Use the hose!


  2. The downside is that you will now feel uncivilized if you are forced to use a public commode in America. You may have to move to Europe or Asia to remedy this. Let’s just say that if you are in a public washroom and see an empty Dasani bottle by the toilet, that was probably not accidental.


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