2 guys, a dog, and a lobster bib.

We left at 5:30am this morning and made it home by 8:45am

The Breen Boys cruising along towards home.

Needless to say, Harvey was beyond ecstatic when we got home, and climbed into Daddy Jeffrey’s arms, refusing to move for the longest time.

I’m under no illusion as to who’s his favorite. To be fair, Jeffrey’s my favorite to.

Thrilled to be home again, we showered Harvey with affection, had breakfast, then unpacked. After Jeffrey napped and I bounced around on the interwebs for a bit, we began discussing lunch, which evolved into a longer discussion about cravings and timing and level of effort we were willing to make to satisfy said cravings. Thanks to Swosie, I couldn’t get the thought of clams and oysters out of my head so, given it was already 3:30, and we had not prepared for dinner today, we put our pants back on (groan) and headed out to a seafood restaurant we’d never patronized, “The Boil Shack”, to try it out and get my bivalve mollusc fix. My craving for clams escalated to a full scale seafood tower, which I could not finish (but sure had fun trying to.)

It was a lovely ending to a lovely weekend. After all, there’s no place like home(o).

Stay safe, all.

32 thoughts on “2 guys, a dog, and a lobster bib.

      • Even when you are enduring a very stressful situation without glasses you look maybe 40. I only know you are 60 because you told us. Folks around here and in medical offices always say I don’t look 69. They say maybe 50. I explain I have followed a daily moisturizing routine for over 40 years. I think you moisturize also and it shows. Of course these past 10 years, months, and weeks of long hours of sleep on Norco have helped, too. Seriously, neither you or Jeff look your age. You are beautiful people!


      • Damn! I am sorry. You don’t look a day over 40 if that. My brain damage affected my short term cognitive ability. I knew Spo was 60 and you are 50 but remember it in a conversation is very difficult for me. Now I go off to sulk for awhile. I am glad tomorrow is my tele health visit with the psychiatrist because this gaff is what bothers me so much.


        • Don’t apologize. I can barely remember what day it is these days. You certainly aren’t expected to remember the ages of all the bloggers LOL. I have no hang ups about aging. I am anxiously waiting to turn 55 to retire. After that, my age will be meaningless to me.


  1. LOL @ Harvey’s favorite daddy
    You have to put pants back on, which is a major drag, but at least you don’t have to put on a f’ing bra!
    That seafood platter looks utterly delicious. I’ll leave the oysters for y’all, but everything else, yeah, I’m interested.


  2. You can have ALL the oysters, but everything else on that platter looks scrumptious!
    Good to be back home, isn’t it? I’m sure Harvey agrees.


  3. Weekend get aways are always a good thing and coming home feels just as good. And yes, to your previous post question…I could retire in New Hope and agree with your view. New Hope for me is a combination of P-town, meets Salem meets Rehoboth Beach. And that seafood dinner looks delish!


    • Jeffrey only occasionally eats shrimp and crab, but is not really a big fan and won’t go near the clams and oysters, so this was all mine, although I brought about a 1/3 of it home in a doggy bag. I wish they made smaller sample platters for one person, but they don’t, so if I want some of all of it, I have to get the tower for two…sigh.


  4. We had been to the Nordic Lodge in Charlestown,RI. Last time we’re k were there it was $85 per personm. Now it’s $125. But you get a couple hours to pound lobster, shrimp, oysters. Clams etc.. plus filet mignon and token veggies.

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  5. That seafood tower is what is missing from my life!!! Yumm. I am always on the hunt for seafood. Must try harder…. Olivia


    • Me too. I absolutely love it. I usually only get it if I go to the Cape every year, but these types of places seem to be popping up all over lately, so I’m taking advantage of them.


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