Vodka “Less is More” tini

I’ve had to adjust my cocktail habits to fit my low-carb lifestyle. No more sticky sweet, juice filled, Triple Sec laden drinks. I have found a pretty amazing low-carb recipe for cosmos (using sugar-free cranberry juice, orange extract, and liquid Stevia drops) but I’m trying to explore drinks with fewer ingredients and ween myself off the sweeter stuff.

My recent discovery is a Mandarin Orange Vodka Martini. Just 3 parts Mandarin Orange Vodka, 1 part dry vermouth, shaken over ice. That’s it.


Once I stop eating carbs (well, most carbs) my palate changes and I start to taste natural flavors and sweetness in things I never did before. Now, I can really taste the mandarin orange flavor in the vodka and the vaguest sweetness from the dry vermouth. This cocktail would have tasted so differently to me two months ago, and I likely would not have enjoyed it. Now, it’s my go to cocktail. (I’m only allowing myself one cocktail at a time, only a couple times a week, while I’m recovering.)

I’ll have to try this with some of my other flavored vodkas (lime, pear, raspberry, citron, and watermelon) to see if I like it as much.


27 thoughts on “Vodka “Less is More” tini

  1. Oh, SassyBear. My heart is broken. I finally have to disagree with you. Why do you have to spoil vodka with a flavor? Just throw a lime twist in it—that’s all the citrus you need.


    • Mr. Neal, you must not lose faith in me just yet. Cosmos are my go to drinks and I love fruity flavored sweet drinks. I am trying to ween myself off them by transitioning to just flavored vodkas and vermouth. Once I’ve acclimated, the next step will be straight vodka with a lemon twist. All in due time. Be patient with me. I’m still maturing and have some growing to do.

      Do you have a favorite vodka?

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  2. Also, I love cosmos! We have a bartender in Atlanta, James, who makes the best I’ve ever had. And he always makes a little extra, and puts it in a tiny shot glass next to my martini glass. It makes me feel special.

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  3. I am dreading the day I will no longer be able to eat carbs.

    I am surprised we are allowed to drink vodka given the Russian sanctions?


    • We’re choosing to avoid them to help us lose weight. It tends to work for us.

      Did I say vodka? I meant seltzer. Yeah, that’s it. Seltzer. (Besides, there are several vodkas made in the US. Whew!)


    • I have a sweet tooth, which explains why I like them. But I’m developing an appreciation for the non-flavored variety. I had a watermelon martini once that I lived. I have never been able to successfully replicate it at home, and I haven’t liked the convictions I’ve made with it (so far.)


  4. I’ve never had any of those specific vodkas. Some sound really good. The Mandarin orange sounds delicious. Here, caramel vodka is often offered as a complementary after-dinner shot. I love that, but don’t think that fits your plans.


  5. I miss making homemade drinks. Once I either move, or don’t move, I may visit Crate & Barrel and buy some barware items like the ones I used to have.


    • Alcohol consumption certainly isn’t everyone’s thing, and I appreciate and respect that. There are a lot of other things in this world I’ve had to give up, so fortunately these are one of the few things remaining that I love and can truly enjoy, albeit in moderation. Fortunately alcohol isn’t required to be naked, although sometimes it helps sone of us get there (haha)

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