Making change

I am happy to report that my bone biopsy results came back and it showed no malignant cells, so all is fine. (Yay!)

I am at my infusion lab now. Today is the first day on my new med. I am very dehydrated, according to my low blood pressure and high heart rate, so I’m getting fluids as well. I have an IV in each arm…I look like a marionette.

Just call me Pinocchio!

If all goes well today, I will only have to come to the infusion lab one more time to walk through the self injection process. (I’ve done blood thinner injections at home, and apparently it’s the exact same thing.) After that, I will no longer have to drive 40 minutes each way to the infusion lab and sit hooked up to an IV for 3 hours…I’ll be able to self-inject at home once every 8 weeks instead. That will be a nice change. (And SOOOOO much more convenient.) But I will miss the nurses here. I just hope this med works better than my last one and I start to feel better. I still haven’t returned to my old energy levels yet and I still have daily “morning gut ache.”

My first two days back to the office this week went OK. I definitely prefer working from home, but everyone was in good spirits and seemed to be happy being back together in the office again. The expectation is that we will get to continue telecommuting at least 2 days a week, going forward.

Harvey and Rita seemed to do OK my first day back (Jeffrey’s already back to the office full time, so this was their first day home alone all day in 15 months) although they were quite happy to see us both when we got home from work Wednesday. Day two didn’t go so well…someone did the dirty deeds on our bedroom rug during the day. I hope that doesn’t become a regular thing, as they are both housebroken and have only done their business indoors on very rare occasions over the last 9 years.

This weekend, we have plans to mostly chill out and relax and see if I notice any difference on the new meds. Our lawn needs mowing desperately, but it’s rained off and on almost daily for a couple of weeks now, and the couple of days it didn’t rain it was so hot and humid out there was no way either of us could have handled mowing. I hope we get a chance to do it soon before the neighbors show up with torches and pitchforks.

17 thoughts on “Making change

  1. Wonderful news on the bone biopsy!!
    I feel sorry for the pups having to be alone after getting used to at least one Daddy home all the time. I hope they adjust and can keep their elimination activity where it belongs.
    I also hope you have a good, peaceful, pain free weekend.


  2. Let’s hope the pups readjust to the new routine. Otherwise you might have to take them to work with you as emotional support animals.

    Like the others I am glad to hear the good medical news. You deserve a break.


  3. This is fantastic news! Hopefully this one works out. As for the “dirty deeds”, either Terri or Torrie did it once in awhile after the move but I let it go. Only now are they starting to act like their old selves, with a few new habits thrown in to keep me on my toes.


  4. I have the same problem mowing our lawn. It’s rained so much and then followed by the blazing sun and humidity the grass is growing so fast. I have to wait for non hot and humid days to mow. I absolutely cannot take the heat and humidity. Today I managed prior to Bill’s hospice nurse weekly visit. Wet grass, humid air. She didn’t come anyway because of a “situation” with another one of her patients (I can imagine.) one day at a time.


    • Jeffrey has been able to mow both lawns (front and back) but all the rain is making it grow fast and wild. Sigh. We’re not supposed to have to deal with bitter cold AND stifling heat in NY.


  5. I feel your pain vis-a-vis the lawn mowing. We’ve had so much rain that it’s like hewing through a jungle out there. We don’t have the heat, though, so at least there’s that. I got it all cut yesterday. Phew!


  6. So happy for the good news regarding the biopsy!!!
    Get a couple of goats…they can mow the yard for you.
    I have some I could share Be well, enjoy the weekend.


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