Rain Rain Go Away

It has been raining almost non-stop here for 2 weeks, making any outside activities (mowing, pruning, weeding, pool time, grilling) impossible. All the moisture is making the relatively few dry spells so humid it’s unbearable to be outside for any length of time. Our poor inflatable “wading” pool (which we’ve only been able to enjoy once) is filled and overflowing, and the heat is deflating it to the point it looks like a mangled manatee. I was trying to bail the water out and re-inflate it as needed, but it became a daily chore, so now I’m just waiting it out.

This past weekend, we were able to bring all the cardboard from our recent furniture purchase (modular furniture, with each piece in a separate box) to the town recycling day clean-up site and unload it in one fell swoop. It was nice to clear that out of the garage, which is barely big enough for our two cars as it is. After that, we spent the day at my Mom’s house, visiting with my oldest brother and his girlfriend, in from Arizona. They were in NY for a wedding, and would only be in the area for the day, so the whole family gathered at the matriarch’s abode. It was a good visit, but I was spent by the afternoon and was happy to return to the peace, quiet, and tranquility of our own home.

My guts were acting up most of the weekend, so not much else got accomplished. Sunday, I spent the day relaxing and napping and mentally preparing myself for the work week ahead. (1,772 work days left, and counting.)

It occurred to me our life has become a bit too routine. Work week: breakfast, work, dinner, TV, bed; Weekend: chores, errands, TV/movies, bed. While my health can certainly play a role in that limited activity, it doesn’t prevent us from doing anything at all. I think we need to shake things up a bit and plan some adventures (even small ones, like day trips) before winter approaches and we’ve lost our whole summer to boring routines. We are still being cautious with our away from home activities (Pandemic ain’t over folks, and infection rates are on the rise,) but road trips and sightseeing are still great ways to spend a (safe) day out. Plus, I have nothing to blog about and these posts are so boring, I nod off typing them.

Time for a change.

14 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. The family get-together sounds fun! A break from the routine, anyway.
    That dry-ish but too humid is our every day in the summer here in The South™. And our summer lasts from May to October. There are other benefits of living here, but that’s not one of them. Our winters are very mild, which can be nice, but I like a bit more cold than we have. I know, I’m picky.
    Good luck with day trips and other adventures!


  2. It’s time for a day trip. Find someplace roughly an hour’s drive from home, and go there for a few hours. Take pictures while you’re at it. When you come home, you should definitely feel better let alone have something to post for us.

    Not that I’m commanding you to do anything… LOL


  3. The rain is Dr Spo’s fault. He hoped for rainy days while in Michigan, and now we are dealing with the consequences.

    I am glad you are blogging if only so you can get in some naps.


  4. Sometimes just getting in the car and going, turning left where you normally turn right is all it takes to break the routine. Enjoy!


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