I may not know what perfection is, but sipping cocktails in boxers with the hubby and pups watching “Sister Act” is pretty damn close.

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11 Responses to Perfection

  1. Sounds like perfection to me.


  2. linda dev says:

    I could do that and be content.


  3. glen says:

    Sounds perfectly wonderful…..ENJOY!!!


  4. Urspo says:

    what sort of cocktails?


  5. Sounds perfect to me. My late evening was spent watching auto racing live from Japan and trying to stay awake. Glad you enjoyed your evening.


  6. javabear says:

    I’ve never watched Sister Act, though I have meant to for a long time. Just never got around to it. Could even watch it today, but I’m concentrating on reading a book (between forays onto the interwebs).


  7. utopia/shangri-la at breen acres on a saturday night!


  8. Linda Practical Parsimony says:

    Sister Act is a favorite movie.


  9. Yes, it is perfection. Enjoy your evening!


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