All about the Base (ment)

I am officially done painting the basement. The electrician has to come back tomorrow and:

  • Convert 2 outlets from 2 sockets to 4
  • Install 1 light switch at bottom of stairs
  • Install an LED light in a storage alcove

Additionally, our handyman has to special order, then come back and install, the door that will allow us to completely close off the unfinished part of our basement (which will remain our laundry room/storage area/exercise area) from the finished part.

While I have a LOT of set up and decorating to do (the BF Jim is coming tomorrow for the weekend to help me) I thought I’d share some before pictures, and a (non-narrated) video of how it looks now.

To my shock, I have no pictures of how the basement looked before we dismantled it (which is really weird because I have pictures of EVERY part of my house and every room redo from life in date until now)so I can only show you “before pics” in the early strangers of framing.

The original Storage Area:

The original Office Area:

The original TV/Knitting area:

And the redo:

(All construction done by handyman Patrick, all Painting done by moi.)

I’m excited but exhausted. I’ll post pics once I’m done properly setting up and decorating.

8 thoughts on “All about the Base (ment)

  1. It looks amazing already….cannot wait to see the final product. So happy for your new spaces. ENJOY. Hopefully your weekend includes “play time” not all work.

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