Adult Toys

Nothing reminds me I’m a grown up more than getting excited over a new kitchen appliance.

The little food processor on the left is the first (and only) food processor I’ve (we’ve) ever owned. We got it as a wedding gift 21.5 years ago, and we’ve gotten by with it until now. The shiny big one on the right is the new one we got in the mail today.

After years of wishing I had a larger, more powerful food processor with a few more bells and whistles than my two speed, single blade 2 cup Cuisinart, we finally ordered a 12 cup multi option Hamilton Beach model.

I took it for a test drive tonight and shredded some cheese for fondue. It hummed and purred and shredded 3 cups of cheese in 30 seconds (give or take.) I’m definitely going to be playing with it more this weekend.

Don’t judge me! I’m sure I’m not the only man deriving great pleasure from an electric device purchased through the mail.

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13 Responses to Adult Toys

  1. Urspo says:

    I have the same one!


  2. I remember owning that one on the left. It lasted nearly 20 years until I decided to get a larger, manual food processor.

    HB makes great products. I still love my coffee maker. It uses K-Cups or a small basket to make a single serving of ground coffee.


  3. truthspew says:

    Yeah I bought a Hamilton Beach one too. Love it.


  4. David Godfrey says:

    Oh kitchen toys are so fun, and thoughtful gift


  5. javabear says:

    In other news, I’d love to have some cheese fondue right now.


  6. WOW! the new model is on steroids! have fun with your new toy! PS – I was thinking we might see some other “adult toys”…(heh heh heh, yeah, my mind went there…)


  7. Linda Practical Parsimony says:

    The fact you are pleased with a new kitchen appliance received through the mail just makes me think you are a man who cooks and enjoys it. No problem there.


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