Do Not Disturb

If I don’t go to bed at my allotted time, and Harvey gets to my spot first, he refuses to budge. As far as he’s concerned “first come first serve.”

Sure, he only weighs 5 pounds and is the size of a large croissant, but when he’s nestled in and stubbornly refuses to move, he’s just an adorable lump of dead weight and he’s harder to move than you’d think. I’ve spent many a night contortioned around him until he finally gives in and let’s me lay in my spot.

Lesson learned. Get my arse to bed at a decent hour.

11 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. I bet he doesn’t threaten you with hissy snarls like my pussycats give me, especially when there are three of them (sometimes even four!) slumbering on my bed together and I try to shift one or more for some space. Dogs always seem to know who’s the boss and will defer to their ‘pack leader’ even if, as in your case, he’s got more than one to look up to. But we can all see that both your own doggies look to be physical manifestations of irresistible winning cuteness.


      • Interesting – though rather than see you on the same level, I feel they must look up to you to some extent, if maybe not quite as high as Supremo J. .


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