Adventures in Social Seclusion

I am at the kitchen table typing a blog post waiting for my cloud bread to finish baking, which we will enjoy with our pasketti tonight.

This Sunny Saturday morning started with a bang.

Our fence is slowly falling apart. We noticed 3 slats had fallen down (or were pulled off) over night. I went around to the alley this morning to get the slats and discovered our neighbors have been using the area behind our fence (and only OUR fence) for a dumping ground of garbage. (Guess we know what our “neighbors” think of us.)

We needed a quick fix until we could get a more permanent repair, but we’re trying to honor the social distancing request, even when it’s inconvenient, so going to a Lowe’s or Home Depot was not an option. Instead, we headed to the basement and partially  dismantled some of the wooden shelving in our basement storage area (which is getting ripped out soon, anyway)  to get some wood to screw together to use as a brace to hold the fence slats back together. While we hate how it looked, (not that it looks great now,) our primary concern was that it provided an easy escape for our diminutive dogs. Speaking of which, Rita wants to come up and say hello:

Photo on Saturday3-21-20 at 7.34 PM #7

She also typed this profound message to you all while at the keyboard:

“m,≤m,cp;/cv “

(Thanks for the waddle by, Rita!)

After repairing the fence, we cleaned up all the garbage strewn behind it. (Two bags worth.) Jeffrey then headed to a car maintenance appointment (at which they took amazing precautions to avoid contact, including sending him a video stream of the car “once over”, and signing for him after he gave his approval and witnessed the signature from several feet away.) While he was gone, I moved my temporary home office (since it appears I will need it for awhile) from the downstairs dining room table to the upstairs guest-room (aka giraffe room) closet, where it feels much more like a work space  and less like an intrusion in our home:


Jeffrey got home just in time to help me finish up the new office space, then I whipped us up some biscuits for lunch with this gluten free mix Jeffrey found at one of the local grocers, recently:


They came out ok and tasted good, but no better than any other biscuit mix I’ve used.


After lunch, I headed upstairs to the newly officed guest (giraffe) room to relax and watch some animated superhero cartoons on Disney+ and knit. My body had other plans, however, and I drifted off to sleep surrounded by stuffed giraffes.

Tonight, we are enjoying a pasketti dinner with cheesy garlic cloud bread and red wine while we watch Season 3 of “Runaways” on Netflix.

All in all, a pretty great ending to a day that did not start out so swell.

How was your day?



13 thoughts on “Adventures in Social Seclusion

  1. Except for the broken fence and garbage, that sounds like a pretty good day. We didn’t do much here. Both kinda tired, and Clint feels a bit “off”. Yeah, I’m nervous.
    Falling asleep amid the giraffes sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


  2. todd is working from home; I cannot do that. 😦

    he worked while I did laundry. then we ordered delivery from a local non-chain mom-n-pop restaurant for lunch/dinner. we gotta support our local businesses!

    sunday we are going for a grocery run. I have been reading/knitting/listening to music/napping. I want to start some decluttering projects, like the linen closet.

    love to all at breen acres! hi rita mae; I guess I need a secret decoder ring to interpret your message! PS – FUCK YOUR IGNORANT NEIGHBORS!


  3. As long as we’re not talking about getting groceries I’m doing well. I have food in the fridge and a few things “hoarded” in the freezer for future use.

    About your neighbors… it’s too bad we can’t get away with pounding the nails so the tips stick outward through the wood. That would take care of your trash problem. I’m also with AM on the language part. They deserve tetanus.


    • Now that we know they are doing this, we will do weekly sweep throughs. Hopefully, once they realize we’re keeping an eye on it, they’ll stop. I did have a few dark wishes for them all, however…


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