I’m not hating this social distancing and isolation one bit, yet. I’m sure it’ll start to bother me at some point…a year or two down the road, maybe.

9 thoughts on “Quandary

  1. LOL! I’ve been slowly doing it since all of my non-blogging friends voted for Trump. To me it’s business as usual except for the comics shop closing.


  2. My office went from 5% telecommute to 95% telecommute in two days. Do this long enough and they can sublet my expensive office


    • Most of my staff is working from home. A few cant figure out how to make the interface work from home and have to go into the office until they can suss it out. The tire agency remains under orders to only allow essential staff (that can’t work from home for any reason) into the building. Strange and stressful times.


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