Sick and tired

I woke up at 1:00am this morning shivering so hard it was like I was having a seizure. I wasn’t – I was having a fever. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night, but managed to get my temp down and regretfully went to work for 7am. I didn’t make it past 11:30 and returned home to take Tylenol, Apple Cider Vinegar, Biotic Silver, and a 3 hour nap.

I feel achy and awful, and my temp is constantly changing, bouncing between 97.8 to 101.2 and back again.

Seems a little unfair…I think I’ve done my fair share of sick time this year 😦

14 thoughts on “Sick and tired

  1. Oh Jeez! That’s the last thing you need! May it be short, snappy and over and done with. Get Harvey and Rita Mae to work their magic on you. Bestest wishes for a quick return to health and normality.


  2. My temp has been up and down, too. mine is worst uti ever, I was given two injections and two prescriptions. I hope you get better soon.


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