Derailed Train(ing)

This morning is day 5 of a 7 day training course (plus bookend half days for orientation and “graduation.”) Were allegedly being taught new skills to plan projects and lead teams, but it is basically the same concepts I’ve read or learned about my whole career, repackaged with new terminology and made overly-complex to make it seem fresh and novel. Honestly, I’ve found it a complete waste of time. I dislike the instructors immensely, as a lot of time is wasted sharing personal anecdotes about their families (to the detriment of our class schedule, causing us to get out late) and the drive to and from is during peak traffic times, so it is a very stressful for me, as I hate driving.

Regardless, I’m cooperating, participating, and trying to get out of it what I can (so far, nothing, aside from a new binder and free water.) The only silver lining is that it gets me out of the office for a few days, and it’ll probably look good on my resume, even though I doubt I’ll be moving any higher (or will want to) with only 7 years left in my career.

On the bright side, Friday is my last day of training, then we are heading out, right after class/work, for vacation. (This trip was planned way before I knew I’d get tickets to SD Comic-Con, which is the only reason I have vacations so closely scheduled.) We are spending 7 days in Provincetown with the BF and his hubby.

I have been looking forward to this trip since it was planned. Long time blog-followers will know Ptown is my favorite vacation place. It is the most LGBT+ visible and welcoming place I’ve ever been, and it is our ideal vacation spot. All shops, restaurants, and most beaches, are walkable from anywhere you stay. It is like a home away from home for us, and I never tire of it. We have several plans (sunset schooner cruise, beach picnic, Piano Bar night with a local performer favorite, sand dune tour, Broadway night, and a 2 woman show with Debra Messing and Kathy Najimy) while still leaving lots of down time for leisurely walks, reading, resting, shopping, meals at our favorite restaurants, Tea Dance, card games, napping, and cocktails.

It will be the perfect way to celebrate completing this awful training course.


7 thoughts on “Derailed Train(ing)

  1. I really hated forced meetings where the presenters seemed to use a captive audience to share. They needed to find friends who did not have to be paid to act like they enjoyed all the personal anecdotes.


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